Sunday, 26 October 2008


This is the time of year that I do worst in. So many sad things have happened to me at this time of year.

I try and make sure that I fill my time with lovely things to do, cause I know in the moments of solitude that I will be introspective.

It's not that I want to be, it just happens and there is nothing I can do to stop it. And actually to stop it wouldn't be a good thing to do, as psychologically having a good cry or screaming the house down is far healthier than holding any of this pain in.

I also never know when the feelings of sadness are going to hit during this time, just that they will.

I wrote the poem below, as two years ago at this time of year I was incredibly happy. I was in love with a wonderful man. And when all the gremlins came out to get me, he was there for me, to hold me whilst I hurt.

He is now long gone, and that is fine.

But what I feel at the moment is tinged with longing not for him, but to have that special someone in my life. I suppose this is why I blog. I need someone to bear witness to my life.

And I guess if I had that person in my life I wouldn't be here nearly as often as I am. Not that there is anything wrong with being here. Blogging is a life line for me. My life is about communication. It's what I do, it's what I live for, it's what makes my world go round.

I have spent so many years getting to this place of knowledge about what makes us tick, myself and others, and I so feel that I have a job to do in letting people know there are better ways to deal with their pain other than depression or whatever method they are using to keep their pain at bay.

I do know that since the beginning of October through till the end of November I have more sad anniversaries than are good for me! But not much I can do about changing the dates and conveniently spreading them throughout the year!!

Which means then that these next few weeks stuff may get repeated from last year, and frankly, the year before, and the year before, and the..... all the way back to the first anniversary happening.

Today I am sad, and that is ok. I am sad for my Dad's death on 4th of October. I am sad cause I got breast cancer on November 11th. I am sad that my husband walked out on me on the 22nd of November and finally I am sad cause my Mum died on the 24th November. And this lot happened starting 22 years ago with Mum's death.

But I also know that I am a different person now, I've always appeared to be strong to others (some of the time.... !) and now I feel strong to myself. I know that I can and do cope with what life throws at me. I know that I am primarily an optimist with a belief in hope that transcends most things!

I have an awful lot to be grateful for, not least the people who have died in my life, cause without them I wouldn't be me. I am grateful for my husband walking out, as that gave me the chance to be the best mother I could possibly be. And I am grateful for having had cancer, cause that has certainly made me a better person as a result of having it.

So with all that care and love that I was given by my Mum and Dad,(even though, like all children of parents I didn't always like how they did it!) I know that I am filled with love and gratitude to them, and like the expression goes, grief is the price we pay for love. And being sad and alone today is what I need to be, so I can be happy tomorrow, and safe and secure in the love they had for me

The photo was taken in 1950 when my parents were both 21 and that'd not long met.


Angela said...

My dear friend Fire Byrd, rising from the ashes... I am with you, holding you if you like, and I can only advise you to read your own book! But I know you KNOW all this, you expressed it in your letter today, and still the sadness is there and should have its place. Go ahead and think of all your loved ones, smile at them, thank them (as you did), and then remember there is still a good life to live for you.
With having been through all the sadness and the tough experiences you had in life, you have grown, and now you have reached the level of being a real healer. In a way I believe we are all meant to reach that point one day. It doesn`t mean we are always happy, but we understand - and we can stretch out a hand and make otheres smile again.
I wish you can smile again. Even in November. Light a fire and read a nice blog or two, and don`t let anything like memories blow you down.
Oh, you see I don`t want to stop until you nod and say, Okay, I won`t.
Do you say that?

Fire Byrd said...

Angela, those are lovely words and they definately made me smile, thank you for them.

Dark Side said...

This is the first post I have read of your, I landed here by LiR, what an inspiring lady you are and vry brave with it.

I will trawl your achives this week with pleasure..x

Mel said...

I saw the photo and I thought "Jimmy Stewart". Bit odd, but true.

What a good looking couple they make. And how graced you were to have their love.

((((((( byrd ))))))))))

Loving, loveable and loved, yaknow....

Walker said...

Some things you can't get away from and it's good that they catch up with you at times.
They make you feel alive even if they are sad moments.

They remind you of the warmth your parents gave you when you needed it.
Like these times.

Fire Byrd said...

raexx welcome, lovely to meet you. And come back soon.

mel, my dad looked a lot like Jimmy Stewart, might go someway to explain why it's a wonderful life is my all time favourite movie. Watch it every Christmas and cry!

walker, you are so right. It was a horrid day yesterda, but today is another one and I'm smiling now about my comment to mel. And maybe going to see that movie early this year.


Unknown said...

What a wise, heartfelt and poignant post, Fire Byrd - and so very true, all of it. We grow from the things that happen to us, those lessons that life sends our way. As it is said, we cannot know happiness without having tasted sadness - it's how we learn, how we learn to appreciate what we have.
But you are a Phoenix and you will arise and soar. For now being quiet and gentle with your good self sounds like a good thing to do.
Take care, see. xxx

smilnsigh said...

Thank you for commenting in my blog.

Wishing you well, in this time of personal sadness... The coming months..

Miss Mari-Nanci

justme said...

Just newly come to your blog, and haven't read the past posts yet, but thought I would say hello anyway.....will catch up with your history and come back.

Fire Byrd said...

AV, thank you for those gentle words, they have touched me greatly.

smilnsigh, welcome and thank you for returning my visit,it's good to meet you.

just, welcome, lovely to meetyou as well, i shall come over and check you out.


nitebyrd said...

I can only offer (((HUGS))) from afar. It's cliche but we do need some sadness to really appreciate the happy.

Miss Robyn said...

like I said, sending you lots of love.. I wish I knew what to say but sometimes hugs are better than words. oxoxo
ps - I still can't say that I am grateful that I had cancer. You are very strong to be able to say that. I hate that I got it and I am angry that I got it.