Sunday, 26 October 2008


I miss your arms around me holding me tight.
I miss your hand holding mine.
I miss your lips kissing me.
I miss the endless conversations.
I miss the softest caress of your fingers on my skin.
I miss the intimacy between us day and night.
I miss the daftness of two people in love.
I miss the excitement of driving to see you.
I miss the unexpected arrival of you in the night.
I miss the caring and giving without conditions.
I miss feeling loved and in love.
And yet, and yet, I don't miss YOU.


Middle Ditch said...

Wow. Strong words. I do remember the feeling.

Lovely poem

Fire Byrd said...

thanks MD. I remember the feeling and wish I could have a new reality.

Wild Cat said...

A great poem x

nitebyrd said...

"... and yet I don't miss YOU."

Yes. I can relate to that.

Fire Byrd said...

uuummm too many people with broken hearts at some time or another!!

Mel said...

I missed some actions, not others.
And I'm so glad to have something different all the way around, today.


Walker said...

People come and go but feelings remain forever.

Fire Byrd said...

another day another doller Mel!

you're right Walker, and the secret is to be ok having them.