Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Sunrise out of my bedroom window.

I'm too miserable to write a post.
The sadness is hanging around me like a cloud.
I obviously need to be in this space.
So rather than try to write anything, which would only be repetitive I thought I'd take you on a tour of my house just for the hell of it. And to remind me that even though I don't like the town I live in, my house is a sanctuary and offers me the warmth and holding I need right now as much as any building can anyway.

Youngest with attitude and me at my desk.

Eldest son in the kitchen on his 23rd birthday.

Youngest on his 17th birthday on the landing.

My dining room.

Guess where this is in the house!

My favourite room with just some of the many plants that are in this room.

The windowsill in my bedroom, with some of my some of the lovely glass I have around the place.


Wild Cat said...

What a lovely house x

(I hope the clouds lift soon x)

Fire Byrd said...

So do I, I don't like feeling this sad at all.
Thanks cat x

Lady in red said...

this was lovely and of course I could image walking around your house with you, it all looks familiar now, all thats missing is a collection of your blog friends but we can remedy that soon.

I'm not feeling like writing posts at the moment either as I am not in a good space right now.

Fire Byrd said...

Sorry to hear you're not in a good space Lady,hope whatever is making that happen resolves fast.
Definately looking forward to those blog people being here in December.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful space you live in. I like the idea of taking a picture of the sun rising, it reminds me of recording the dawn chorus as a teenager.



Fire Byrd said...

Thanks Hulla. I do have some wonderful early morning skies, especially at this time of year if I get up to look at them!

Queen Vixen said...

So sorry you are sad. I am thinking of you. Not long till we have our riotous weekend and have one week in Nov available but I reckon its your New York week.

Rae!xx said...

What a lovely house and I hope you are soon feeling a bit happier, but you do have a right to be sad at the moment...(((hug))) x

Fire Byrd said...

thanks hon.
this is the last weekend I'll have time to be introspective for some time, as weekend after I'll be visiting eldest in his new home in London.
then a weekend of visitors.
And then and then NEW YORK can't wait I'm so excited, there is a big itinery being planned for me. So all the things I've not managed to do in other visits are going to be happening..... YES!!!!!!

Fire Byrd said...

rae!xx, you came back how nice is that! i tried to visit you but your blog is obviously closed, but I did try.

Rae!xx said...

Fire byrd I have sent you an invite to my blog via your email, look forward to welcoming you there!..x

nitebyrd said...

Your home is lovely. It seems to me that it reflects you very well.

You also made some nice looking young men! ;)

Fire Byrd said...

nitebyrd, thank you for both those lovely compliments. Yep my sons are good looking, but i just might be biased!

Mel said...

Yup.....couple of killer fellas ya got there, ma'am.

And there's a place a soul can LIVE in.
It's definitely a home....

I love the bottles!!!
And I have no clue where that stairwell leads, but it's an enjoyable walk up the stairs, that's for certain!

((( hugs for you )))

miss*R said...

oh Pix xoxo sending lots of light to help brighten your day & your soul..
your home is gorgeous and I specially love the coloured glass.. just sit and gaze at it and absorb all the colours xo

justme said...

Lovely pictures and nice to catch a glimpse of your home.
Sorry that you are sad and hope you feel MUCH better soon!

BenefitScroungingScum said...

How lovely to see your house through your eyes. I really hope you're feeling a bit more cheerfulnow, BG x

Fire Byrd said...

yep Mel they are definately killer fellas, well I think so anyway!

robyn I lie in bed when I have the time and stare at the coloured glass, I really love it. And especially as Sorrow made it and gave it to me.

just me, I will be ok soon, it's just the season of mist and mellow fruitfulness fucks with my heart!

bg getting there, I hope, just gotta do this weekend as well and then I'll be too busy to have time to think!

Trixie said...

Looks all so lovely, I hope you are feeling better my sweet. x

trousers said...

You might not feel it's ultimately the right place for you but I've always felt welcome there. And the rain on the conservatory is just amazing! Your house is most definitely a warm and welcoming place and I hope it does serve as proper sanctuary against the sadness that you're feeling.

I haven't read your last couple of posts which may shed more light on that (I will get round to it soon) - but that's for reasons detailed on my own blog. Thanks for your response to that: hugs to you xx

Walker said...

Very nice place and you got a couple of good looking lads there.
I hope you fund that little bit of sunshine to brighten up your day

anya said...

I visited today after you left a comment on my blog and I am so very glad I am here. This place resonates with me. I love the way you write and I like that you are another single woman with whom I share some experiences, whose life I can peek into from time to time.

Sorry you're feeling blue, but of course how else could you feel this time of the year. The one thing about having all the bad things happen at one time is that it leaves the large remainder of the year lighter and brighter.

Fire Byrd said...

trix, I am, thank goodness!

trousers glad you liked the rain, how do you feel about freezing winter and snow next time???

walker, thank you for the compliments. And yepthe black dog is wandering off I think.

anya, welcome! lovely to see you. Great comment, I'd not thought about the benefits of getting the misery all out of the way at one time, excellant suggestion for enjoying the rest of the year.


Exmoorjane said...

Noooooo. I have been a bad blogger - all sorts of reasons but haven't checked up on you for ages....and big sincere apologies for that. HATE that you're in a bad space at the moment (though your actual, physical space is darn well gorgeous).
Big big hug and metaphorical scones.

Anonymous said...

would love to offer you the warmth and holding you desperatly need you are a fine looking mummy

Fire Byrd said...

uumm anonymous that's a great offer.Trouble is can't deal with a hidden agenda or person, won't keep me warm at night!