Monday, 24 September 2012


I've come here to type to keep my fingers warm. I've got no heating, the boiler apparently has a gas leak, so 'they' have turned it off. I called 'them' up cause I had a gas leak elsewhere in the house and didn't know about the second one. It's a cold and wet day and I'd really have liked the heating on. I'm having a days holiday. To get optimum fun out of that I've been trying to phone British Gas to get them to fix the boiler. So at the first extremely long wait for nothing of the three calls I've made I got informed they are so busy that to get my call answered I'll have to be on the line listening to tinkly tinkly music for....... 1hour and 28 minutes. But no worries they'd do callback..... Oh no they don't. I've tried twice more. I've listened to all the bloody tinkly tinkly music. I've heard all the adverts on the loop twice. I've had the phone picked up twice in the second call and put down straight away. And in the third call more fucking tinkly tinkly music and  the phone picked up once  and put down again immediately.

I know it's not really that cold, it's only one t shirt and two jumpers cold. I know I've got my extremely expensive convector heater in place for later when I watch some TV. I know I can heat my water with an even more expensive immersion heater.

The rest of the house is okish, the kitchen heats up when I use the cooker. And upstairs because my loft is so well insulated it's warmer. And I know it's better to have discovered before the bad weather really sets in but ....... ggggrrrr!

I think the only solution is an afternoon nap then a trip to the supermarket to keep warm!

Whose got time to be vulnerable.... certainly not me!


Anonymous said...

OH! poor Byrd!
It's a good thing you are not helpless, otherwise you would be in real jeopardy!
don't you just hate when you can't take care of a problem yourself?
hope they fix it all soon!

Mel said...

Oh dearheart..... I'm with her--sucks when we can't just fix it ourselves and we have to contend with others that don't seem to understand our need to have it fixed YESTERDAY.

*laughing* I might be a bit like I jury-rigged the dryer until they can fix it right. TRUE! :-) And darn proud of it! Hahaha

Paula said...

I hope "they" turned it on again! Lots of big warm hugs

Anonymous said...

Hope its fixed by now! I've been carting my hot water bottle around this last Winter - heating bills have left everyone in shock this quarter - a huge increase foisted on consumers to increase already obscene profits. Not as bad as an English winter though - I've known Aussies return home because they couldn't live through another one!

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