Friday, 8 April 2011

It's birthday eve,eve today!!

I just thought I'd show you where I spend my time. And a picture of me I've taken without any makeup as a before picture.

This weekend it's my birthday, the card has arrived Geli, thank you, and no I won't open it till Sunday!

I spend far too much time sitting at the desk in the corner, but I am surrounded by lovely things to look at. My desk has treasures on it, little things given to me by people who love me. Plus photos of my Parents, Granpa and my Sister and I as little girls.If I look up I can see the daffodils next to me,and my Mother's day roses have now moved into the dining room, as they have just passed their best. And on the coffee table is a lovely vase of yellow roses, given to me by my lovely friends I go dancing and walking with every week.

So today is relatively quiet, and it is glorious sunshine outside, so gotta get out there soon.Breakfast on the swing seat with a couple of layers on, but still possible.
Do have to go and get food though at some point. As eldest is coming up for the weekend. And has requested fish pie for supper on Saturday. And I must deliver cause I only get to eat it when people come round, as youngest despises anything that doesn't have at least three chillies in!!!

Kit will be arriving tomorrow lunch time, and then we are going to the photo shoot. The one were we have to jump about and do jolly things whilst we are snapped. Right!
Alex currently is refusing to wear anything other than a hoodie and isn't doing any pouncy stuff. Kit will only have the clothes on his back, and they will no doubt be scruffy, cause once he takes the suit off on Friday that's it till Monday. And he is so disinterested in clothes that he still wears things he had when he was 18 and he's 25 now! And I will be wanting to bounce around like Tigger on speed, changing outfits and generally getting on my sons nerves! So we should have a lovely time!

After which I will sooth Kit's nerves with his fish pie and Alex will no doubt escape to see his sane but zany girlfriend who will put up with his moaning about his sane but zany mother!!!!

And on my birthday itself I get my Uncle , my sister and her husband, plus the lads for lunch And there is almost nothing more I like more in life than making food for people and all sitting at the table sharing love and affection in conversation with one another.

So bring on being 57 cause it's shaping up to be an interesting and good year with all sorts of things to look forward to and do.


Marilyn & Jeff said...

Happy birthday for Sunday, have a wonderful day with your family gathering to celebrate with you. The whole weekend sounds wonderful - enjoy every moment of it. Loved seeing in your home - and the photo of yourself is lovely; you are lovely. Happy birthday again.

Twiglet said...

Happy birthday when it arrives. You're looking good and your home looks so welcoming!!

diney said...

Happy birthday! And excuse me but where are your don't have any! Gorgeous photo of you - and I love the dog snoozing on the sofa! Your weekend sounds fab - family, fun and food!

Midwest to Midlands said...

Wishing you a very happy birthday and a great year ahead.

Lyn said...

I will send you birthday wishes a tad bit early then Mandy. You look wonderful - no make up - and you are beautiful! I love the shots of your cosy home; it looks like a peaceful retreat. If I were you I would pull the desk out so it isn't against the wall and turn it facing into that gorgeous space of yours so you can just glance up to see it, instead of looking at the wall. Hope your day is a special one Mandy and that the upcoming year delivers your heart's desires.

Zan said...

Happy Birthday Mandy. Sounds like you will have an absolutely fabulous weekend! Hope the sun will keep on shining outdoors as well as it is in your heart.


Helen said...

Your birthday ~ yet you give us the gift of visiting your home. Cozy, light, charming ... you! Have a lovely birthday Mandy! Tell everyone seated around your table how many people round the world love you!!!

Merry ME said...

In the years to come when you look back on the pictures, you'll recognize the boys a lot easier if they are wearing their "regular" clothes, instead of things picked out just for the picture. Take a cue from them. Relax and have fun!

Tigger on Speed. Now that's a visual!!!

Hope the weekend is spectacularly divine as it should be for a lady surrounded by the people she loves.

TALON said...

Happy Birthday!! Lovely to see you, Mandy! You look fabulous!

Hope your birthday is beautiful! Your home look so lovely and cosy - as attested to by your gorgeous dog soaking it up!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Happy happy birthday. Your blog is lovely!
Have a happiest of weekends ahead xx

Dragonfly Dreams said...

What a tranquil place you have to sit and ponder blogville, Mandy! It's so zen-like!

You have a wonderful weekend being zany - you deserve it! Happy Early Birthday, Mandy!

Beatnheart said...

Oh sweet one a very Happy Birthday to You....Ring around the mulberry bush...all the very, very best

Pam said...

Happy Birthday beautiful lady! Enjoyed your pics. Had to go back to look for Trix on the sofa, thought she was a cushion originally - how insensitive of me!
Have a fun time with all the activities planned with your loved ones Mandy, with best wishes for the day and the year

Mel said...

*ahem* Mi mi mi mi.......

Happy (almost) Birthday to you
Happy (almost) Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
Happy (almost) Birthday to YouUUuuuuUUuuuu!!!!

(((((((((( the byrdie ))))))))))))

Love 'em while you got 'em.
And make 'em just a tad nutzo...LOL GREAT fun!!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Byrd~!
I mailed the card on Monday, but knowing the post it will not be there in time....
But my LOVE it's with you ALL the time!
and much love on your birthday!
and every day!

GaynorB said...

Happy birthday Mandy!

Paula said...

Mandy Mine, wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Love to see you. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. Love and hugs

bodylift said...

What a wonderful day for you and your family. Definitely you would be enjoyed and wonderfully celebrated that eve. Very happy birthday to you.