Sunday, 10 April 2011

Walking at 7.30am on my birthday, you coming?

So what else is to be done at 7.30 on Birthday morning when the daft dog says it's time to get up? And the chances of shifting either son to walk the dog are as unlikely as hen's teeth!
So the sun is shining so grab your fleece cause it's still a bit chilly and come for a walk with me.

First into the back garden to see which flowers are awake and take lots of pics, but this one is the best. I love frittelary(SP???)flowers they are just so extraordinary.

Off we go across the road and down towards the wood.The leaves are the most verdant green on the trees so lets stop and take a few pics here to catch the blue sky juxtaposing with the green. Ooooh I've managed to get one of my favourite words into my birthday post!

Continuing on and a glance back shows the suns shadows on the trees at the start of the woods.

Right now onto the back field and a close up of the Roaches, some idiot set them alight last night, they were ablaze for several hours, thought to be started with petrol. Some people's mentality defies reason.

Oh look it's the daft dog herself! She's allowed off the lead on the back field cause I can see when any other person/dog appears and call her to me. She has her very squeaky ball in her mouth, which walking to the field she doesn't squeak but once on sets up a right cacophony (another good word!)for the duration of the walk off the lead

I've been waiting for the cherry blossom to appear and it has so kindly done so today for me! I was looking forward to using this camera to get a closer view of the blossom then with my old one.

BTW my other three favourite words along with juxtaposition are; recalcitrant, tinsel and fuck. I first realised this many years ago when I was running a group for agoraphobics, who interestingly all had something wrong with their feet!and I got them doing an exercise of writing down four words they liked and then we made a poem up from the words. Can't remember anyone elses words but those four were mine and I still think they are all excellent words.


Beatnheart said...

I’m first to say Happy birthday Fire Byrd, happy birthday to you...All the very, very best in the coming year and may all your dreams and wishes come true. Your walk looks fabulous...lucky, lucky you. Hope your having a beautiful breakfast right now. It’s 1:09 am here, can’t sleep cause I knew I had to get here to wish you birthday greeetings so I have.

Marilyn & Jeff said...

Happy birthday, I hope the rest of your day was as wonderful as your walk. Thank you for taking me along ...I most definitely would have been a starter. I love early morning walks, only your's is so much nicer than any I can go on.
By the way - your words are good ones!

Sage said...

happy birthday hun, hope you have a great birthday full of new hope and joy xx

Mel said...

HAPPY Birthday--HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to you!!


Walking on your birthday WITH you--great prezzie for us both.

(((((((((( the byrdie )))))))))))

Lyn said...

Happy Happy Day Mandy! You seem contented these days and I hope you have a fabulous year. You are making me a little jealous with your luscious (one of my favourite words) images of spring. You are about a month ahead of us season-wise. Enjoy your birthday. XXOO

janis said...

what a beautiful day for a birthday!
Have a very Blessed Year! Love to you Dear Mandy♥

GaynorB said...

Happy birthday!

I read about the fire but wasn't sure exactly where it was. It defies belief that someone would deliberately set such a fire.

Hope your birthday lunch went well.

Paula said...

I loved coming along. Have a wonderful day. Much love and hugs

Merry ME said...

Not sure of the time difference between me and thee. Hope my best wishes arrive when it is still your birthday. If now, they will be a good way to enter into the coming year.

I do hope that your day was every bit as beautiful as you, and as you hoped it would be. I hope that you felt loved and appreciated. I hope that you could feel way down in your heart how special you are - that there is no one on this earth quite like you. You were created for a special purpose. As the years add up, so may your gifts to the world. I celebrate the day and the woman with love and birthday smiles.

bodylift said...

Great morning for you and you could be enjoy the nature on your beautiful birthday. Thanks for share your amazing moments at this blog.