Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Whisper in the wind

The music played,her memory stirred
Of time gone by when she was seen
Now she was invisible to most around
She still felt like that young girl
Listening to Good Vibrations with life ahead.

Now the world didn't see her youth,
Didn't know she'd been a mum
Weren't aware of her life
Just saw her wondering past
and looked when she talked to her dog.

But to her there was still life
Wrinkles sure,sagging skin where once firm
But her brain still worked if not better than before
Her inner smile radiated from within
And the people passed and smiled right back

And when they did, the old lady disappeared
And warmth and light appeared instead
They felt better for a moment in their lives
without being able to say why
Except for a whisper in the wind


Marilyn said...

This is so beautiful Mandy, very very beautiful.
All her selves are within her ...the little girl, the teenager, the young mother. They are all within her and are seen in her smile.

nitebyrd said...

There's beauty at any age, Mandy!

I really like this poem, I have the same feeling.

Helen said...

... and that, my dear, is why I smile at everyone I pass.

Mel said...

Geeze....that's why I smile everytime you show up.

See how that works?! :-)

<-- smilin'.......again!!

Pam said...

I echo the sentiments above, and also would like to add that certain songs and upbeat music from my youth can make my face light up like a sunbeam. Can't relate at all to the cacophany of depressing electronic music at the moment, and that DOES make me sound old!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel an affinity with your poem and also glad you have an inner voice that you let us hear. Thank goodness some wisdom comes with ageing eh?

Carol said...

It's what's inside that's important....the packaging is only superficial!

C x