Saturday, 26 February 2011

The coffee pot,Prevarication, Making a decision and then getting on with it!

I've sorted it! I've got the answer, it's been staring me in the face and today I've grasped it with both hands.......

And what exactly am I going on about.....

Ta Da it's my coffee machine!

Normally on a day I've sentenced myself to cleaning the house, I make a cup or two of instant coffee, for those times whilst I'm waiting to the kitchen floor to dry. Don't tell me I could be getting on with other things at that point. Staring at the floor drying is very important. It wouldn't do it if I wasn't there to oversee it, of that I'm certain.

My treat on a Saturday, and any other day I can find time to waste, is the coffee machine. Fill it up, put it on and have the first cup slowly eating my breakfast. Second cup sitting at the computer, oh and third and fourth..... By which time I'm starting to buzz.

But that wasn't today's plan. Last night I decided to get an early start and vacuum up the dog hair, polish the surfaces you can write your name in the dust (although polish might be too strong a word here, more like float around with a feather duster in my hand would be more accurate!)throw cleaner down sinks etc.

So after a very late getting up by my standards, 9am. And that's another thing I've cracked, if I don't go to bed till midnight and the dog gets to go outside just before, then she doesn't demand I get up at 7am, unlike every other night when I go upstairs at 10pm. A really good plus side of having a social life where I have to leave the house.

But that means not staying home and snoozing on the sofa, or watching crap like America's Next Top Model, or Criminal Minds. What's a girl to do?

I digress.

The coffee pot..... well it's criminal to make a delicious pot of real coffee and not enjoy each and every cup, with endless visits to the bathroom between (small potatoes that bit) it's an insult to good coffee beans. This is my excuse anyway.

So it's now 12.30 and so far in my prevarication, I've had a leisurely breakfast, I did however work very hard at emptying the dishwasher as my croissant warmed in the oven for goodness sake! I've talked at length on the phone to a girlfriend. I've read all the blogs on my blog roll and commented. I've stared out of the window at the birds in the rain. I'm writing this. And now the sun has come out..... EUREKA, it hasn't been seen for days in the grey days of February.

Now I've got another dilemma, go and stand in the sun and feel it's fragile early spring rays on my face.Or get my camera and go and photo the clumps of snowdrops and crocus in the woods opposite. Or stay in and see the dust glinting in the sunshine making me feel guilty for being a slob. Decisions, decisions.

And I've finished my pot of coffee, so have no more reason to sit. All I can see now if I lift my head up is the really filthy windows that the sunshine is revealing.

OH NO! Cleaning windows is one step to far. It takes weeks for to be able to build up to that task.

So I'm going to end this post on a real cliff hanger of what do I do next....

Bet you're sitting on the edges of your seats wondering which way I'll turn....

Or of course I could just pop back to bed, given that isn't even made yet.

Hey ho, life does offer up so many choices some days, and all of them better than bloody cleaning.

Just found a way to waste another 15 minutes, looking through all my pics finding one to illustrate this post. The joy of having so many photo files to take time wasting to new heights!

Hope your days are equally as exciting as this!

Oh yes and then publish the post and have to re-read it just in case I've left out a comma or two, three times.... AAAARRRGGGHHHH!

ENOUGH go and clean up you lazy cow!

SUNDAY PS Did the cleaning, stood in the sun, and took the photos, and didn't care about the windows!!!


trousers said...

Oddly enough, I cleaned my windows yesterday. That was a way of channeling anger, annoyance and frustration.

GaynorB said...

My take on all of this is:-
What difference will an extra days dust make?
If you clean today, that means that you will be one day closer to having to clean again, than you would be if you cleaned tomorrow.
Are you expecting anyone to call in?
Do you like rugby?
On balance Mandy, if I were you I would leave the cleaning. I am making a good job of putting off writing Y7 reports, in fact I am an expert at it. All week I have been trying to get round to them without any success.
I am sitting now singing the anthem and hoping Wales will beat Italy..... All I need now is that pot of coffee.........

TALON said...

Crocus? I am soooo jealous, Mandy! We're getting more snow today...

And I would definitely head out into that thin sunshine - it's so lovely when it's so much more absent in the winter. :)

Marilyn said...

Oh the sunshine with a camera in my hand would win every time ...but then I am not so good at getting on with things takes months for me to build up enough energy to clean windows!
So what did you end up doing???

Paula said...

Mandy Mine, love how you play with your choices while having instant coffee! I dont work, yet every day I am a few hours behind....I just manage to think this way sometimes and not constantly anymore. Hugs

janis said...

My Dear Little Fire Byrd~ you have brought me a smile. I drink coffee all day. Love the buzz. Coffee runs through my veins.
I really need to clean my house..

Lyn said...

Mandy, I always feel like if I have a nice few cups of coffee and a leisurely morning on the weekend, then I am on the way to relaxing. It makes me feel like I have had some time for myself. Sounds like you are having that kind of day too. Enjoy!

miss*R said...

spring cleaning.. that is where it get's its name.. when spring comes and you notice those windows.. anyhow,with that much coffee in your system you should be able to fly through it all !

Mel said...

As long as there's coffee--it's all good.

'Specially when there's prevaricating around the proverbial bush AND coffee.

Pffffffffftttttt to cleaning.
I'm taking the camera and I'm running away.
You're my hero. LOL

Ishouldbeworking said...

I too noticed my grubby windows, thanks to a shaft of welcome late-winter sun. And, having noticed them, I removed myself to another room. It was the only thing to do.

(Word Verification: 'poxylla'. Sort of how I felt towards my dirty windows)

Anonymous said...

I think we may have been separated at birth such are our similarities, but one difference, I buzz after just one cup of coffee (may be that's why I don't get much housework done).

Anonymous said...

Only you Byrd~
only you..