Saturday, 31 July 2010

Night Duty ( short story)

They sat in the darkness of the night huddled together for support, as much as warmth.
The wind howled through the draughty old corridors.
They all knew that in the dark of the night that ghosts roamed, especially in an old hospital such as this.
Who was it that started telling the stories, the ones of derelict castles haunted and scary.
Of course each had to contribute their own, it was easier telling than listening. They all knew tales of the lady with the lamp being by the bedside of the frightened and dying patient.
None of them of course had ever seen her, but they knew she was there in those tired old buildings.
They collectively started to scare themselves, it was always the way in the middle of night duty.
Then the footsteps were heard...... Slow and measured walking down the long corridor at the top of the ward.
They looked at each other hardly daring to breath. This was surely the end.
The steps got closer and closer, their fear mounting with each tread.
They were trying to be brave,this was difficult to face.........

When the night porter arrived and offered them tea


Helen said...

Very nice, Ms. Byrd! Have you ever participated in Magpie Tales or the Poetry Bus? I think you would enjoy the challenges. I don't consider myself a writer, but others are very forgiving and generous! Do think about it. The Poetry Bus has a different driver each week ... if you need more info, just ask. Magpie Tales is just that and an easy to find blog.

Paula said...

I ameasily frightened, do u know that. I hold my breath too...
Love it. You tease with words. I agree with Helen...

Zan said...

Love it!


Beatnheart said...

ah Mandy, more talent lurks beneath that quiet exterior...perhaps a poety bus is stopping at your corner.

Marilyn said...

Oh this is so good - loved it. I could almost hear them let their breaths go when they realised who it was, when all their fear evaporated.

Mel said...

Forget about THEM breathing......I was happy to draw in the breath I was holding when I got to the end!

NOT what I was expecting.....LOL

nitebyrd said...

Late as usual, but I loved this little story! LOL Tired minds tend to wander, don't they?