Thursday, 24 June 2010

Sorrow's sons picture and the rest

I've been neglecting here recently. I've been snowed under by the affects of my new blog. I would do a link if I wasn't useless but if you want to see it then hit the camera on my sidebar.
Now less than a week after I started it not only have all the original people who said they wanted to be involved signed up but I'm also getting daily requests for people I don't know to be part of it.
I've obviously hit a spot here that works.
Canada are sending pics from Montreal and Ontario
There are people in America; Florida, Northwest, Eastcoast and as yet unknown places
Britain, me in Staffordshire, and then the Midlands and the South Coast.
In Europe there is Germany and Eire represented and someone about to come on board from Italy
In Africa Botswana is flying it's flag
And Australia is there as well, as are some stunning pics from New Zealand
Thailand is being shown my someone who used to live there.
This feels like we are just one world village joined up by a common aim to show what our world means to us.
The standard of photography is multi layered with my instant phone shots to the most amazing and beautiful photos as in the one at the top here. This was taken by Sorrow's son and she asked me to include it. I think it is stunning and so thought I'd put it here as well.
We can have up to a 100 contributors and so far there are 20 of us, not bad since last Saturday!
I have had to switch off the comment box that was sending emails of all received comments through to me. I cannot handle 50 at a time!
That said I'm in a permanent fizzy state of excitement about what is going on there and am loving it.
Hopefully I will calm down soon and be able to write other stuff here about other things than another self congratulatory post about my new blog.


Spadoman said...

The photos overall are fantastic. I already participate in Ruby Tuesday, Shadow Shot Sunday and Only the Good Friday. I'll have a nice photo now and again. I call it Cultural Phenomenon when the stars align and one of my pictures turne out worthy of showing to strangers.
I don't get to do all these every week on the specified day, but that's the beauty of it, and there is a lot of interaction. I have met many fine bloggers (with great blogs I might add), from participating.
Good stuff you are doing. Nice "other" blog. Maybe I'll audition when I'm not so busy. In the meantime, hope you are feeling better.


nitebyrd said...

Sorrow's sons picture is so beautiful. Just being able to catch a butterfly like it was posing is amazing!

You have every right to be excited about the new blog - the photographs are brilliant! The best thing is to be able to look at images that are beautiful in all different ways, it's a respite from the stresses of daily life.

e said...

Dear Byrd,

I just visited your new blog and it is fabulous! I'm sorry you've been ill and I do hope all goes well for your son getting into the Army.

TALON said...

Mandy, you've done a beautiful job with the new blog. It's gorgeous. It's so nice and relaxing to slip in there and sit back and enjoy the beautiful shots. It's going to keep growing and growing and that, too, is a beautiful thing.

I hope you are getting lots of rest and feeling much, much better!

Thank you for all your hard work. You've done an amazing job. xx

trousers said...

It's all good, and I think it's given me a little dose of positivity (wonders will never cease!).

Thank you x

diney said...

The photos are wonderful- what a great new blog - well done, and hope you are feeling much better too

karen said...

I'm enjoying it too! Many of my pics are taken with my mobile phone too, by the way! I was never so keen on taking photos before digital photography, but it's just great instant gratification, isn't it!