Friday, 25 June 2010

Not New York New York

Have you noticed as we get older we get more belligerent about what is ok and not ok.Of course in getting like this we can be accused of being Grumpy Old Women or Men.

Hearing the refrain, 'it wasn't like this in my day' is not good. Any more than the really frightful, 'turn that dreadful noise down' I really vowed I wouldn't say that one, when my Father used to drive me mad telling me my music was a hideous cacophony. And my trying to tell him the Beatles or the Stones were wonderful.

So instead I can cope with my youngest son's music, what I find really difficult though are the accompanying videos when the music is on the TV. The women are so sexualised, in the skimpiest clothes, pouting and thrusting as if with endless pleasure as some Rap singer sings about who knows what. That I would switch off whilst moaning about exploitation of women. Only to be told, as I said back in the day, ... it's different now!

Whatever happened to feminism?

I stood proud back in then alongside the other bra burning women, knowing that I had every right to be treated equally to any man. Course that isn't how it's ended up though. Men still run the world. Women run the home, even if they have high powered jobs. The majority of home care is still being done by women, especially the frightful and endless thinking about what meals to plan, buy for and then cook.

I know men do cook and some even shop, but seriously how many men check to see whether there is anything needing replacing before going shopping, when they live with a women. Going shopping with a man in my experience is a very expensive affair, as we just might need that rare expensive truffle oil that I would never buy!

With all this bloody mindedness going on inside me I've been able to turn down a rather wonderful invitation. I'm off, as ever to Philly in the next few weeks. And my friend Eve, thought I might like to go to New York and do a Broadway show. You'd think I'd bite her hand off. But oh no not me!

I don't like cities in the summer. I hate trailing round hot dusty streets and then freezing in air conditioning. I get bad tempered and seriously grouchy. So I won't easily go to London to see my son. I won't go to Exeter or Plymouth when I'm visiting Devon. So I'm definitely not going to New York.

Of course I am in the privileged position of having been there several times, so I almost feel like a local when I'm there. Although I have never been to the theatre there, which would be a treat.

Instead I've persuaded my friend that it will be more fun and cheaper to go out for local meals. Even though we've been doing them for ever. I love how I've been so often to the East Coast that I don't have to go anywhere sightseeing in the hot summer sun.

Been there, done it and got the T shirt. And unlike most Americans I have been in the White House, nah nah nah nah! She said in a grown up way.

So I've got my way and I will be on the best porch in the world, with a promise of New York in the winter when I can cope with the temperatures better.Fortunately for me Eve is 10 years younger than me, so she hasn't reached the grouchy stage yet! And no doubt when she does I will be a serene old crone, smiling sweetly at her outbursts of grumpieness as I condescendingly indulge her behaviour!

Just as well she loves me, cause otherwise I could feel the cold air from over here for those patronising statements!


TALON said...

I think it's impossible to get older and not notice the changes in society. Definitely, the overt sexuality is a lot to overlook. I wouldn't mind so much, but it's crept into the behaviors of really young girls. Scary, I think. I keep hoping the pendulum will swing back the other way, but then I'm a grouchy old woman, too! :)

I'm glad you'll be able to spend time on your favorite porch and enjoy the company of a great friend without the stress of having to go here and there. That's my idea of a great vacation!

Plus, this shows your wisdom - you're avoiding putting yourself into the dirt and noise and heat and making yourself miserable.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Well are quite my kind of friend, the one who is sensible and would rather take it easy in the heat of the summer. And hey, you are just getting over pleuresy aren't you? Wouldn't do you any good to wear yourself out again? We all know what breeding grounds airplanes are for infection floating in the air.
As for grouchy I think that may be a bit overstated Dear as in my way of thinking it is wisdom that you now possess and I so agree with you on the sexual exploitation on Television, Film, and Videos...time to get back to some good old fashioned morals. But that is just my old grouchy opinion, lol!
Anywho..enjoy your vacation doing whatever makes you happy!
Many Blessings!

Boonsong said...

Great post and an excellent photo. Thanks for this.

All the best, Boonsong

Zan said...

As I read this I was thinking.. 'oh no I am getting old already'
I hate New York, I really really do. Perhaps because I was there in August and the heat drove me insane.
I am with you on the music videos. I was horrified when my daughter (who's 8!!) came home one day from school and began singing 'Apple bottom jeans, boots with the furr, everybody looking at her, she hit the floor next thing I know she's gone low low low low'...
And this little skimpy dance she was doing. Cry or laugh? Wasn't sure which to do.

Anyway, it's great to have friends abroad, makes the holiday so much cheaper and so much more fun!!
I am not into sightseeing anymore really, I just love a bottle of wine and good company and my holiday is made!
Sounds like you have it made for you too!

Paula said...

Honey; I am sorry. All I can do is sending you love qnd hugs. I am so much into pilgriming now that any deep posts is too much on top of it.

Mel said...

(((((( Paula )))))))

(just had to....cuz....)

And ma'am--I'd like to think it's wisened stuff to decide to skip what's not good for us. And wisened of the friend to agree. I mean, afterall--you're still healing, dangit!

Porch time (much like patio time) is a very good thing. BETTER when it's not tainted by the 'rap crap' coming from across the street. I say 'crap' because of the ucky language that I'm getting to listen to...or WAS getting to listen to.
I'm just not into the 'f' word that much--and it really was offensive stuff.
The good news is I like in smalltown USA. I went. I talked. The noise went down and I was good with that.
It wasn't about the music--heck, there was no music, just cuss words to a beat. *muttering*

I did promise to play 1812 if they liked. LOL

Yup....I'm sounding like my parent. LOLOL

Beatnheart said...

Yes, what happened to all the hard work the feminists did. The young girls today ! oy! I actually feel sorry for them...having to strive so hard to do sexy. I fought that notion tooth and nail..and thinking teenaged pregnancy is cool....those poor kids that suffer the outcome of it all. I’m so glad I was born when i was...we had the best of it all and yes The Beatles were ours!! I wait to meet you Mandy and we can sit and drink wine and whine and bitch.

Pam said...

I've linked to you Mandy. That bumpy grindy stuff gets to me also, and is infiltrating right into the heart of Australia with little pre-schoolers! Yuk! Force-fed sexuality. Thanks for posting about it, and if you ever come to Australia, it had better be Winter - you'd melt otherwise!xx

diney said...

It's even too blinking hot in rural northern England at the moment - especially at night.Phew! We are going to Florida in a week or two which will be baking - the things I do for my 10 year old!! I grump about the sexualisation of women in pop videos too - I was watching the new Kylie video when I was at the gym earlier and even hers is overtly sexual in a grubby way for kids to watch - well I wouldn't let my 10 year old watch it, but plenty will. Grump grump..

diney said...

It's even too blinking hot in rural northern England at the moment - especially at night.Phew! We are going to Florida in a week or two which will be baking - the things I do for my 10 year old!! I grump about the sexualisation of women in pop videos too - I was watching the new Kylie video when I was at the gym earlier and even hers is overtly sexual in a grubby way for kids to watch - well I wouldn't let my 10 year old watch it, but plenty will. Grump grump..

Pam said...

...just popping by to add what's with that Kylie video! A heap of humanity that needs to get a room!

miss*R said...

I hate those music videos too - I thought I was a prude but I feel that they actually degrade women.. and yes, who the hell knows what those rappers are saying?

enjoy your time away.. I would take a front porch over a theatre anyday!

Jennifer Morrison said...

Funny, I have noticed myself being cranky about certain things that wouldn't have bothered me before. One of my biggest pet peeves is having to overhear someone's i-pod music on the transit system. In my defence - most people listen to really crappy music that I can't stand. Once, I looked with annoyance at a young girl who had turned hers on to what must have been a deafening level, and she looked at me with scorn and turned it up louder.

I turned around and thought, "I would have done exactly the same thing when I was her age."

Anyway, look at it positively. I, too, stand more securely for what I want, and what I don't want. The way I see it - I've earned it.