Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Blisters and tattoos

I am useless and cross! I do not do being ill at all well.
I am a busy little beaver going from task to task without a care in the world. Always assuming that I can do it all.
So last week in my infinite wisdom on Wednesday I walked about 9 miles first walk after nearly three weeks worth of illness on the flat. As if that wasn't enough I then went salsa dancing in the evening. Was it any wonder that I couldn't complete the class. And spent Thursday feeling completely knackered. At least I had the sense not to do Pilates on Friday, as my chest still hurt.
But Saturday I went walking again. I was very sensible I told Trousers we had to walk on the flat as hills would make me too breathless.
We went on this amazing walk on the canal tow path through industrial Stoke on Trent. It was a walk of great contrasts, old derelict factories,a wonderful Victorian park, tower blocks of apartments. All very interesting. We walked 6/7 miles in one direction on the hottest day of the year so far. And surprisingly 6/7 miles back!
I had the wrong socks on, so by the time we were walking back my feet were burning up. And when eventually I took my boots off I had the biggest blisters I have ever seen underneath my foot and on my heels.
The result of these blisters is that the rest of the weekend it has been really difficult to walk at all they were so painful. I had to go round to my sisters to borrow a pair of mules as anything with a strap was torture.
Then on Monday night I spiked a temperature as my body battled with an infected blister. Which meant no work yesterday as I slept the day away.
And today I still feel exhausted.
I have things to do, people to see, places to go and I can't do them cause I'm too tired. I don't do tired, I haven't time.


The photograph is youngest's newest tattoo that he had done yesterday. It has to be said I don't like them,but if you have to have them then this one isn't bad at all.
He has four tats so far, two that he decided on himself and two that I suggested that if he had to have, then these were my recommendation. My two are the best ... nah nah nah! Another grown up statement from me!


BenefitScroungingScum said...

Rest! I'm sure you're busy doing something you probably shouldn't be as I write this, so go sit down & have a cuppa please ;) It's non nurses nursing orders!
Hope you feel better v soon, BG Xx

AkasaWolfSong said...

Yes, do rest!!! I can remember when I had pleuresy it took me weeks and weeks to recover properly. It takes time Byrd. I know it's hard to sit still when that is not what you are used to. Perhaps a mile instead of 6 and one dance instead of an evening?
Those blisters can be a force all their own too. Ouch!
Do take care and get well Byrd. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Zan said...

Sending you lots and lots of hugs.
I too tend to do that, after being ill, to do it all.
But ya know today I came up with a new idea. The dog needed exercise, my body has been screaming it is tired, my mind is exhausted and so I thought.. Freedom combined with exersise how does one do that? So I took my bicycle out and cycled along the river and the dog is by now exhausted and I felt free because of the wind blowing through my hair. it wa really nice.

I hope you knock some sense into yourself and get some rest.

Love ya! xx

Pam said...

Wow Mandy. That's a big area with the tatt! How long did that take - obviously over several sittings of how long? Maybe Alex can teach you a thing or two about sitting still Byrdie!! Happy healing, ease off with the walking, and hope you feel 100%

Paula said...

Dearest ONe, all of my current 11 blisters, 3 of them bleedings ones are greeting yours. Haha, I know it hurts like hell yet I am down in rather Southern France by now. Having walked 680 kilometres and twice train for together 400kilometres. Still plenty to go;
Yeah; sense doesnt comes easy to us! Love ya

nitebyrd said...

Byrd, you're doing WAY too much! Chill out, hun!

I absolutely LOVE your son's tattoo, it's gorgeous!

Now, go lie down!

diney said...

It was a relief to learn that you hadn't had a tattoo to cheer yourself up!!

Zhoen said...

Sometimes the work is to rest, and think.

Lovely tattoo, makes me want another one.

Helen said...

Little Mandy Byrd ~
Time to rest
Time to take care
Time to cut back
Time to listen to that body of yours

My prescription for a 100% recovery.

TALON said...

Mandy! (I am standing and looking at you with my hands on my hips - lol) You must slow down and let your body heal fully before you get back into what sounds like a crazy busy schedule. I am also laughing because, like you, I have the hardest time just letting go and giving in to illness. I hope the blisters are healing nicely. Ouch, but they sound painful!

The tatoo is neat. All three of my children have tatoos. I'm not a huge fan, but I like them for their artistic value and I figure it's their body and they have to live with them. The only thing I ever told them was to make sure they could see the tatoo. I figure if you're going to adorn your body with art, you might as well be able to appreciate it! :)

Merry ME said...

Good Lord, I can't walk that far when I'm the picture of health. Of course I'm not the picture of health, so all I can do is imagine walking that far. Hope you are better soon.

Mel said...

OH my goodness, byrdie....

You need to give it up.
You'll be down for more than a day or two if you keep up at this pace. *shaking head*

One way or another--either you'll make the arrangments for the rest to happen of The Big Guy will! Experience tells me 'better ME than HE'. Just sayin'....

It is a pretty design, the latest of the kiddo's tatoos. I'm not so keen on 'em, but if you're going to have one make it pretty, I say!

Rest, please.
(pot calling the kettle black, I know....LOL)

Carol said...

You need to put your feet up and recharge the batteries!

Love the tat!

C x

Angela said...

Our next-door neighbour has tatoos that large, and he is a POLICEMAN!