Thursday, 1 April 2010

The spiritual collective

Short post right now just to flag up the Spiritual Collective, it's the button on the top of my side bar. We need some new members who want to join a new circle that aims to look at how we as women grow and develop on our journeys. We've had forums on Auras, Which path to follow, friendship and other more creative discussions as anyone thinks to put up there.And a fantastic and growing photo collection taken by our members
So if you have any time and want to check it out the collective would be delighted to see you, especially me! If you like the look of it but it's not for you, how about telling others about it who may like to visit and see for themselves.


Val said...

i think its a wonderful idea Mandy.Sorry i havent been able to participate yet, but i applaud your efforts and the whole concept!

Diney said...

It sounds a fantastic idea and I would love to but I simply haven't time at present to participate - I hope you get lots of support in the meantime as it sounds wonderful. I love the beautiful flowers on your page - it makes me feel serene and calm just looking at them in their colourful beauty.

Thank you so much for visiting me - where on your page does it say when folk last posted....I'm fairly dumb about this blog thing really, considering I have a degree in information management!!! I do hope others don't have the same problem as I tend to do a post once a week. Have a wonderful and peaceful easter

Twiglet said...

Sounds a great idea and I will check it out later. The flower pics are just what we need to brighten a dull day. Happy Easter. Jo

Indi said...

Well done ;)



Cait O'Connor said...

It sounds interesting Firebyrd, I will go and have a look.

Beatnheart said...

Hey Mandy where exactly are you from and where are you living now...Have a Happy Easter..Cynthia