Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mother's Day

It's Mothering Sunday, Mother's Day here.
Later the boys will be back from celebrating youngest's 19th birthday in Liverpool.The eldest will stay for Sunday lunch then go back to London. And the youngest will go out for the evening.
But whilst we are all together I will enjoy that time of family banter that so rarely happens anymore together.I will enjoy cooking lunch for them and even clearing up after they have gone out.

But what I won't/don't enjoy is the fact I have no mother alive to look after on this day. My boys have always spoilt me rotten and they know how much I hate today. Hence the eldest being around.

I look at the vases of daffodils in the living room and am reminded of the flowers I used to buy my mum. Or even worse the year I was on night duty as a student nurse, when I hadn't been able to get to the shops to buy anything. So getting home at 7.30am I sneaked in the back garden and picked a bunch from my Dad's not to be touched flower beds and left them in the kitchen for Mummy when she woke up. She woke me up at 11am as Dad had discovered my footprints in the soil! She was pleased and Dad was furious and I went back to sleep!

Now I buy those same flowers as a tribute to her,and my Dad for that matter.
And at lunch time I will raise my glass in silent toast to my precious parents,so as to not spoil my sons Mothers Day, when they give to me, as I know I am precious to them.

This photograph is of my Mum when she was 21 years old. Sorry about the reflection of me in it, I couldn't get the light right to take the picture and my scanner doesn't work.The other one is the woodland floor this morning where I walked with Trix.

So I wish a Happy Mothers Day to all mothers everywhere, those who are happy those who are sad, those who are hurting, those who are frightened, those that are no longer here, but are wrapped in someones heart, I salute you


Mel said...

(((((((((( the byrdie )))))))))))

Happy Mothering Sunday to you.

And a toast to parents as well.


Lyn said...

Here, here Mandy! Well said.I share your sentiments completely. Mother's Day is celebrated in May in Canada ... and it is my least favourite day. But I try to remember how lucky I am to have my girls - as a few of my friends do not have children to comfort them. I love your tradition of honouring your mom with the flowers. Lovely. Hugs to you my friend.

Vi said...

very touching post FB, very lovely. I'm stil lucky to have my mother around, but dread the day she isn't.

Beatnheart said...

Happy Mothering Sunday!! We don't have that here..Its called Mothers Day. I remember when I lived in England I though that was such a cute way of saying it..
I apologize, I did try to drag that blogger award thingy but I haven't a clue..I see Jeanette did it somehow..I think she just went to Deb's and got it..Please forgive my lameness..Cut and paste is still eluding me.
Thank you so much for your compliments about my jewelry..Postive feedback is what keeps me going. Warm Regards, Cynthia

Merry ME said...

Seems like any time to celebrate the joy and caring of mothers is a good one. It is sad when our moms are not around. That's why God gave us memories.
Enjoy the time with your boys. Let them spoil you. You deserve every bit of it!

Helen said...

Mothering Sunday ~~~ I like the sound of that!

Sorrow said...

Happy Mothers day beautiful Mom!
may your day be filled with love. And my your parents love surround you too!

Angela said...

What would libe without mothers? You are a good one, and you had a good one, and three cheers to all mothers!

Rosaria Williams said...

Ah, this brought me tears and joy! Happy Mother's Day, Mandy.

Paula said...

I love your reflection in/on your Mom's pic. Still intertwined by love and light.

Von said...

Very Happy Mum's Day, so appropriate your refection is in the lovely photo of your mother.Dare say all her good qualities are refected in you too.
Hope yuu had a very enjoyable day.We never stop needing our Mums sometimes do we?I've had two plus a first Ma-in-Law who is like a Mum to me! Bit greedy hey?

Pam said...

All of these special days are tinged with sadness for many aren't they - Christmas, Mothering Sunday, birthdays. It is good your sons acknowledge your mixed emotions.Your feelings on this day must contribute much to their appreciation of your presence in their lives.Family days such as this really are important, and I am so glad you have two sons Mandy to make this day special for you. Eaten the chocolates yet?...(and birthday wishes to your son too) xx

Zan said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day to you!
Here, everyone forgot what day it was, much to my dismay but it turned out to be a lovely day anyway. =)


Lia said...

I completely understand how you feel and echo your sentiments.
It is a bitter sweet day to say the least.
much love

Miss Robyn said...

and I salute you dear Pix. fantastic little post .. I love how you still buy the same flowers in a tribute.. and you know.. even though your mum is not here in the flesh, I reckon she is with you always in spirit xoxo

nitebyrd said...

Oh! Byrd, that post is sad and beautiful! Your mother is a lovely woman, no wonder you're so pretty!

I hope you had a good Mother's Day and your sons spoiled you rotten. We'll have Mother's Day in May here. My children are very casual about the day.