Saturday, 13 March 2010

44 miles anyone?

Haven't really got much to talk about today, except to say how wonderful getting three friendship things was this morning . First was someone wanting to be friends on facebook unexpectedly from America. Then in the morning post came not one but two bright coloured envelopes for me. Both from America, one from someone who has just spent a month over there and is now home, and the other from my best friend. Both containing cards telling me that my friends were thinking of me.

Lovely just lovely, what an unexpected treat from all.

Now I'm set to have some quiet time to recharge my batteries after both my sons being here. I do love them, but boy is the house noisy when they are both around.
They'll be back tomorrow for Sunday lunch, which will give me time to enjoy the quiet in the meantime!

So whilst I'm enjoying the quiet thought I'd leave you some pics of the places I walk around where I live....

This first one is the entrance to Lud's Church. One, if not the most favourite place to walk.

Moving onto the view from the top of the Roaches looking at Hen Cloud and Morridge Top on the horizan.I used to live just below the Roaches doing up a farmhouse and barn for 10 years. I had the worlds best view from my bathroom.

Next one is out of town and the other side of Buxton. This is Fernilee Reservoir part of two reservoirs in the Goyt Valley the other one is called Erewood

We are back locally again and this is Tittesworth Reservoir looking towards the Roaches.

Rudyard Lake, is the one place I can walk out of my front door down to and back again in a mornings walk, it's 7 miles door to door.

Finally the local canal bank that if you walk far enough will take you into Stoke on Trent ( if you were mad enough to want to go there in the first place!)I just do a circular 6 mile walk here, which usually involves stopping off for a cider at the pub.

So if you walked this lot with allowing yourself to drive between destinations you would do a total of 44 miles if you also include the other reservoir in the Goyt Valley.... Anyone up for it? Or shall we just stay here and eat coffee cake and talk about life?


Rosaria Williams said...

Four out of 44 would be just right for me! I love your sights, and the idea of walking around them is fantastic. Now, let's sit and chat in a warm place, like the pub you mentioned.

Helen said...

I love the idea of Stoke on Trent and the ale part ............ AND wouldn't you know? 44 is one of my three lucky numbers!!!! Enjoy your peace and quiet for the time being then enjoy those boys!

Laura said...

Ahhh, these are beautiful photos...the one of the lake is my favorite. So glad I stopped by.

Paula said...

I join in for chat and cake. But then I would go chat and cake between any of the miles between the pics ;-))))

Von said...

Coffee and cake and a good look at some more lovely photos and then a drive to Buxton would suit me admirably thank you!One of my favs.

Beatnheart said...

Hi Ya ! And hopefully this will make you happy as well..I am nominating you for Beautiful Blogger Award..I will post it tomorrow(sunday) I think you are wonderful!! and have supported me from the git..Thank you so much..

Pam said...,cake,pub, all looks scrumptious!Let's just hop in that wonderful car of yours,turn up the music and hit the road!!

Miss Robyn said...

44 miles is a little far for me in oneday! but a short walk would be lovely.. we could take some coffee cake with us :D

karen said...

Here I am catching up on your life for the past month or more.. Having the 2 boys is wonderful, indeed! I absolutely love the beautiful flower pictures on the header and sidebars..

Lia said...

You certainly live or have lived in a very beautiful part of the country.
I must admit that if I did move back out to the countryside I would want to live near a body of water.
There is something magical about living near water.

Have a lovely Mothering Sunday
much love

Angela said...

Thanks for the invitation, I`ll come for a short walk and some tea and cake. Lovely place you live in, really!

Mel said...


Are you NUTZ?
k.....probably not--and if I had the scenery.... LOL....nope--still wouldn't be doing 44 miles!

Holy moly.

The photos are fantastic, I will admit.
And as soon as the ice piles melt--we'll have mud!
k.....not the same, but it's a change from white!

(((((((((( the byrdie )))))))))))

Merry ME said...

I think looking at the photos is good enough for me! It's like an English dream world! Thanks for sharing it.

Sorrow said...

Coffee and cake, and long rambling conversations. Then a walk!