Tuesday, 9 March 2010

What more could anyone want?

Bliss is
Waking up a little late and finding sunshine pouring in making the crystals hanging in the window throw rainbows around the room.

Happiness is
Going for a walk in that same sunshine and realising that it is absolutely not cold.

Contentment is
Having enough time to have coffee with cream and a croissant before work

Joy is
Putting on my big winter coat, scarf and gloves, putting Pat Metheny, Offramp on the stereo and getting the roof down, and driving the 27 miles to work down the country roads.

Happiness is
Seeing the donkeys in the field near home and the deers half way to work and saying Hello to them as I pass by.

Contentment is
All my clients turning up and my doing a good job with them.

Joy is
Getting some more daffodils to put around the house.

Bliss is
Youngest son turning up with my very favourite chocolates ready for Mothers Day on Sunday.I can only look at the box till then!

Happiness is
Knowing my big son will be here for the weekend to celebrate his brothers 19th Birthday and Mothers Day


Zan said...

oo00ooo I love your car.....

Rosaria Williams said...

Is that your car? Lucky you! Now, your Mother's Day is this Sunday? Ours is in May and I wish all my children could be here to celebrate. Love your list.

Paula said...

Trix looks so sophisticated and peaceful. Like the car and LOVE your list. Envy you for not having snow but Spring in teh air. We had -16Celsius last night and expect similar tonight. Hugs

BenefitScroungingScum said...

What a lovely, uplifting post! BG Xx

Angela said...

I love all your flowers on top and at the side bar! And Trix` face. Have a happy Mother`s Day and enjoy the sunshine. Like Paula, I still have to endure snow and cold. But I will return to look at your flowers!

Lia said...

You've changed your photos and it all looks wonderful.
Happiness is knowing that I have a friend like you.
Much love

cheshire wife said...

That was a cheerful post!

Thank you for the invite to the Spiritual Collective. I am afraid that I have enough on my plate at the moment. Thank you for asking.

Von said...

Bliss!!!!Have a Happy Mother's Day.

Mel said...

Joy was discovering the gorgeous header!
Bliss--reading this while listening to rain falling.

*doing happy dance*

If I had a top-down kinda car.....it's be down!

Early wishes for an awesome Mother's Day!!

(((((((((((( you )))))))))))))

Sorrow said...

Bliss is knowing some one you love is frickin happy!!!!

speck of dust said...

Blooming lovely!

angela recada said...

Sounds perfect to me. Although I am a bit jealous about that car of yours.
Have a lovely Mother's Day with your boys. And Happy Birthday to Youngest son.

Beatnheart said...

Sweeeet!!! Cool wheels! Cool Handbage!! my kinda gal..And Donkeys..Love them greatly.. I'm liking you more all the time..Enjoy the sun..Cynthia

Pam said...

Wow Byrd - I want your drive to work! No deers and donkeys for me, it's run down pubs and mattress factories, in a little Mitsubishi Mirage. What? No offer to swap? ...and how good is your control not ripping open those chocolates til Sunday. Who has that much control! I'm impressed!Very. Oh,and your new heading is beautiful.

Miss Robyn said...

Pix.. is Mothers Day this weekend in the UK? we celebrate it here in May.
and your car? I pictured something different for you :) ... a little blue beetle is what i had in my mind for you!
reading this, your life is indeed blessed

Lori ann said...

Happy Mother's day Mandy, enjoy every minute with your sons, how wonderful!
lovely list :)

Vi said...

contentment is...fire byrd! Glad to read yo are doing so well sweetie!

And yes i can confirm that's her car, she's driven to mine in it!