Thursday, 25 March 2010

The joy of yellow fields

OK last post in this series on senses, mainly cause I've now done them all!
So today it's taste and touch.

The taste of ice cold champagne in a flute
The elixir of good coffee, and then another cup
The moist crumblyness of a warm croissant
Ripened brie to the point it almost runs off the plate.
Sunday roast potatoes covered in gravy
Hot or cold water when I'm thirsty
Salt spray on the tongue on a windy day at the beach
The first cherries and raspberries of the season
An indulgent treat of a milk flake eaten, oh so slowly
Butterscotch sweets that take me back to car rides with Granpa
Food cooked my me that are my mums recipes from my childhood
The treat of a gin and tonic when with friends.

I could go on but this is enough. I'm sure you have your own list of things that make your taste buds explode with joy.

So not forgetting touch...

I am the woman who never wears any wool other than cashmere. I save up and buy a jumper (or two!) a year and have done going back many years now. I love the softness/warmth/coolness of them. I wear them year round as they miraculously keep me warm in winter and cool in summer.
I love the feel of soft skin, and as I don't have any small babies to touch, I make sure my own skin is as soft as it can be. I exfoliate and apply lotions and potions every Sunday in my ritualistic self care bathroom session.
I love the feel of my dog's head as she sits next to me for stroking when I'm at my desk.
I wear soft and battered leather jackets that feel like a second skin, until it's too cold and I huddle in a big black woollen overcoat with gloves and woolly hat keeping snug.
I adore the feel of either of my sons arms around me in a hug. They hug very differently from one another,but boy do they hug.

Again I'm sure you have your list and I'd love to know what works for you.

As for these posts on the senses they have been a real joy to write, to really make myself think about what gives me a feeling of contentment in life. The things that I can make happen for myself, as they are my senses and therefore the things that make my senses tingle. And of course as I've written the lists down and read the comments I've thought, oh why didn't I say this or that, as one I've left out comes to mind .

So to finish today I'm just going to leave you with the image of yellow fields. Every year around late April into May the rape seed flowers. I adore the sight, it brings a smile to my face. I love the scent, it's heady perfume filling the air. It just makes me happy, and usually when I see yellow fields I'm driving with the roof down and the music on, so most of my senses get a direct hit.


BenefitScroungingScum said...

I love the fields of yellow rape too, never fail to lift the spirits! BG Xx

Lia said...

I love to see the fields of yellow rape, but if I get too near it makes me sneeze, a lot.

I had some wonderful cashmere knit wear, but the moths got them one year. My own fault no doubt for not protecting them better, still I did make some great cushions and a blanket out of them, but I miss my cashmere. Lesson learnt.

Lovely poem.

Much love

Vi said...

Unfortunately all the rape fields around my village give me sinus! I was given a break from it last year as it was time to plant something else.

cheshire wife said...

All that mention of food has made me hungry!

Von said...

Have a wonderful early photo of my daughter in a bright pink jumper in a field of oilseed..not a cashmere jumper although that's what she'd like now!
So many things on the list....a glass of chilled Moscato on a Summer evening watching the sunset, the beautiful, locally made goat cheeses,coffee pulled by Mark at The 3 Monkeys,simply cooked Tommy Ruffs a local fish...where to stop?
Touch? The Honiton lace inset satin gown I've just made for myself, my daughter linking her arm through mine as we walk, rippling waves touched by sun, the 'airconditioning' in my 70's Beetle as I drive and so on......

Rosaria Williams said...

Oh, how marvelous! I had to catch up, smell, touch, see and feel indulged by your lists and the lists added in the comments. Yes, yes, I kept saying. These kinds of reveries help us understand our needs and how we gain pleasure in simple things. Thank you for this.

Mel said...

Big allergy for himself--I think the fields are gorgeous.

I'm not so keen on the taste thing--picky, apparently...LOL..but that's more about texture than it is about the actual taste.

But the feel thing--fluffy towels straight outta the dryer, warm and smellin' all sortsa good. :-)

And a good pieceworked quilt.

Not by me, mind you--I'd be checking out the stitching. LOL

Enjoy your weekend, lovely lady!

nitebyrd said...

These "senses" posts have been wonderful. I kept smiling and nodding at your smells, sights, touch lists. No cashmere for me but I do love soft cotton and the feel of my dog's soft coat.

Thank you for sharing all these things.

Pam said...

Very simple pleasures for me.We are not allowed pets in our present lease but I love the feel of cats and dogs silky little ears and soft gentle heads....the feel and smell of a deep red rose, my daughter's hugs,my husband's reassuring hand on my shoulder and the free-wheeling sound of his bike when he comes home from work.I love a hot sudsy shower with time to contemplate. It would have to be a favourite sensation.Can't imagine life without a hot shower, and always am grateful as I know many in the world are not so lucky. Have enjoyed reading your series of senses posts Mandy.

Pam said...

...just remembered your post featured taste. I would give anything to taste one of my grandmother's roasts again.You only had to walk through the door and your mouth watered at the aroma of it all. Nobody could cook a roast like she could.Melt in your mouth and delectable, covered in delicious gravy.

Beatnheart said...

Oh you doll!! I love the way you seem to take care of youself and give yourself the finest...I liked everything on that count me in too..