Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The wonder of sight

So hearing has been covered, as as smell, but what about sight?
Should I write about watching waves crash onto the shore, or a walk under emerald green leaves in May. Observing my sons asleep, even now at their wise and venerable ages. A vase of garden picked flowers on the kitchen counter. A wall of sweet peas bobbing their heads in an afternoon breeze. Sights that fill me with joy, there are so many that make me glad to be alive.

Or should I talk about words that have impacted on my life like the Robert Frost poem, The Road Not Taken. Or the words that although not written by Nelson Mandela were used in his inaugural speech. Famous words that end.... "As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.". Both lots of words that mean so much to me, and get used all the time in my work as a therapist.

What about the books that have stirred my soul, from wonderful childhood memories of reading Wind in the Willows and Black Beauty, through those formative years of D.H. Lawrence and Somerset Maughan. To the books that I use when life is tough to bring me back to a state of grace,those books are by a woman called Elizabeth Goudge and they are simple stories of family and love.

There are movies that make me weep, It's a Wonderful Life being my favourite, Schindlers List, Hotel Rwanda, films that have a message ultimately of hope through adversity. These are the films that touch me over and over again. Men's inhumanity to man and someone standing up and saying enough and having the courage to see it through.

Reading here the stories of courage and love that go on daily.

There are a myriad of places where I see things that touch my soul and I do not propose to single one area out as the best above the others. I am just grateful that I can see and read (even if I do have to wear specs now!) and take part in the wonders of the world. The simple pleasures of life, where would we be without them.

To finish though today I'd like to write down some spectacular words that were sent to me by a wonderfully dear friend that touched me when she sent them and still send shivers down my spine when I read them now. And although they were written for me, I think they can be shared with all, as we are all on a journey.

She went on a journey
Seeking herself.
She danced with poets and painters...
She sang with dreamers and believers..
She met fools and prophets,
kings and demons.
All the while she searched.
She looked from the top of mountains
She gazed deep into the river..
Searched the flames of wisdom,
and the whispers of understanding on the wind.
What she found was the lesson...
in living...
She revealed herself
in the search.
You are where you find yourself
You go where you lead.
S. Grey


Helen said...

This is so profoundly lovely .. I have read the poem three times now. You are so right about books, snow covered mountains, kites flying in the wind, our children laughing and sleeping, mothers' smiles, waves crashing on shores, movies, plays and on and on forever. I do love the way you think and the way you write.

Von said...

Beautiful and what a joy to have a friend who knows you so well!
Check out "The Boys are Back" a film I feel fairly confident you'll love.It was made around here and is a wonderful, true, story.You might be able to add it to your list!
So many marvellous things in life to appreciate and be thankful for...glad we have "the wonder of sight" Great post!!

Paula said...

I read and needed to leave before I coudl eturn now. Like Helen said it is profound and lovely. Thanks for being who you are.

Lia said...

Lovely lovely post.
I have always thought that to be deaf would be better than to be blind.
It's good that you have such a great friend.

much love

Beatnheart said...

How true Mandy...back to the ideas of being on a journey..Well you know what?? I want to get on a plane and be on a journey cause I'm ready for a little change of scenery and some decent chips..!! Did you see the film"UP' wonderful even English husband liked it! cw

Pam said...

Glad you liked D.H. Lawrence Mandy. I loved Sons and Lovers and Lady Chatterly's Lover when I was young,and championed his writings when others were disparaging.This is a beautiful post and poignant with the sentiments of the ties with our adult children and dear friends. Each day I become more grateful for these small things that feature large in our lives.

Mel said...

k......too weapy......


((((((( the byrdie )))))))

Miss Robyn said...

a beautiful poem
and you know what? i do not know if I could even begin to describe what I see.. so, so much. it is like trying to describe a is not so much what you see, but what it does to the soul xo

Unknown said...

Wow, what a cool blog. Lately I've been amusing myself by leaving absurdly funny comments (in my opinion) on other peoples' blogs and the reaction has been quite interesting. In your case, quite rewarding as well. Thanks for visiting and leaving such a kind comment. I hope you realize how very much I do sincerely appreciate it, in spite of my threat to throw myself under a bus if I have to be nice. It's people like you who are helping me find my way out of the darkness. THANKS.

Sorrow said...

I am so glad that you thought the words were good enough that some one else might find joy in them. You are a joy, and I love the image I have of your smiling face.
Not only are you beautiful on the outside, you shine with a light from the inside!!
OH and how I would miss your wonderful wise words and your beautiful and thought full post.
Grateful today for you
as always.