Friday, 5 February 2010

All is well!


Panic over!

Don't need to go back till this time next year.

So that's four years down and one more to go till I'm considered cured.
One more year of Tamoxifen, so one more year of hot flushes, which is very small potatoes in the big scheme of things


Thank you so much for all your love. Can't tell you how it boosted me this morning to have those hugs before I set off to the clinic.

Please accept this bunch of flowers with my love



Lyn said...

What glorious, life affirming news. The calm AFTER the storm. You made my day Mandy. Take care and thanks for the flowers, they are beautiful.

Zan said...

=) :-) :) =) :-) :) =) :-) :) =) :-) :)


love the flowers :)


Sorrow said...

I am so happy to read this!
You have been in my thoughts!
and this was what I needed to read!

Merry ME said...


Helen said...

Rising from the ashes, working it out ~~ perfectly describes YOU! Yea!

miss*R said...

{{hugs}} to you! what fantastic news.. I know too well that worry before the results come back and the feeling of relief when you know that it is over for yet another year. I can remember my 5yrs mark too!!! xoxo

Linda said...

Yippee what marvellous news♥ Jumped up out of bed to check if you had the results. Now I can relax and make a coffee. Enjoy the wonderful weekend ahead Mandy. xoxox

lakeviewer said...

Ahhh! Big relief. Enjoy this feeling.

Angela Recada said...

So glad everything went well.
This last year on Tamoxifen will be over before you know it!

Hugs and love,

Paula said...

Yeah, so happy, needed to check on you as soon as I got up. Fabulous news. Big warm hugs form this side of the pond.

Mel said...

Ty ty ty ty ty!

Yeah and woooohoooooo!!!!


(((((( the byrdie )))))))

I'm looking forward to the announcement of being cured. Trust me--nothing would make me happier for you!

*HUGE hugs*

Von said...

Great news!!What relief!

speck of dust said...

Yay I'm so happy for you!!!

janis said...

Whoo Hoo! Go Girlie!
I got good news yesterday too. I got a clear cancer cell count in my cervix. Which means no more "punches" and "shavings" of it for one year! I have been going through this for two years!
So happy for you! I know that is a huge burden lifted! : )

CheekyDani said...

Brilliant news xx