Saturday, 2 January 2010

Snow and more snow and more snow, it's just getting boring now

These pictures are two I've taken over the last two days. The top one is today when I was out walking with Trix in the woods. The snow started about 9am and snowed till around 2pm,there is now just too much snow for my liking.
The bottom one is the day before when it started snowing and it's the view from my bedroom at the back of the house. It was grey and vile, and half an hour before had been startling sunshine and blue skies.

It's been very quiet round here, but boy is it clean! I spent yesterday cleaning Al's room. It's always something he's not wanted me to bother with and has never been out long enough for me to get in there. This is where I reveal a shocking secret..... The dust under his bed has been there for five years!!! It has to be said that in relation to cleaning I'm a woman wearing a fur coat and no knickers. I am incredibly tidy and such a cleaning slob. You'd never know walking in my house it's so obsessionally organised. Everything in it's place. I have collections of things on every surface, so I just don't move anything and no-one knows it never gets dusted.

I'm with Quentin Crisp here, after the first two years the dust doesn't get any worse. And considering the length of time I haven't cleaned the dust really wasn't that bad.

So that was yesterday and today I started taking the tree down and then cleaning downstairs, the pine needles get everywhere when you have to pull it out the house!! After I'd dashed out to get some food when I saw the snow start. So now I have a fridge full of food, a lovely clean living room and a bowl of hyacinths with their gorgeous fragrance scenting the room.

And surprisingly, well at least to me,I'm doing ok. I was upset when K left for London but since then I've enjoyed the time alone. And I haven't spoken to anyone, other than the phone now since lunch on Wednesday, when I took my niece out. I'd been quite daunted then, by knowing that I wasn't seen anyone till tomorrow, when my nephew is popping round for lunch. But it has been fine.

Which I think given my level of stress is a great sign for when hopefully life settles down, and I'm living in Devon. But I'm not going to worry about that either right now, as no-one is going house hunting in this weather!


Lyn said...

I wish we had some of your snow!! I like your description of the clean house and stocked pantry. You are all ready to greet the new year - whatever it brings! You are armed withthe right attitude Mandy so take it on! Enjoy your down time and son will be home soon enough. Love and hugs as always ...

Helen said...

I loved reading your monthly reviews of 2009 ... it's a great idea and one I just might have to 'borrow!' Our snow has melted (in the city) the mountains are covered and they tell me the skiing is fantastic!

Grammy said...


Merry ME said...

What exactly does a hyacinth smell like?

Great theory about dust. I'm not sure who Quentin is, but I've got to say he's a man after my own heart. Although the dust on my dad's dresser is nightly calling me to write my initials or make a little smiley face, I have resisted. That would say I've noticed the dust and not wiped it up. Leaving might make someone think I've just overlooked it!

Stay warm, my friend.

janis said...

Love the snow!
Hate Dust Bunnies!

CheekyDani said...

Wow, the snow is gorgeous, hope it doesn't end up icy again (well, it was like that in London before I left). I'm not much of a lover of dusting either, my Christmas present to myself this year was a cleaner to do that! Yay! Happy 2010 to you Firey. Big hugs x

Anonymous said...

often imagined you fur coat no knickers

Grammy said...

We have the snow snow snow, now. It must be contagious.

nitebyrd said...

I know it's a pain and a bother but it sure does look beautiful.

Take care on your walks.

Cleaning - UGH!

Lori ann said...

I like the idea of "cleaning house" good for our thoughts too. Thank you for the kind words on your last post, i've been gone and just read it now.
And i'm sending you some sunshine, our January is confused and is behaving like summer!?
love, lori

Pam said...

Keep warm and cosy Byrd. Hyacinths have the most divine smell,as do deep red roses. Mmmmm.I love both these flowers very much.

Paula said...

I try to see house cleaning as self care. Sometimes it does work ;-)) You have still more snoe than we do in Bavaria - not that I want to enter a competition here. I am with you - enough of it already.

Rach said...

I wish we had the snow instead of all this terrifying ice. I don't ever remember it being this bad for so long before.

You sound in a good place at the moment which is really good to hear..xx

Walker said...

Snow is evil
I can say that I live in Canada where we get mountains of it.
But on a positive note.
Its great to keep you beer and champagne cold in on New Years Eve

Mel said...'s gorgeous.

And I'm going to steal the theory on dust after two years--maybe even give it a go!! :-)

Yeah, for everything and everything in it's place. And as soon as I remember where that place IS--I'll get back to ya! ;-)

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