Monday, 4 January 2010

Friendship is.......

Friendship is crystal clear water falling into a pool
Friendship is the snow sparkling like diamonds in the morning sun.
Friendship is a big cup of coffee laden with cream
Friendship is a phone call out of the blue saying you're coming to visit.
Friendship is never never minding how often I call, or the other way round when it's you in pain.
Friendship is asking someone to visit you've never met and trusting that it will work.
Friendship is a surprise email just to say I'm thinking of you.
Friendship is making sure I know that you mean what you say.
Friendship is something I couldn't live without
Friendship is a star bright in the sky on a clear night.
Friendship is seeing the moon and knowing that it shines on you wherever you are.
Friendship is holding magic in our hearts and memories of time together.
Friendship is a hug when we're feeling blue.
Friendship is being there for each other come what may.
And being there till our dying day.

Friendship just is and it's what makes my world go round.
And it's being old and wise enough to say I love you because your my friend


Grammy said...

That is beautiful and so true. Thank you . big hug from across the pond.

Merry ME said...

Let me makesure I know what you mean when yo say, "friendship is asking someone to visit you've never met before."

Is this an invitation?
Or can it be considered the out of the blue notification that I'm coming to visit?

I'd love to see the moon from your neck of the woods, not to mention the waterfalls and sparkling snow.

I agree, friends are what makes the world go round. Funny, I was just realizing most of my friends are blog friends. Not sure what this says about me. Obviously I don't get out enough.

Thanks for your sharing your gifts, especially the friendship one.

Lady in red said...

I have been thinking a lot about friendship in recent months. I have found out that I have some very good friends some are incredible even if their actions have been anonymous.

I have also been trying to be as good a friend as I can be to my friends.

your words are lovely


Angela Recada said...

I love this. True, honest friendship is so special. I hope you are doing well.


Walker said...

Friendship is the pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow when it rains on your side

Mel said...

Friendship is a big cup of coffee laden with cream.

Here, here!!

Lovely words--warming sentiments.

((((((( the byrdie ))))))

Lyn said...

Yes, yes, yes! An enduring friendship is all of those things you described. So beautifully written.

Helen said...

Friendship is the BEST!

Lori ann said...

Oh that is really lovely mandy! one more too, friendship is you.
♥ lori

Paula said...

Yepp all of that and more. Over the last few months I started to redefine friendship what they mean to me and what I can give and take. There one picture I love: a friend is someone you sit on the swing with - silently - and when he leaves you know you have had the best conversation ever.
Thanks for being on the swing with me

janis said...

Very nice...I love you my friend!

Zan said...

Oh this is nice.
So if you ever deicde to go back to Ireland again, do stop by for a coffee (or tea), I trust it'll work :)


Rach said...

I love you because you are my friend...xx

Sorrow said...


tattytiara said...

Yup. It's all that and a blog comment too.

So beautifully expressed.

Angela said...

With us the unknown visit worked, and became friendship! I think trusting someone is a big part part of friendship.
Hug your friend Trix from me!

kj said...

hello! have i been by to wish you a happy new year?

i just have a feeling this is going to be a year of connections and gaity for you. so i wish you that in large quantities!

and it sounds like merry ME is coming to visit....


Indigo said... size fits all. Your blog speaks a thousand words.. lovely

Pam said...

There's a saying "It takes a long time to grow old friends". I love the budding of the new ones too. Much love.xxxx

Picsie Chick said...

Beautiful, Mandy! Thank you! I feel all warm and loved and misty eyed now.

Hugs and butterflies,

Sage said...

:-) hope 2010 is better for you than 2009 was xx

speck of dust said...

I've really been thinking about you with all this snow which seems to never want to stop! Hope you are doing ok! How is your leg now?

karen said...

Lovely, Mandy! I've been catching up.. great pics of snow, and wow - what a review for 2009! This year can ONLY be better! Sending lots of new year wishes... :)

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