Thursday, 31 December 2009

Annual Review... please never again!

So borrowing an idea from Trousers to review the year in as few as words as possible, here goes....

New Year in Philadelphia
Got rescue German Shepherd, very difficult as had been ill treated.(She got better behaved and I wouldn't be without her now!)
Started job trying to sell utilities(gave that up as bad job later in the year)

Got snowed in
Alex ill for the first time with 12 days of endless vomiting. On IV in hospital
My Aunty died and had her funeral.
Got to Devon for first time after cancelling twice before.
Somebody engraved my car with the words sex and c..t costing me my excess of £500
Washing machine broke and had to be replaced

Alex's 18th birthday spent night in police cell for fighting
Both sons went to Amsterdam for Al's birthday treat, so spent Mothers day on my own.

My birthday
Went to Devon twice, Cornwall once.
Alex ill for the second time, two days in hospital.

Went to Amsterdam myself with my friend J.
Alex ill for the third time in hospital for three days. I worked out what was wrong with him. And once I'd done that he made full recovery. But he can never smoke cannabis again (oh isn't that tough!!)
Met Nicky in London briefly (Absolute Vanilla)

Went to Philadelphia,Sorrow came up up to stay for three days.
Alex beat someone up and was wanted by the police until charges were dropped, when scroat he beat up blackmailed him.

A quiet month just went to Devon.

Alex got into more trouble, this one very serious
I put the house on the market
My beloved friend David died.

Went to Germany, to Berlin with my niece and then on to stay with Angela in Usedom.
Came back a day early to go to David's funeral in York.
Broke my foot.

Alex in court for the first time.
He also got a job.

Went to two conferences
And Devon for a long weekend. Had scones and jam with Exmoor Jane on way back!

Alex grew up in the last three months and stopped drinking and being a complete prat.
But to no avail he got sentenced to 16 weeks to start immediately.
I got to see him Sunday before Christmas.
Kit came home for Christmas.

It's just as well I love my youngest son......

I also saw blogger friends for walks and meals, especially Trousers, and Wake Up throughout the year. And started talking several times a week to Paula in Munich.
And of course the frequent emails to those I've met this year and some I haven't but still feel close to like Lori In USA, Picsie Chick in Canada,and Robyn in Oz and Linda also in Oz who doesn't blog but we met through mine.

And of course not forgetting my friends not from this world of blogging who are always there for me, and without whom I don't think I'd cope, these four women, in Philly, Devon, Oxfordshire and Cornwall, alongside my sister are just wonderful

So despite it being such an awful year, as I look through my calender to check dates I also realise that I am so blessed with people who love me, as I love them. And although the events have been tough the love has shone through like a beacon of light in the dark of the night, around all of us and for that I am grateful beyond words.

So now although I'm looking forward to what the New Year will bring I am also mindful of what I've got.And that alone is worth celebrating, cause there is nothing that beats LOVE!


Paula said...

Quite a heck of a year. Glad to have found you and grateful for our friendship. Have a content and cheerful 2010. Love, Paula

Mel said...

Well, ya know what they say.....
"....and the greatest of these is love."

((((((( the byrdie ))))))))

Happy New Year.

Rach said...

I truly hope for a much happier new year for you then the last, thinking of you..xx

trousers said...

A slightly more informative round up of the year than mine :)

I wish you better things for 2010 in terms of events: I know that you'll cope with anything that comes your way, but hopefully you'll have a well-deserved break from the kind of challenges you've faced over the last 12 months. x

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

That was a heck of a year - so here's hoping that 2010 is filled with all and only the very, very best of everything - and maybe this time I'll make it over without being sick or having to cancel and we'll get to spend some decent time together! xxx

MarmiteToasty said...

Sons aye, they will be the death of us :)

hoppy now ear, I mean, hippy no ears, merry new your, oh fuck it, ol the bist 4 1002, I mean have a good no ear, oh sod it Im having another drink :)


lakeviewer said...

Nice thing 09 is over; it was a bitch for you. New things on the horizon. Stay well.

Walker said...

Been a busy year for you.
Hope 2010 opens up new horizons to explore

Happy New Year

miss*R said...

as 'someone' famous once said: "LOVE is all you need".. and you have my love Pix xoxo

janis said...

Interesting post my Dear! I like that. I couldnt do it myself. This has been a painful year for me as well. I appaud you for being so strong.
I feel very Blessed to have met you and so many other friends through Blog World. I feel a comfort through blogging, commenting and getting comments as well. It helps me so much and makes me feel loved.
My prayers & love sent your way for a wonderful New Year full of Happiness and New Beginings.

speck of dust said...

you've been challenged and challenged and challenged some more! And you've learned lots of lessons that you are able to share with others, offering support as others are challenged. I hope a new year and a new home will bring the changes you long for. x

Pam said...

You're a wonder Byrd. I value your strengths and insights, and as for resilience,wow...there is always much to learn when I read your posts..and perserverence...big hug to you for taking on Trix with her problems.From the point of view of one who loves animals,I'd like to note what a difference you've made to her life as a previous shelter dog, taking her on in 2009.I value your visits and comments so much.Many blesssings to you dear

CheekyDani said...

Indeed what a year. 2010, new year, new decade. So much to look forward to... x

nitebyrd said...

All in all, your year seems balanced. Well, to me it does! ;)

Here's hope that the new year will be unbalanced for the better!

Happy New Year, Byrd!

Sorrow said...

thats a helluva list..
what a ride..
You do all things in full measure..
here is to another year full of adventures and blessings in abundance!!!