Saturday, 26 September 2009

Obessional, who ME!!!!!

Being truly obsessional I've had to organise my space this morning, so I can feel in control, well as much as anyone can be with a leg in plaster!
And doing things that we take for granted becomes a huge task, and do I feel good with what I've achieved so far.

So sliding out of bed and into a disreputable pair of joggers and yesterday's jumper I got downstairs on my bottom. I'm so not brave enough to try going up and down stairs on my crutches. I went to open the back door for Trix, only to find that Alex had already left it open when he went to bed.

Frankly if anyone tried getting into this house without our welcoming them I wouldn't give much for their chances with Miss Trix.

So I fed the dog, put the kettle on, and suddenly I'm amazingly thankful that my kitchen is reasonably small, as I can hold on to the work surfaces and hop places to do what passed for my chores. Fulling my two cup flask up with water, it was to the sofa for the first time today to drink out of the cup left there.

From which I made a collection of small plans to satisfy me, like getting a canvas bag to put on my crutch to move things, to get the waste paper basket near me, to get the correct saucer to go with my cup!!!! Yes I know I'm nuts, but it pleases me!

So all this normally minute amount of sorting and tidying took several minutes, but I was happy. So another sit before getting myself and my crutches back up the stairs, not elegant but it works and then start the preparation for getting up.

Now I know I can wash my hair sitting on the side of the bath, and tomorrow I'll do it naked!!!. Made my bed and guess what it was to my normal exacting standards even though now I've sat on it a few times and the duvet is not as crease free as I would like, but it was for five minutes and that worked for me.

It is possible to stand on one foot, leaning against my bed end and dry my hair, it is possible to be dressed in co-ordinating clothes, pale pink jumper, white lacy chemise, white with pink flowers skirt, one pink sock and one trainer!!! But I did make the decision that I didn't need to bother with make up today, as if it matters one iota anyway.

So now I'm back on the sofa with my head in some sort of order cause I feel organised, and it's time to go back to the kitchen and make my breakfast.
There is no time to be bored here, each task takes so long that time simply flies past.

The photographs are of my walk last Wednesday, which was the first of the season, and the last for a bit. So I'll have to watch as my arms become like shot putters and my one leg develops calves like a superhero, that the rest of me doesn't turn into a tub of lard getting no exercise.


Angela said...

I`m glad you found the correct saucer with your cup, haha. Mandy, you are funny. Always watching yourself, too much of a psychotherapist at all times, but also gaining strength from your own approval! Amazing, you are. But it is a good way to cope, apparently.
You are doing fine, and your foot will heal soon.

Paula said...

Hugs, I know to well the feeling that my saucer has to fit the cup, particularly important when I am handicapped for weeks with crutches. I remember that I insisted on breakfat in the dining room and till I hopped everything over I had forgotten that I transported the softboiled egg in my disreputable training trousers ;-)) What a mess when I sat down. Mandy its great you can laugh about the situation, Good for you. Hugs

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Oh Mandy! nothing like a bit of obsession to get one's day off to a good start! ;-)
I'm reminded of my mum when she tore tore all the ligaments in her knee and broke the cartilege - she went up and down the stairs on her backside for six weeks!
Big hug!

speck of dust said...

Oh my goodness. I think a lady with a huge cast on, a forgetful son and clearly inconsiderate therapy clients DESERVES a cup and saucer that match. Good for you for making the most of a very annoying situation. Enjoy your tea, and putting your feet up!

Merry ME said...

Oh Byrd,
So sorry to hear of your plight. I was going to suggest (per last post) that this might be the perfect time to get you Christmas cards done ahead of the rush, but it sounds like you've got plenty to do just keeping your bed neatly made and your cup and saucer matched. I kind of wish I was so persnicity! I drink tea from a plain white mug! But them I'm American and don't have the whole tea drinking thing down to a science!

Hope you feel better soon.

lakeviewer said...

Bummer! You'll have to cope with slowness and lack of details sometimes. Hang in there, it's a sign for you to slow down.

Sorrow said...

Oh Love, so sorry to read this..
Can't imagine it being fun hopping about, like a byrd on one leg..

Lori ann said...

Mandy you poor thing. Wish we were neighbors so I could offer you more than just advice.
Take good care, go slowly and gently.
Oh, I just caught up with the posts I missed, love the photos of you in Usedom!