Friday, 25 September 2009

My tale of woe

Well Part II will have to wait, whilst I tell you my tale of woe!
Last night at around 10pm I was taking Trix for her last walk of the day. Normally I walk just in the school grounds, and just occasionally on the road around the school. This I was doing last night.

I was also talking to Kit on the phone as he and his girlfriend are stopping briefly here tonight on their way to Wales for the weekend. And because Kit no longer has a car, (not needed in London) as part of his birthday present I'm lending him mine.

This is a big deal indeed for me, no-one else is insured to drive my lovely little two seater sports car. So I've had to insure him for the weekend also part of his present.

So there we are chatting away and as I round the corner in the road 5 houses away from my house, there are Muffin and Molly, two bearded collies with their owner.
Trix decides too good an opportunity to miss and tries to get them. I have quick reflexes in her doing this and grab the lead back in, it's one of those retractable ones. But she is now snarling and being generally obnoxious. Kit is trying to talk to me, as is the owner of Molly and Muffin.

Stop the phone call, phone is still in my left hand. Start pulling Trix over to my side of the road, going sort of sideways/backwards. She is an extremely strong dog, and when I'm on top of the situation I am strong enough to deal with her.

As I give one final pull, the kerb jumps up at me, I start to fall, landing badly on the side of my right foot, hitting my left knee, arm and hand on the ground. Manage to stop my head hitting the deck, but immediately start a nose bleed.

The man is obviously very concerned what can he do to help me, my answer keep your distance! So we continue to talk to each other as I slowly work out what hurts in my body and start sitting up. Trix is of course sitting beautifully beside me as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth!!! Muffin and Molly are also sitting quietly, all are waiting for me.

The man says he won't go till he knows I'm standing and ok, which I know I have to do. I also suspect I've broken a bone in my foot because of the horrendous pain.

I get up, and we say good night to each other and I limp in, to phone Kit and tell him what's happened.

I have blood down my face, my leg and my arm, I get up stairs clean myself up and fall into bed taking painkillers and a sleeping thing with me.

This morning I got Alex up to take me to the local minor injuries clinic in town. Much nicer than having to go to the emergency room in the city. After a couple of hours they confirm I have a fractured metatarsal.... broken bone in the foot to you!
And I'm going to have to have a temporary plaster put on it till I go to fracture clinic in the city hospital on Monday.

To have the plaster put on I have to phone Alex to bring me a skirt in as my jeans will not fit over the plaster later, and it's a shame to cut them up for want of a skirt.

So here I am home with my leg in plaster, trying to manage bloody crutches, gosh they are hard work. Trying to remember to ask Alex to get me all the things I might need when he's not around. So flask of water is sorted, laptop here, phones within grasp, book on the floor, duvet ready to snuggle in. All sorted.

Hang on a minute, what about going to the bathroom!!!!! Well it's sorted, fortunately we have a downstairs one, but oh my trying to stand up leaning against the wall on one leg whilst pulling my knickers up..... not easy!

No doubt my next week I'll be a dab hand at this balancing game, but right now I think I'd like to stop playing this game and go back to being well!

And as for how long I'll be off work, and no work means no pay doesn't bear thinking about. Plus I'm self employed so no sick benefit, oh boy this isn't going to be fun with Christmas round the corner.


Sage said...

Poor you, that is so not fun to manage with crutches... {{hugs}} hope you feel a bit more cheerful soon and get lots of pressies...


Gin said...

Oh no!!! You poor thing! I've been on crutches once and you are right, they are so hard to manage. I am sending you all my love and well wishes. Take it easy dear one!!!!

Paula said...

Mandy, dear just ebcause I will be on crutches as per next tuesday I didnt expect you to join! I am so sorry, give u a call in a few minutes, enusre the phone close by ;-))) btw, forget about the knickers ;-))) time to get spoiled

Angela Recada said...

Oh, dear Mandy! I'm so sorry to hear that you've been hurt. I hope you heal quickly.

Take it easy. Take care.


CheekyDani said...

:( Poor thing. It's pretty frustrating to be housebound, let alone housebound and on crutches. I found them very difficult to use as well, and after a while my underarms hurt too. Whinge whinge whinge - but you have an excuse! Big hugs x

Helen said...

Oh Mandy .. my heart goes out to you. This has to be frustrating as well as painful. I have been casted several times in my life ~ and I hated it! So much so that after damaging ligaments on both sides of my ankle (Playing tennis in the 70's) I actually sat in my bathtub with a hammer and butcher knife and REMOVED the cast! I don't recommend this as all these years later my ankle is permanently puffed and not as strong as it should be. So, the moral of my story is be patient and be a good patient!

nitebyrd said...

OMG! You poor dear! I'm sure all and sundry will forgive you about Christmas. Good grief, woman! Get yourself well and don't worry about that! (((hugs)))

karen said...

Poor thing! What a nightmare...Try not to overdo things, and hope your foot heals very fast! At least you have your laptop handy, so you can keep in touch with us all.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I hope you have decent crutches, not those horrid things that go under your armpits?
Take good care of yourself xx

Mel said...


((((((((( you! ))))))))))