Sunday, 30 August 2009

Happy Christmas and here's hoping for an even better NEW YEAR!

It seemed to me that I need to break the back of this year, so I'm starting my New Year right now today! So may I wish you all a Happy Christmas and an even better New Year!!!
Which means that my last new year also started today, which I think is going to work.
So this is what has happened to me since then.....

September 08
Kit left home properly to live in London

October 08
My car was engraved with the words sex and cunt and cost £1000 to repair, of which I had to personally pay £500

November 08
Devon for a weekend.

December 08
Went to New York and stayed with David in his sister in law's apartment for a week.
Christmas, which of course is a mixture of happiness and stress, particularly as I cooked lunch single handedly for 7 people.
Went to Philly for the New Year.

January 09
On return from Philly found toilet leaking in upstairs bathroom, water had leaked through to ceiling below
Got Trix....... Wanted to send her back it was sooo stressful

February 09
Washing machine bust mid cycle, had to buy new one, insurance wouldn't pay out.
Snowed in..... no work no pay.
Alex got ill for the first time, he was ill for 12 days including a day in hospital, another work day.... no work no pay.
My Auntie died, so horrid funeral to attend.

March 09
Went to Devon for a weekend
Alex's 18th birthday night spent in a police cell for fighting

April 09
My birthday... yah! lovely week long celebrations!
Devon and Cornwall for a week staying with three lots of friends
Kit came home for Easter.
Alex admitted to hospital for second time, this time ill for a week..... No work no pay.

May 09
Thankfully Alex well enough for me and Jenny to go to Amsterdam for a weekend, battle is still ongoing with travel company at the state of the hotel.
Alex admitted to hospital again, ill for 4 days.... and guess what, yep, no work no pay!! But I finally worked out what was wrong with him.
Met up with David for lunch, first time we'd managed to get together since America, and what proved to be our last meeting.
Went to London, stayed for three nights each with different people, met bloggers, cousins and Kit's girlfriend for the first time.

June 09
Breast cancer check up.
Went back to Philly for 10 days. Phone call from Alex in big trouble for fighting had to get legal advice.
Had to have new glasses
Lost an emerald out of a little Victorian ring, followed by another emerald out of the ring I wear all the time in memory of my mum, Followed by the complete loss of all stones out of a Victorian diamond and sapphire ring. Got my mum's ring fixed.

July 09
Back to Devon for a long weekend.

August 09,so far!!!!
London for three nights, one with Kit, and two in swish hotel with friend from Philly. No wonder I told Kit I didn't want to go home.
And the next day..... Alex arrested for causing criminal damage, makes front page news in local paper following Wednesday
House goes on the market
Alex goes away to Spain with 8 lads ( please, please let that go well!!!)
David dies

So now can see why I want to change the date of the New Year. What is to come, will be Alex's court case. I just hope that when that happens there is a bigger story going on to put on the front page of the local paper. Hopefully me selling my house and moving. And going to Germany to meet Geli, and then coming back for David's funeral, and the rest of my life........

I think I've had my share of tough this year. But maybe it's cause I live large that this happens, who knows.
But what I do know is, that I couldn't have coped without the support and love of my friends. And the love and devotion of my wonderful dog Trix, who just is the world's best dog. I think I can only be grateful I don't have a partner, as with what's been going on this year we'd probably be in the middle of a divorce anyway!!!!


speck of dust said...

Oh my goodness...Happy New Year!!! Love the tree photos. I've taken an awful lot of tree photos myself recently with the intention to do drawings when I get time. Really hope things settle down for you it sounds like you could do with some peaceful time. X

trousers said...

Yes all the hard work with Trix has paid off I think, she was lovely and sweet when I last saw her.

Best wishes for the New Year (and I wonder if you'll use this as an excuse to have a good slap-up Christmas dinner: you ought to!) - hopefully a steadier one after all these major wobbles and stresses and sadnesses. Still, good to see that you've acknowledged some of the better moments you've had amongst all of this.


Susan DeAngelis said...

A rough year can make you or break you...

you're luck to have Trix -- pets love you unconditionally.

Did you ever catch the weasels that keyed your car?

Stop by my blog... I'd love to see you.

Pam said...

Mandy you deserve a medal. A toast to new beginnings and a Happy New Year!

Mel said...

Well, it is Ramadan--

Joyous, glorious New Year to you, dearheart.

One that's a bit less busy, methinks......or at least busy in a different sense.
But yaknow, when you live BIG---

*crossing fingers on the house showings*

Happy New Year!!!!!

Angela said...

You couldn`t have planned your trip here for a better time! (Even if it will be a week later). Here will be your place to recover and face a new beginning! Happy New Year! Shall I buy some fireworks?

Paula said...

The end of the annus horribilis.
Hugs. Plan a long weekend for Munich, my Dear

Merry ME said...

I believe you are a few hours before us. Therefore, we are just getting started ringing in the new year. I think I can hear kids outside banging on pots with wooden spoons and shooting up bottle rockets. Woohoo! I say, out with the old and in with the new.

Posted month by month as you have done, your year has been a bit of a pain. I wish for you in the year ahead love and laughter, a new home, good long walks, pretty things to photograph, no illnesses to tend to and friends to help lighten your load.

Here's a poem I found for the occasion:
“Another fresh new year is here . . .
Another year to live!
To banish worry, doubt, and fear,
To love and laugh and give!

This bright new year is given me
To live each day with zest . . .
To daily grow and try to be
My highest and my best!

I have the opportunity
Once more to right some wrongs,
To pray for peace, to plant a tree,
And sing more joyful songs!”
William Arthur Ward


P.S. I love the part about planting a tree. Perhaps that would be a way to honor David.

Helen said...

I'm tellin' ya .... I see a trend here ~ Devon seems to be your safe haven.

I have been privileged to visit that part of the UK and utterly love it.

Happy New Year!

Lori ann said...

Theres a lovely attitude, a new beginning! and it starts right now, yay! I can sympathise with the no work no pay, it's going on 3 months now here... :( , but things always work themselves out, I think.
hugs ♥

karen said...

Wow.. what a year you've had!!! I'm glad you are ruling a line underneath it right now. And so pleased that Trix has turned out to be such a comfort and a companion. Thinking of you (still) xx

Linda - Gold Coast said...

Happy New Year FB. I really hope better and brighter days are ahead. What a blessing Trix has turned out to be. As crazy as it may sound, we have "Christmas in July" in Oz. Love Linda xoxo

miss*R said...

yep, this year has been a doozie for me too.. ya wonder what you did in a past life to deserve it all. I am sure the rest of 2009 will be better.. and I will pass on the offer of starting a new year now.. my birthday is on New Years day, would that make me another year older already??

e said...

I just popped over to see how things are. I'm with you on this one!

I hope the new year brings good things to us all. Glad to know Trix has become a great friend and your sons are doing well and I hope the house sells so you can move...

Amongst all of these moments, good and otherwise, remember that you are not alone...

Take care.

CheekyDani said...

Just catching up as have been away for much of the last couple of weeks...

Holy cow. What a year. No wonder you wanted to start afresh. May the coming year bring many gorgeous things honey x