Saturday, 29 August 2009

For David

I remember the first day I met you.
Both of us nervous,
me to be asked to such a prestigious event
And you, as you wanted the job.

I sent you a note, saying well done you,
I wrote the wrong name on the envelope
Something you used to tease me about.

We always connected
then you asked me to take on the job.
I was already a governor, but you saw something else
you knew, I could cope with being the chair

And so we sat meeting after each meeting
connecting and understanding
and doing our biz

And how I loved you, I had such a crush
I dreamt of you asking me out
but you never did, and I even told you
so we could work it through.
our friendship evolved to being great mates

then came the day you said you were leaving
what was I going to do without you.
we arranged to do lunch
and found we could talk
about movies and books, life and art

we went away for a weekend to the lakes
you in your solitary cell, and me in my room with a view
you wanted to be able to have time by yourself
but we went everywhere together instead.

the years past by and our friendship stayed strong
you said you were going to New York for 6 months
and then you invited me to stay
you who were so private, wanted me to play

New York before Christmas was such a treat
the modern art,the park,
the walking and walking off our feet.
the diners for breakfast

And now you are dead and I hurt so much
my friend I loved you
and mourn for my loss

But I promise you this
I will go and stay in the Algonquin one day for sure
And then I'll drink to you
and love you some more.


miss*R said...

just know that I am thinking of you. xoxo

trousers said...

Me too.


Merry ME said...

ME too.

speck of dust said...

Beautiful poem and tribute x

Mel said...

Oh no....

((((((((( the byrdie )))))))))))

I'm so sorry for your loss.

*thinking of you*

Helen said...

There are eulogies and then there are words that convey great emotion ... but your tribute is so deep, so clear in its meaning, pain and loss ~ it is simply lovely.

Lori ann said...

Thinking of you and hope you will be feeling better soon. So sorry for your loved friends death. It's good you have such fond memories of him. That was a lovely tribute.

nitebyrd said...

My sincerest condolences, Byrd. I'm so sorry for your loss. You've given David something I'm sure he treasured, your love and friendship. He has given you the same along with wonderful memories of your shared times.

A heartfelt, beautiful tribute.


miss*R said...

hoping you are doing ok.
I will bless and light a candle for you xo

Cynthia said...

Excellent idea...change the date! Take over the calender and make a new beginning. I'm going to follow suit..."tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life" (remember that one?) Thanks for your visit and comment on OasisWL blog. (Did you realize our son's have the same name?) I hope your year ahead (starting now) is filled with joy and positive 'living large' happenings. <3

lakeviewer said...

Love and best wishes for a wonderful new start. You are doing all you can; it's the world turning too fast or too slow.

e said...

I think your idea is an excellent one, and I am sorry about the loss of your friend. Wishing you the best in the days ahead.