Tuesday, 28 July 2009


All the photos on my side bar are from my wonderful walk last Thursday from Dartmouth Castle on the coastal path.

Needless to say now I'm back I'm extremely restless.

When I was in Devon this time I had to resist three things, all things I wanted to do by myself, and all things that the time is not quite right for yet. And I almost feel that if I do them too soon that my dream won't come true. I have to pace myself. It has to be done step by step, and this visit is probably the last that I will just be visiting and not working towards moving.

I wanted to go to the sea by myself and walk along the beach in the early morning or evening. I wanted to get on a river cruiser and go up the River Dart. And I wanted to go and look round the couple of houses that I saw for sale that appealed to me.

I was more than happy to do things with my friends though. So on Thursday as already stated was the walk and then lunch in Dartmouth. On Friday J and I hit the shops in Exeter and had a lovely ladies who lunch time.

On Saturday I went to my other friends, and the first thing we did was go for a walk on Exmouth beach and I went paddling.... it was very cold water. She then led me astray by taking me to the cider bar in Newton Abbott. This is where scrumpy cider is sold straight from the barrel. I drank a pint and a half and eat a massive cheese and onion baguette to try and soak it up. Which didn't work at all and I just got very giggly.

Going back to her house for a BBQ, included wasting time going through every one's name we knew on the friends reunited site, whilst drinking cocktails. Followed by champagne to accompany the hotdogs!! making me a tad fragile come Sunday morning.

So it was back to other friends, and a walk in the pouring rain by the River Bovey, before the world's best Sunday lunch. In that it takes several hours to have each course with a nap between and a lot of champagne.

Monday morning dawned with bright sunlight, for me to drive home.

One, if not the best thing that happened was a conversation with J at lunch on Friday, when she told me for the first time she was really looking forward to me, not only coming down to Devon, but hoping to live in the same town. And what that would mean to her. I've been concerned that she might have felt a bit swamped with my plans. Or that she was concerned that I would be too needy when I get there. So to hear her views was wonderfully reassuring.

But now I'm home and although I've got good things booked and of course my house is a lovely one, I keep thinking about that walk on the beach, and the other things I so want to do.

Since coming home I've been to work, listened and talked to people about them. Tried to have conversations with Alex in the rare five minutes he pops in and out of the house which are always about him. And not said a word to anyone else except Trix, and her conversations skills aren't great!

I know it really won't be that long before all this changes. And that time flies, but also that an hour can sometimes last forever!


Angela Recada said...

I do so hope you are able to move soon and find what you need to be content. Those teen-age boys certainly can wear a mother out, can't they?

Your last line especially rang true to me. I've often said that the years have flown by, but some days seemed to go on and on and on.

It sounds like you had such a lovey time with your friends. I'm glad!

Gin said...

Oh how I wish I could have been on that beautiful walk with you. It looks like serenity in motion.

Merry ME said...

I don't know how long it would take for me to get in shape to master some of those walks you take but I'm supremely jealous!

I'd say you piled quite a lot of talk and food and drink and fun into one weekend. I hope you can get the pieces to fall into your life puzzle soon. And when they do, the picture you see will be the one you've imagined.

Paula said...

Yepp, last lines ring very true to me too. Sometimes a hours is NOTHING and sometimes it seems to be a lifetime.
I am so glad you have had such a great time and can digest it and live on it for a bit

Angela said...

I am also looking forward to you! Our beach is quite different, though. But we can also walk on for hours if you are ready! And talk about YOU! I really like to listen to people`s stories and philosophy. Each person is a unique piece of art! And you certainly are!!!

speck of dust said...

Wow I want to dive into that water. Walking in sea water is very cleansing for the body :)

Linda - Gold Coast said...

Time flies when you are having fun, and your few days away certainly sounded like heaps of fun. My (almost) 21 year old son is exactly the same, me, me, me!! Hang in there Mandy, she'll be right, my hubby's favourite saying (groan). Linda xoxo

karen said...

beautiful walk! Hope your dreams all come true.. and in the meantime, you can chat to all of us here in blog land! x

Maithri said...

What beautiful photographs,

Thanks for sharing this breath of fresh air with us,

Love, Maithri

Picsie Chick said...

A lovely visit, yay! And I totally understand the restlessness. It's sometimes hard to be patient, once the plan is decided upon. But all things must be ready before the plan is set in motion. The days tick by slowly, and at the right time all will fall in place as it was meant to.

And perhaps in the meantime we are meant to learn patience? Yikes!

Happy butterflies headed your way!

Hugs too

Lori ann said...

Where did my comment go???

oh well, you listen to that restless voice inside you dear, you are headed for wonderful things!

Mel said...

"Restless, irritable and discontent".....*sigh* They're warnings to me and I get to 'deal' accordingly.
Mostly it comes from inside me, but I'm thinking you probably knew that. Looking for an external 'fix' doesn't work for me. It's contending with the internal--and sometimes that's an 'unfun' thing to do. (I'd much rather play with sidewalk chalk, thanks!)

Oh, but I'm glad to hear the fear got squelched with that friend and that it's a shared hope to be connected upon the move. That's one down! Wooooohooooo!!!!

That's for the typical adolescent boy who makes it all about him.
Been there, done that--got the 26YO in the house now. LOL