Monday, 27 July 2009

The coastal path around Devon, or at least a bit of it!

The view of Bovey Tracey at 6am

The mouth of the River Dart from the ferry from Dartmouth Castle to Dartmouth going for crab sandwiches, at what turns out to be my local. In that I go to the Cherub more than any other pub, it just happens to be 200 miles from where I live!!!!

Views from the coastal path from Dartmouth and around the headland

The River Dart from St Petroc's Churchyard.

As ever I had a magical time and am now sad to be back home.
I'll write more later but got a lot of chores to do now, and need feeding!


Paula said...

Love when u say it is all magic.
So happy for you having had such a fab time. Chores,well, there is some charme in everday chores too.

Gin said...

Beautiful pictures. I can't wait to see and hear more. In the meantime have fun catching up on your chores. That's the best part of coming home isn't it? ;-)

P.S. I ADORE your haircut!

trousers said...

You're back, and I've just gone away - and definitely not thinking about how sad I'll be on my return. Glad you had a lovely time. x

Merry ME said...

Oh my!



Bryd, I am seriously geographically challenged. I know where England is but nothing beyond that. I have no clue where exactly you live, except that it seems to contain a little piece of heaven - or is very close by to heaven. What a treat that you have such sweet places to visit.

But please don't be sad to be home. It is your resting spot and where you revive your traveling spirit.

Wild Cat said...

Beautiful x

I also love that part of the world x

Angela Recada said...

Incredible scenery! And having crab sandwiches at the pub sounds lovely.

You look terrific at 6 am, by the way. Love the short hair!


Sorrow said...

Been thinking about you, Good to read you had a lovely time!

speck of dust said...

Beautiful photos! Looks blissful...

Linda - Gold Coast said...

How could you not feel refreshed and recharged after spending time in such a glorious location. Just wonderful photographs and you look really fantastic in your photo, especially at 6.00 am. Looking forward to reading and seeing more about your trip. Take care. Linda xoxo

Lori ann said...

oh how pretty! i would love to walk that path to the sea. you are cute at 6 am. now go eat!

miss*R said...

ahh Dartmouth.. as you know some of my family come from there.. thanks for showing !!
chores are always in big demand when you return from time away :(

Angela said...

Did you see the realtor? To find a home? I would also love to visit YOU there in Devon! What your actual current surroundings look like I will soon be told by R. How lovely, all this travelling back and forth!
Your next haircut you can get in Poland. And we`ll have a herring bread roll here, see if you like that!

Lola said...

Oh, Mady!!!! What breathtaking images. It sounds like you truly had a wonderful time, welcome back.

Lola xx

karen said...

Lovely photos, and i do enjoy the fact that your local pub is a mere 200 miles away! x

swallowtail said...

that cracks me up! your favorite pub, and the one you frequent the most, is 200 miles away. mine is about the same... it's called the Ivanhoe.

and I love the coastal path. oh. I want to go there. now.

Mel said...

Oh, I'm all about the view from the cemetary.....go figure.

I'll just take another wander around--ignore me. *laughing*

Anonymous said...

Redlap just along from Dartmouth is soon to be included in the coast path, that will give some fine photo opportunities, I hear they are putting a brige in where it joins Shady Lane. I cant wait to walk it as there will be a fantastic view all the way to Start Point, the only down side this week was the dangerous walk from Little Dartmouth to Stoke Flemming along the back road with two young children. David and Family