Monday, 27 April 2009


Alex and me have had a rotten day.
But it started before today. Last Wednesday he started being sick after eating fatty food. By Thursday it was after a meal, but still ok on small snacks. He took himself to the Docs and got some heart burn medication.
Over the weekend the vomiting happened every time he ate something, So no Sunday lunch for us... beef is now waiting in the freezer!
This morning at 6am he got up and started being sick. He wretched for almost four hours. He just couldn't stop, there was nothing to bring up except bright yellow bile. During these four hours we went to the docs and ended up in A&E at a local hospital.
The poor sausage finally got off his trolley and into bed at 8.30 tonight on the ward. He's been attached to two drips all day, one re hydrating him and one trying to stop the puking.
Tonight finally after a day spent sleeping for him and reading for me I've come home.
I did come home earlier to sort out the dog. Sort out the collection of Al's hire car tomorrow. Keys now being held at school across the road for the transport man.
Sorted out telling Kit and my sis. Cancelling clients, friends and shovelling food in my face to get back to the hospital, all in two hours flat.
Now I've called all again and have shoved toast in my face. And I'm writing this to unwind me before I take the dog out and then collapse in bed.
Al in the meantime is in a ward full of old men, he's the only young person there. And he is contemplating whether to agree to a gastroscopy tomorrow, doc and me say yes! Him,surprisingly not keen! But as his mother advised, this is the second bought of this and does he want it again. Or should he put up with 20 minutes of an utterly vile procedure, which may just find out what is wrong with him.
Added to this I'm supposed to be going to Amsterdam at the weekend.....

I'd felt like a day off work, but this wasn't quite what I had in mind when I thought it!!!!!


trousers said...

Yep crossing my fingers too, it's obviously a cause for concern if he's having the same kind of thing again, after what he's already been through.

Hope he gets some answers and good treatment, and I hope you get some rest and respite.

Fingers crossed you can still make it to Amsterdam too, though I suppose you'll have to temper your hopes until you know what's what with Alex.

nitebyrd said...

I'll cross mine as well. I hope he has the scope and will discover the reason for this.

(((HUGS)) for you and Al.

Lady in red said...

poor Alex as soon as I began reading this I was thinking oh no not again it can't be all that long since he was suffering in this way before.

Poor you for everything you are going through while you cope with Alex being ill and yet again it is messing with your travel plans.

I hope he gets over this quickly and that this will be the last time.

Helen said...

... time to get to the bottom of things so life can go on without interruption. My best wishes for you both. Let us know please, what happens.

Sorrow said...

Fingers are crossed that the boy has the procedure!
and candles are lit that it's nothing major!
poor baby...
( both of you)

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Oh my, I was so hoping Alex was doing much better. The docs really need to discover what is wrong with the poor kiddo. Good luck & rest well.

lakeviewer said...

Oh no. I hope it is simple flu he's suffering from. They'll figure this out and treat him. Hopefully, you can get to Amsterdam as well.

Merry ME said...

Fingers crossed. Saying prayers. Sending love to you both.

Barbara said...

Good luck to Alex! It will be worth the discomfort to find out what the problem is. Nobody wants to be sick like this!

I hope your life too returns to some semblance of normal. Sometimes parenting is so difficult, even when they are not babies any more.

Lori ann said...

Oh how scary. I'm crossing my fingers for Alex and you both. Good luck with everything! oh dear.
♥ lori

sexy said...
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miss*R said...

I hope he has the scope and finds out what is causing this..

Val said...

ooh so sorry - poor Alex and poor you - how worrying. Do hope he is feeling better today?
award for you at mine xx

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Oh no! Hope he's perked up a bit by now and you find out what's causing this soon. Thinking of you both, BG x x x

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Oh no, poor Alex, poor you - and the last bout wasn't even that long ago. You must be worried sick about him. I do so hope all will be okay.
And yep, gastroscopy is a vile procedure but it's better to have it and know what's going on so that he can be treated and not have to endure this pain and illness.
Thinking of you and sending hugs and love.

Mel said...

Oy sheeeeeeeeshhh.....again?!

(((((( the byrdie )))))))

Good grief. Like the kiddo can stand to lose more weight?

What a trying time.

*sending prayers and healing thoughts*

You poor things!

Dark Side said...

Crossing my fingers for Alex and I hope he gets some answers real soon..xx

Walker said...

Sorry t hear about Alex, I'll be pulling for him to get better soon.
He has to get it checked out just to be on the safe side.

Pam said...

All the best to you and Alex. I hope you can sort this out soon Byrd -it must be very worrying for both of you.Fingers crossed that the mystery will be solved quickly.x

hele said...

oh. i am hoping for better health soon.

and moments of peacefulness for you*

Ivy said...

This sounds truly awful. Hope he is over the worst yet. Has he decided to have the gastroscopy? any news?
Keeping my fingers crossed.

justme said...

How horrible for him, and worrying for you too. I hope by now they have found out what is wrong and that he is on the mend.
I guess you will have to wait and see about Amsterdam? What a shame!
An no, NOT the kind of day off one hopes for.

Anonymous said...