Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Thank you all for your wonderful good wishes and thoughts.
You have all worked so hard, that the boy is home!!!
He has had gastritis, and we now know the reasons why.
He knows what he has to do not to have a flare up in the future.
Cause that part is in his hands. But since this is the second attack brought on for the same reasons, I think he'll be thinking hard about things in the future.
He is not so ill on his return home, so he feels well enough for me to continue with my plans to go to Amsterdam for the weekend.....Hurrah!
So now I can stop being soooo stressed. Trix can take a deep breath as my mood returns to normal.
And we've only got to re schedule her visit to the vets next week when Alex is well enough to help me. As taking Trix to the vets is beyond stressful for all three of us.
Have a lovely holiday weekend without me, hope the sun shines on all of us, except those people in Australia wanting rain!
And I'll see you next week.


Lori ann said...

Oh Wonderful Relief! Great news!! for the both of you. I am feeling it all the way here Byrd, big big sigh :) :) :).
I don't know what gastritis is, but it's manageable then? sounds it.Take good care Alex.
To Amsterdam then and enjoy every minute!
♥ lori

trousers said...



Merry ME said...

Good news.
Have a great trip.

Helen said...

Very good news ... travel safely.

Dark Side said...

Excellent news Byrd hope he behaves himself from now on.

Have a fabulous weekend in the Dam I will be thinking of you while I am in Edinburgh for the weekend..xx

lakeviewer said...

Good news. I bet you are all relieved to know there is an explanation that he can work on. Enjoy your trip.

Walker said...

Thats great news.
Enjoy your weekend.

J.J said...

So glad to read this my lovely.

Barbara said...

Yay for Alex!
Yay for you!
And of course, yay for Trix!

Have fun in Amsterdam. Eat lots of herring on the street. Enjoy relaxing just a little.

nitebyrd said...

Good to hear he's better and now knows the cause of his illness. I hope you have a lovely, relaxing weekend!

Mel said...

Ah. Well then......mystery solved.
And when it's all in our control--it's just about making the smart choice with the consequences.

((((( the byrdie )))))

Safe journey!!

hele said...

heehee. bet you it is a lesson he won't forget in a hurry.

have a wonderful weekend.

Ronjazz said...

You have a great time, honey.

trousers said...

I hope it's not insensitive to note the irony that it's you who'll be going to Amsterdam this weekend (fingers crossed).


justme said...

Oh thats excellent news! have a wonderful trip!