Friday, 3 April 2009


My friend in Phillys porch I won't be sitting on till later this year, as a change from pics of the seaside, which no doubt will come later!

I'm sitting in the garden writing this enjoying the wonderful spring sunshine. My legs are seeing daylight for the first time for months, in that I've got a skirt on and not jeans.

I've got the birdsong around me, and the sound of the water flowing out of the water feature as it hits the stones below. The garden has loads of wonderful daffodils fluttering in the breeze. It has to be said those first few lines of the Wordsworth poem, Ode to a Daffodil always makes me smile.

And in the absence of the sea this is a good place to be....... However tomorrow.... I'm going to the seaside.

It is the start of my two week Birthday celebrations. You may think that a little excessive, but I like having a Birthday, and it seems that if it's only celebrated on one day, it's gone to quick.

So lunch time tomorrow I drive to Exeter for the night to stay with Max for the night. Which no doubt will involve lovely conversation, good food and cause I'm not driving a glass or two (or even three!!!)

After breakfast on Sunday I get back in the car to drive for another couple of hours, all the way down to St Ives, in Cornwall, to stay with my mate Liz, who I've known for 24 years, who has just moved there. She's been waiting till her children were old enough, and then like I want to, she has left home!! She is living in the moors above the town, with views of the sea. No doubt I will be very envious, and it will make me very restless as a result. So more drinking required here!

Then starting on the return journey on Tuesday and getting as far as Bovey Tracy, the place I want to live, to stay with Jenny and her husband for a couple of days. And this of course means more drinking, just as well I've got three bottles of fizz to take with me..

Leaving for the homeward trek on Thursday via London, which is a hundred miles or so out of the way, but I get to pick up Kit, to bring him back home in time for my Birthday on Good Friday. Lunch is booked in a restaurant and cause I took advantage of a special offer they were running, I get a free bottle of champagne to drink with our meal.

Saturday there are three social events going on, I get a facial first thing in the morning, followed by lunch with my sister and niece,the alcohol level may be reduced here to one spritzer!!! As I have to save myself for the night when I get to go for a curry with the wonderful Queen Vixen and the delightful Trousers. And they are coming to me, so I can have yet another drink!!!

Then I think I have a couple of days off, with Sunday lunch thrown in first, before my next lunch date on the Wednesday, and then dinner with other mates in the evening. Then if I'm very lucky I'll get to have lunch on Thursday with Wakeup. So taking me to the 17th, and I finally will have time in this one mad social whirl to go and do the weeks shop, and get back to what passes for normal round here.

So that's my two week birthday, which I recommend to anyone who thinks they deserve to celebrate and celebrate and celebrate with as many people as they can give a hug to!

I know all this lot makes me sound like a complete alcoholic, but this is going to be just such a lovely long celebration being with friends and family that a couple of glasses a night for a while isn't going to hurt me. Specially as I haven't had any booze for a week, and probably won't have any after all my birthday celebrations for a sometime!!!

But what I will have had, is time with people I love very much, the only person missing from this equation is my long term friend in Philly, but I get to talk to her tonight, and we are planning my jaunt to hers in the summer. So although that isn't enough, as I miss her, it will do, as I know it won't be long til I'm sitting on her porch.

And it has to be said I've never been 55 before, and somehow getting to my decade and a half seems symbolic somehow.

On a different subject...... fundraising. The school now has the information to inform the young people as to why they are having a non uniform day and I've got to go and do a school assembly to explain why I want the money for the Raise the Roof Fund. Also my friend and I are organising a swishing party, that is a clothes shop evening. And I'm going to read Tarot cards for money for the first time ever to raise some more funds. I've never charged anyone before, so this may have a different feel to it. But I have done the cards for most of the people who are coming to the party. So they know what to expect and the standard of the reading.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and week without me and I'll be back soon.


D'Rimba said...

So natural your blog i like it.

Butch Boo said...

Have a wonderful time at the coast



Sorrow said...

Happy Very long Birthday sweet!
have a wonderful time!

Merry ME said...

My kind of Birthday celebration! You go, girl! I seriously think the chances of me ever being in your neck of the woods is nil, but if I ever am, can I come sit on your porch and listen to the birds, etc. It looks like a wee bit of heaven.

Have fun on your trip. Be blessed. Know peace.

Pam said...

Dear wonderful Byrd - the very best of birthday wishes. Have a wonderful time and give the assembly and tarot readings all you've got - you'll have them in the palm of your hand - the kids and the cards!!!xxx

Cait O'Connor said...

Well fellow Arian it sounds like you are going to have a wonderful week. I am quite envious (it is my birthday this weekend too).

Ronjazz said...

You look SO much better at 55 than I do, Byrd! DAMN!

Barbara said...

Let the birthday festivities begin! Now I understand where your young son gets his ability to drink!

55 sounds like a youngster!

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

Oh what a lovely string of birthday celebrations!!! I totally agree with the long term celebration of one's birth. I also celebrate for at the very least a week, which sometimes goes to 2 weeks or maybe 4. It's such a festive occasion!
Happy Birthday my dear Byrd! Have great fun & have a drink for me! No one is counting!
xxxooo Lizzy :-)

Mel said...

Oh what the heck.....go for a birthday MONTH!!!!!


Yes, I'm greedy. If some is good, more is better--you know that!

Happy Happy Birthday Birthday to you, ma'am.
You celebrate lots...collect those hugs and keep on collecting.

(((((((( the byrdie )))))))))))

miss*R said...

sitting on the porch, you sound just like me, 'cept, I call it a verandah :) - it sounds a brilliant time sitting in the spring sunshine & warmth.

oh lucky, lucky you.. going to Cornwall... when you get there, can you touch the ground for me and tell her that I miss her and will visit soon... you may get some odd looks but just ignore that..
and Happy Birthday for Good Friday.. hope to chat before then, but if not will see you when I get home from my easter weekend away.
love you Pix! xoxo

miss*R said...

oh & I just had to come back and say.. that it is amazing how you could be driving or walking on places that my ancestors were centuries ago.

Lori ann said...

My Mother~in~law says it's your birthday month! so enjoy! it all sounds wonderful.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

have a wonderful time on your scenic and friend laden version of a pub crawl! ;-)

And have a totally stunning birthday! I love the idea of two week long celebrations!

Dark Side said...

How absolutely fanstastic making two weeks of your birthday and boy are you cramming so much into it, have all the fun you deserve...xx

anya said...

Damn, Byrd, you know how to celebrate a birthday! This gives me some ideas. I've been doing it all puny day a year. Come September this year I'm going to create my own hoopla, I swear!

Have a great time...booze and all.

Lola said...

I will adopt the 2-week birthday celebration too, it's a brilliant idea! Have a great time surrounded by beauty and friends, and Tanti Auguri, which is happy birthday in Italiano. Ciao!

Cait O'Connor said...

I forgot to wish you a happy birthday and very many happy returns.

lakeviewer said...

Etc...etc..and happy days to celebrate a happy middle. You are going to be a tired but happy puppy.

karen said...

What an amazing celebration of being you!! I love it... Hope you are having a amazing time.. and great news about all the fundraising. Happy Birthday to you, and looking forward to having you back!

Val said...

wishing you the best of birthdays - and why stop at two weeks celebration?? make it your year for doing everything you like best,w ith your favourite people in your favourite places ...
your fundraising efforts sound amazing - we will get that roof up yet!
travel safe x

nitebyrd said...

Have a wonderful, fabulous time and enjoy every minute of it!


Kim-QOAS said...

Love and live to the fullest above all stay young at heart and be blessed.

Walker said...

Ah you are like me.
Happy Birthday I know I;m late but I am still enjoying mine but the booze is running out and the females companion did to so I'm coming back to earth.

I hope you enjoy your two weeks of bliss and I know you deserve it.

e said...

Belated Birthday Happiness To You...For the rest of the year!
Love the new photos and the poem!

Anonymous said...

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