Tuesday, 31 March 2009


I want to say an enormous THANK YOU to every single person who voted for me.
It has been awe inspiring to me to know that you all cared enough to keep coming back, time and time again.
It is a shame that I have not won the $50 to put towards the roof in Mozambique, but it was not meant to be.

Funnily enough two blogger friends independently discovered a way that you could cheat to put the numbers up. And both decided not to do it, so as if I won, I won honestly and no-one could accuse me of cheating.

I'm now back into fourth place.

So as it stands at 7pm on the 31st March in fourth place is me with 327 votes for me, and 15 against me.
In third place is Ruth, who writes about dogs and has 334 votes.
Second is Gumbo Writer who has a brilliant 463.
And the winner is Anna F who has 580, my word she's got a lot of loyal friends.

I have to say I haven't enjoyed this experience much, it's felt difficult chivving everyone along to vote for me, so maybe I won't bother to think about being an MP (HAHAHA!!!!) I've felt guilty that my words weren't good enough in the interview, especially as I didn't read two of the questions right in the first place, so the answers didn't really make sense!

So I'll now continue to raise money in other ways, and will help the school raise a roof!!

Thank you again, I couldn't have got so far without you.

Peace and blessings on you for your generosity.


Dark Side said...

Ooo become an MP then you can donate your expenses to whatever cause you wish....xx

Merry ME said...

I am sorry to hear that you did not win, but that does not mean you are not a winner.

What next for raising money? Lets get that school roofed.

Lady in red said...

when I voted at lunch time I noticed that Anna had jumped into first place it seems mighty odd to me that she suddenly doubled the number of votes in the last 48 hrs

but as you say its beter to lose fairly than to win by cheating

I for one am proud of you for trying to do this in the first place

Angela said...

I am proud of you, too, Mandy, and of all of us fair voters! I will miss not voting for you anymore, but yes, we`ll get that roof fixed! By the way, Anna`s blog is so superbly stupid that I cannot believe...but okay. It was and is fun to be with you, and if you apply for any office (I could only vote if you went into the European Parliament) I promise I`ll stand on the market places and shout for you!

Lola said...

Whoa, wait! What was this vote for? I'm late! And now I won't sleep thinking how my vote could have changed the rank order... Oh dear.
Well, as Merry says, you're a winner no matter what.
Maybe you should start a new fundraiser for that roof in Moz, something that involves donations and not votes; honesty and not cheating; talent and not dogs or stupidity.
I'm not the competitive type, but I can imagine how disappointed you are. Smile away and care not. Ciao

trousers said...

Well, I'm glad to have been part of the effort to help out: shame you didn't win (my word, there was a huge increase in voting in the last few days!), but as has already been said, there's other - probably more enjoyable - ways to raise the money!


the word verification is congst, which sounds to me like angst-ridden people doing the conga.

lakeviewer said...

Well, my comment just disappeared! Sorry about not winning. We still enjoy the sharing.

Robbin'sMama said...

Sorry you did not win. I did not always check the order of who was ahead when I voted, but last time I did look you were second.
You are still a winner to your followers

Lori ann said...

Geli you are hilarious.that is so funny. Mandy, i know you will find another way, we will find another way, you are #1 to us. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

Sorrow said...

Stomps foot!
I went everyday!
and i coerced friends and family to go and vote.
Heck I even voted from a wi-fi lounge..
ahh well,
I love you what ever place your in...

standing still })|({ said...

hey there firebyrd,

sorry i was so far away... i coula' helped :O( i shoulda' been here :`O(

but i am so proud of you and all who were here for you.... 4th place is wow! too!!!!

I could donate a piece of my pottery for you to sell for a fundraiser if you wish... and i'll mail it at my own expense... what do you think??? we could all donate things!???

miss you, my friend... much else to say.. but not for here...

hope you, and yours, are doing well,


Mel said...

Ohhhhh.....well done! And well done of the folks of integrity who make the right choice.

About that roof....

What are we gonna do about that one?

<-- willing, humble participant in roof raising efforts

Val said...

ah mandy you deserved to win! but you did so well getting to 4th - congrats. School info on its way to you asapxx

karen said...

Never mind! We all tried our votingest best! sorry I was away for 4 voting days, with no internet :)

Barbara said...

I think we would all be happy to chip in to see the roof go on. The winner probably cheated somehow. There's always a way!

At lease the contest is over...

nitebyrd said...

Well, you're a winner with me! I did get a thrill when one of my votes put you in first place.

Hold an auction or raffle, maybe? I'll participate, for sure!

Walker said...

You put up a good fight for a good cause and that's what matters.

Yeah I live downtown, I could have tapped into all the unsecure wireless connections in my neigbourhood and the free WIFI and voted but that wouldn't have been right.
There is no honor in that.

Pam said...

You gave it your best shot, that's what counts. Congratulations for participating in the first place Byrd - a great thing to do.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

I don't think they should have allowed negative votes. Either you vote for a person or you don't vote. I'm proud of you for coming in fourth place. And are the others trying to raise money for a roof on a school?

miss*R said...

Hey Pixie, Friday here, so wishing you a wonderful weekend..

and even though you didn't win at least you have brought this fundraiser to the blogging awareness and who knows where it will go?

Anonymous said...


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