Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Recently, as in yesterday, according to the wonderful astrologer Jonathan Cainer I have Venus in my astrological sign. And what's more it's going to be there till June. Although right at the moment it's retrograde.... No I don't understand it either.

Except Mr Cainer assures me that love is on the way. In fact he was bold enough to tell me that it just wasn't love, but a real deep loving relationship is coming towards me.

Interestingly I did a couple of Tarot readings on myself in a quiet moment on Monday. The first question I asked the cards was, is there any romance coming my way? Answer, definitely. Yeah, well that may or may not be true.

So the second question I asked, is what do I need to be mindful of at the moment? Answer,at the end of a reading very similar to the first was The Lovers card!! Make of that what you will

Now on the one hand I dismiss what the Tarot says and have done in the past. Except that when the Tarot told me that a love affair I thought would be for ever was going to end and I disbelieved it, whadda yer know it come true!!

So I doubt the cards at my peril, cause even though my logical brain goes phooey at them. My emotional brain knows they don't lie.

All of which means is that I'm hurtling towards a love affair/relationship whether I believe it or not. Watch this space.

So the question is, would it help do you think if I went out of the house occasionally????


When I last looked I'm 12 behind the first in the blog interview, c'mon vote for me, you know you want to!! You don't have to even have a blog, just hit the voting box on my side bar, it's anonymous. Pretty please with bows on.

I've gone up to second place my one vote, c'mon make it happen for those children with no walls and roof,and just the floor from their school that got destroyed in a cyclone


Trixie said...

Ummm....yeah. Leaving the house would help. But could met this wonderful guy online?

Last stars kept saying CONSTANTLY it was my year for true love..never happened.

Trixie said...'ve got me wanting to get my tarot cards out now lol.

Lori ann said...

Yes, go out! or online as Trixie said, but the door to your heart is open, well, unlocked, so he'll be knocking soon!
going to vote now...

Merry ME said...

Just voted!
If you didn't want to go out or go online looking for love, maybe you could throw a sock in the loo. Who knows, maybe the plumber who comes to fix it will be the good looking, well muscled but kind an understanding type (as opposed to the butt-crack showing type) who will say "sure, why not?" when you ask him if he has time for a cup of tea.

I'm guessing if love is in the stars AND the cards theres going to be no avoiding it. Sounds like a good excuse to go shopping for a cute little springtime outfit just in case.

Angela said...

Mandy, YES! With absolute certainty! He is just around the corner, maybe he only waits for a little smile from you to encourage him! So go around smiling!! I am waiting for your news!!

Dark Side said...

Just voted again and fingers crossed for meeting your wonderful man..xx

Love the new header pic by the way..x

Cheryl Cato said...

Byrd, Thank you for your comment. I feel guilty about having talked about the email. I would have felt guilty had I not. It is a catch 22 situation for me. Damned if I do; damned if I don't. In a few days I'll write & test the waters to see if we can talk about the situation & get past it. It may be like a lot of things which is we agree to disagree. I don't like having have that condition for getting along because before I know it there will be nothing left to say to one another. We are so different in our beliefs and yet we are brother & sister (which I did not mention in my blog). Sad.

Mel said...

Ohhhh.....very cool picture on the header.
And interesting turn of the cards. I guess we see what unfolds, eh?

<-- voted! :-)

karen said...

FB, you never know what can happen online!! Or, perhaps he's going to knock on your door and sweep you off your feet? Or materialise on one of your trips away to exotic locations... love and voting wishes as ever! x

ShirleyAnn said...

I am trying to vote every night. I have gotten on the ungodly schecule of being on here between 12 and 1 am. So if I do think of it during the day, it will not let me vote again until the wee hrs of the morn. Good luck

justme said...

Ok....I THINK I have just voted!
As to love, if it is meant to be it will happen whether you leave the house or not! Good luck!

Sorrow said...

Gone and voted..
and looking forward tofind out what unfolds in the cards next!

Barbara said...

Voted and wishing that true love is on its way to you! A wise person I once knew often said "Anything is possible!" And so it is.

e said...

Thanks for your visit to my Blog today. I'm glad your rescue dog grew on you, and that her behaviours are improving!

Take care and I've voted yet again!

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

I just voted again. Let me tell you how I met hubby. In February 1991 I went to see an astrologer, primarily to find out if love was on its way. She said, oh yes, but not for a few months. And with someone from a foreign country most likely. I said I planned to travel to Italy in July. She said travel was in my chart but not till August. I met hubby on May 31, 1991 when I took a rare day off work to go sightseeing in NYC with a friend. I first came to England in August that year. She said I would have children but not till 1994. I got pregnant in January 1994.

Val said...

wooooooo! keep us posted. It will be as you wish I am sure :-)

Merry ME said...

Looks like you've pulled into the lead. When does the voting end?

Walker said...

I don't take to much stock in toarot and palm reading.
I have friends who di ut for a living and they know i don;t much care for it but what can I say other than.......she's cute HA HA HA

Anonymous said...

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