Monday, 16 March 2009


Can't think of anything meaningful to write so just some bits and bobs that are in my head.....

......So that clears that up then!!!!

The weather today has been wonderful, and when I got home it was still warm enough for me to sit outside with my book. And for Al and Trix to be playing in the garden.Great for a feeling of well being all round.

Client, who I had the bet with for the bunch of flowers,came back today.... her life is changed. She has turned it round in a week. At the end of the session I asked if she wanted another one. She decided she didn't need it, and then asked who was getting the flowers. I said she should buy them for me.... She announced that she'd been the one to do all the work!..... brilliant reaction, absolutely brilliant. So I suggested that she buy them for herself, which she thought was a great idea.

Love it when that happens. The power of giving oneself permission to think and act differently. To be able to communicate to others that 'I am no longer going to be a victim' Can't beat it.

And the really exciting news of the week is I've brought myself some new walking boots. Now that may not seem that thrilling to you. But I've been walking around on boots with a sole that every stone I walked on ground into my feet. So now I'm walking on air in a pair of Hi-tec boots. So I don't have to substitue my equally uncomfortable wellies on short walks with Trix. And apart from training her not to want to try and eat my socks when I'm putting them on preparing to go out we're doing well.

I mean why would I want to live in a place where Pierce Brosnan is filming, or go wandering round beauty spots in California, or tracking elephants in Africa when I can go into the place where my boots are and talk to them about how wondrous they are?

If you have any answers to the above, don't bother it was rhetorical!

Sometimes,just sometimes my life is beyond exciting!

Guess what I'm going to say now..... Yep that's right..... Vote for me please.
I am second but the leader is 20 points in front of me now


wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Well, Alex has had one birthday he won't forget -- hopefully. It's hard to manage them at this stage in life. I like the idea of giving oneself permission to act differently. I'm working on that myself.

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia.

You're so right when you say ``The power of giving oneself permission to think and act differently.''

Mel said...


You mean I'm suppose to write MEANINGFUL stuff on my weblog?

UH oh.....


BTW--we had wonderful weather as well......and I--got some outdoorsy stuff done! GO me!

Lori ann said...

Silly Byrd, exciting is relative, i would be head over heals walking your neighborhood, I am quite sure.
I'm off to vote for my favorite Bird now.
xxx lori

lakeviewer said...


Reya Mellicker said...

Gorgeous banner picture!

Bravo to the client. My acupuncturist often says, "What is keeping you from changing the way you feel right now?" I find that so empowering.

Barbara said...

You must feel so good when your work is so successful. I loved the story about the flowers. You were both brilliant!

Glad you got some new boots for as much walking as you seem to do!

e said...

Congrats to you and your client! And I too know the empowerment that comes from being willing to think and act differently.

I only wish I could take walks but the knee hurts too much most times...Your new boots sound fab and I hope you enjoy every step in your beautiful surroundings. BTW, just voted again. Have a good week.

karen said...

fantastic news about the flower bunch client! and of course most exciting about the walking boots! still voting every day :)

Val said...

voted again - cmon everyone - mandy's so close!!!
love the flower story - yay

Angela said...

Still, Pierce Brosnan only a half hour`s drive away - put on your walking boots and I`ll meet you in Peenemünde! But you are right of course, the place where we live is always a wonderful one, if we allow ourselves to feel happy! You are such a marvellous therapist! It`s because you open your heart to your clients!
I can only vote again this afternoon but will!

Angela said...

P.S. Did you read that exmoor jane has a house in Devon to sell? I just voted.