Tuesday, 17 March 2009


No words other than .... please vote for me.
And please don't worry about leaving a comment.
Wait till I write a proper post.

I can't tell you how grateful I am that you are bothering to vote in the first place.
It is almost at the stage of feeling embarrassing to me. And if it wasn't for the fact that I want to give the money to help put a roof on a school in Mozambique, I wouldn't keep asking. Actually I'm looking forward to this being over now, regardless.

I do find it sad that some people have voted against me. Not that I think they don't have that right, they of course do. Just seems a waste voting when it doesn't make any difference to the total. And I do know that the blogger in the lead has also had negative votes. Seems a bit spiteful to me.

So having had no other words to say, I as usual seem to have managed more as ever!!!


nitebyrd said...

I have voted, I also asked several friends to vote. Yes, I do find it sad that there are a few negative votes. Some people are just twits.

Don't feel badly, Byrd. You ROCK!

lakeviewer said...

Somebody doesn't know how to play. Send them back to school, I say. I have voted already today, but I'll pop back in and see.

Walker said...

I voted and then some ;)

Angela said...

As in every election, there might be some who just touched the wrong button and did not even notice?
You are giving such a beautiful example with wanting to donate your reward, maybe we should tell the other girl (she is 21) about it? I read her answers, and I did not think that she sounded so convincing. Maybe I`ll look up her blog and write a comment. How long will this voting be going? Till end of March?

Angela said...

Ha! I just did. I looked up her name on top of yours, clicked on it, and read her comments. Down underneath you are asked to comment, and so I did......

Mel said...


Tammi said...

I bet your right Angela...cuz I almost clicked on the wrong one...the FIRST time I voted,that is...LOL
I was like "WHOA"!
It didn't take me long to figure it out though.

Angela said...

Hi Mandy, I just voted for you, and I see that you are equal with Anna, the girl who apparently has many friends who vote for her. I took the time and read her own introduction and some of her blog posts and comments she got. And then I turned and thought, I`m glad that the blog community I belong to is a different one. Okay, I am not 21 anymore, and neither are my friends, but how superficial can you be?
When I think of all the things we have been discussing here, and exchanged ideas about... and then read this blabla talk!
I`ll surely return tomorrow - here!!

Lori ann said...

Angela! HUG. Mandy, HUG and a vote!