Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Dreams, start like wisps of cloud scudding across the sky.
They come into your mind unasked and take shape.
They flit and flame through our hearts and souls
Taking no account of the minds they disturb

The fluffy optimistic ones
The dreams that set your mind on fire
Aspirations, hope and joy that light your day aglow with love
That fill every waking moment

The rain filled clouds gathering in the sky
The dreams that seem so out of reach
The stretching for the stars, unable to grasp the light hidden from view
The drive to make them tenable and part of our future

The clouds that make a winters day grey from dawn till dusk
The ones you dread happening, that feel more like nightmares than dreams.
Scared and lonely alone to deal with pain and anguish.
The ones we know we must face, but would do anything than that.

All dreams and dreads that make ours days
The impossible happiness of love
Ambition driving us forward to achieve
The life we lead and want to escape

The need for balance then, to take a breathe
To get perspective
To be as we can be when our dreams become us.
That is what I want today


Wild Cat said...

Beautiful x

Lori ann said...

"light your day aglow with love" would be a lovely mantra. I enjoyed this very much fire byrd, thanks for sharing.

Sorrow said...

simmering this one for a while
thanks for the peek into your heart sweet

Val said...

beautiful! thanks xx

Trixie said...

You really are so good with words hon x

Nicey said...

I like it .......


hele said...

Pure beauty*

Ronjazz said...

Lots, lots to consider here, Byrd. I love it when someone makes me think.

anya said...

Such beautifully written, fire byrd. As you know, I an seemingly steeped in dreams these days. I felt like this could be just for me.

Rae!xx said...

That's beautiful Byrd..xx

Fire Byrd said...

Thank you
cat x
lori x
sorrow x
val x
trixie x
nicey x
hele x
ron x
anya x
rae x

Mel said...


k....that left me warmly happy.

And a very good thing!
Thank you, ma'am.