Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Thought I'd show you some of my favourite local places that I have walked in the last year. All within a 15 mile radius of where I live

Manifold Valley, Derbyshire,last week

Goyt Bridge in Derbyshire, walked this October with Trousers, 10 miles in the rain.

Tittesworth Reservoir, Staffordshire, walked in September with my two Wednesday mates

The top of the Roaches, Staffordshire, walked in the spring with Trousers

Dovedale, Derbyshire, walked with Monday evening mate.

Local canal, Staffordshire walked with Kit in the spring

Meerbrook Churchyard, overlooked by the Roaches, Staffordshire. I lived for 10 years half way up this hill.

Knyrpersly Pool, Staffordshire walked in late summer last year

Lud's Church, Staffordshire, walked so many times with anyone who'll walk with me as it is just astonishing!!


Ronjazz said...

I envy the absolute variety in your little hamlet. It's just gorgeous.

(Very) Lost in France said...

What gorgeous photos. Makes me yearn for England! VLiF

Wild Cat said...

What lovely piccies x

Rae!xx said...

What lovely pics, I adore the Peak District, when I was with a guy who lived in Nottingham we used to walk there all the time...perfect!..xx

Lori ann said...

I agree with all of the above comments(except I did not know a guy there)! Wow! Beautiful,beautiful,beautiful, I would love to go for a walk with you Fire Byrd!
thanks for the walk!

Fire Byrd said...

I am very lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world, and I didn't really know it till I'd been ill and I did a charity walk a year later, and I suddenly realised what was around me. Now I can't walk enough in these lovely spaces.
I'm really pleased you like them and any of you can come for a walk anytime you want.

Welcome VLiF good to meet you.

ron x
vlif x
cat x
rae x
lori x

Val said...

what a glorious part of the world you do live in!! the pictures are stunning. would love to walk in those secret places... enjoyx

Mel said...

I got to the first place and sat down.

Such a gorgeous view........

k....and I might be a bit greedy/lazy.....LOL

I'll catch up!

anya said...

Hi Fire Byrd. I've been reading back over your past posts, trying to figure out your story. I love the honest, no holds barred way you write.

I'm looking forward to a very nice Christmas this year with just my son and my grand daughter. I think I won't be missing my former husband being here because for the last two years he didn't add much to the occasion other than anxiety. My only regret is that I'll have to get a shorter tree that I can put up by myself! How will I choose just a few of the ornaments?

trousers said...

Lovely pics - and Dovedale and Manifold valley look especially good.

Fire Byrd said...

val, any time hon,

mel, you just sit on that bridge and we'll come by again and pick you up.

anya, I'm glad your're looking forward it's such a good place to by.

trousers, walks to come then?