Tuesday, 8 July 2008


Is it me?

Am I turning into a Grumpy Old Woman?

For a change I have bothered to watch television, after about 5 minutes of the news I gave up on it.

I mean the G8 summit..... by the year 2050 there may be less green house gases if some other countries agree to play along.... WHAT THE.... I know I paraphrase, but honestly.

By the same token I've had an email asking me to sign a petition as an RAF town in Norfolk wants to turn itself into an eco town, to do this it will build a road through a stretch of green belt and some people's gardens..... WHAT THE....

But it doesn't matter any of this, cause if you get hold of a copy of this weeks Closer magazine you can find out all about how Javine (.... who the fuck is she?) lost her three and a half stone baby weight.

Wouldn't be anything to do with actually having the baby would it??? I know that's a very speculative question but I just feel I had to ask it!!!

What the hell is going on?

Mind you at least G8 have decided to act on Zimbabwe, but is that all rhetoric too.

Or am I just being a tad cynical here?

Answers please on a crisp £20 note, there's a recession coming and I want to be ahead here!


Walker said...

You grumpy old woman, naw
You should some of the grumpy old farts in that G8 meeting stinking up the place.

The only thing the G8 manage to accomplkish is visit a different country every time they have a meeting.
That and collecting airmiles for their families.

The whole green thing has me baffled.
Before the industrial revolution, all there was was green but now that we are more advanced and supposedly better off they want us to be more green.

Lets get the people who started the industrial revolution to clean this mess up.

I think I had to much chocolate today lol

Ronjazz said...

The G8 is an exhausting proposition that never seems to fulfill any promise at all. So you are not alone in your frustration.

And I'm back. Come read me.

Annie Wan said...

yanno at least we're not invading zimbabwe guns blazing

trousers said...

Yes you're being cynical - no you're not being a grumpy old woman. But when I say you're being cynical - we have to be cynical these days, since there's so much shit flying around.

I'm so glad I haven't got a tv, there's so much rubbish I miss (and yes I know I miss good stuff too, but I do think the balance is in my favour).

All these efforts regarding climate change seem like applying lipstick to a gorilla.

Trixie said...

Urgh, this is why I hardly follow newspapers, mags, etc. Prefer to live in my own little bubble!