Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Please ignore the post below.
All is well HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF !!!

The fear was real, as fear is, even though it is totally illogical.

It scares me how quickly I go straight for the worst possible place. Logical thought goes out of the window so fast.

I don't know but I would suspect that my reaction is the same as others who've been had to deal with cancer.

Plus being alone makes my anxiety unmanageable, as my fantasies go haywire.

I will not though beat myself up about this, even though that's very tempting!
I didn't used to be like this but then I didn't used to have cancer either.And I don't anymore either I just have emotional fall out occasionally!!!

And when I get scared I don't want to to tell the boys till I have to , they had enough to deal with when I really was ill.


Walker said...

Four letter words are so powerful arn;t they.
Fear, hope , love, Tums.

We all jump to conclusions to quickly. I guess its some sort of defense mechanism.
If we die of a heart attack first then we won't hear that we have something we fear more.

I am happy to hear all is well :)

Lady in red said...

I will call you when I get the chance, wish I had read this earlier.

You know where I was at when you found my blog last year. I have also had the errant mole thing too although I had completely forgotten until now.


trousers said...

Oh, thank goodness for that! I read the previous post earlier and was concerned, but didn't have the words to comment at that point apart from what (I felt) would sound like platitudes.

But it's a tremendous relief to know that those fears have been dashed (it's so often you hear the phrase about hopes being dashed, isn't it).

Hugs x

Ronjazz said...

Whatever happens (and ditto, I'm glad to hear all is well), don't you EVER be afraid or embarrassed to share such a thing out here. If you don't take care of yourself first, you're no good to anyone. That is know that.

Your strength of character and elegance of spirit are really boons to all who read you. Don't forget that, either.

Fire Byrd said...

Your right Walker, sound advice. On the one hand i feel a complete idiot for going off into panic mode. But I also understand it and the secret is not to punish myself for being human.

Lady I'm around after sailing on Saturday and the rest of the weekend if you have time.

trousers, you rock mate, you eally do. I'd be lost without you.

bbx xxx

Fire Byrd said...

ron, I just love your cotten socks mate. You are also someone I'm damned glad is in my life.
bbx x

Angel said...

Thank goodness! I was holding my breath, hoping it wouldn't be bad. ((Hugs))

Mel said...

It's not often I go there--but when the circumstances align, lemme assure you....I'm there in warp speed.
And I'm thinkin' it's pretty human of me to do that.
Wisepersoninmylife tells me it ain't good to make the arrangements to stay alone in that thinking.
Does that stop me?!

I'm relieved to hear 'all is well'.
Very much so.

(((((( the byrdie )))))

nitebyrd said...

I'm really happy that all is right!

Hey, don't get all embarrassed by getting in a dither, isn't that what friends are for? To be able to listen and care, without judgement, when you need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to vent to, or just need a hug?

Fire Byrd said...

Angel, you are just that!

mel, where would I be without you and wise words and wonderful take on life. You always manage to make me smile.

nitebyrd, thank you for that I did go into dither mode for a while.
And when I write my next post later you'll understand why!

bbx xxx

Trixie said...

Hey sweets, you have every right to get fearful at times. I'm just glad all is well. Can't wait to see you again next month!

blogthatmama said...

Hurrah that all's well with you. Hope you had a lovely glass of the fizzy stuff...

Fire Byrd said...

trix hon, can't wait to see you and your sisters either.

blogthatmama, I saved the fizz till tonight and very lovely it was too!

bbx xx