Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Just remind me, wasn't the story of David and Goliath one that worked on the principle of good over evil?
So what exactly is going on in Gaza?
What the fuck are the Israelies doing with all their force against the seemingly pathetic forces that Hammas have to hand. This is not a comment about Hammas, more about the amount of weaponry they appear to be using in comparison to the utter heavy handedness of Israel.
What is Israel after, annihilation of a people?
Cause they won't succeed, all they will do is antagonise the friends of Hammas to take up ever more powerful arms against them.
Then what do you know we'll have another war going on.
What has been happening to the people of Gaza for months now is disgraceful, they are being starved and unpaid and trapped within the walls of their city, wasn't that enough?
But no, obviously not, they need to be taught a lesson.
Well get this Israel, I have no political allegiances in relation to the Middle East, but when someone such as me starts to think that you are behaving like Goliath and that your behaviour is wrong, then you better watch out.
Cause if I'm feeling outraged and I am just watching from my sofa then the people who have stronger feelings than me will be reacting a lot tougher.
Surely life is precious to all religions and creeds, so how come some men/women and children are worth less than others and can just be bombed without thought.
I'm not a religious person at all, but even I know the difference between right and wrong in religious terms, and killing our fellow human is wrong. End of.


Walker said...

If i had my way I would be leading a force of UN troops blasting into the region until there wasn't a single Hammas fighter or Israeli soldier left standing.
All they have managed to do is murder innocent people.
I don't blame Israel for being mad but lets not be fooled.
They are not killing Hammas they are murdering innocent people and we have supplied the weapons to both sides which makes us accessories.

In fact I want my guns back because no one asked me if I wanted to sell them any.
As tax payer we should have the right no.
If all these big companies can beg for our money then we should have the right to say what they do with it and I don't want companies who make weapons to sell them to any Middle East country.
Not even a sling shot.
They can pull their own strings as far as I'm concerned.
I think each one should be held accountable for any damages they cause paid for immedialty by force if neccessary.
Then hold the weapons makers accountable for all the deaths and put them on trial as mass murderers.

Fire Byrd said...

well said Walker, thanks.

Ronjazz said...

Wow...well, after what we just read, my comment will seemed small and insignificant. But I think it needs to be said anyway, Byrd. I beg your indulgence...

For so long, both sides have operated on the premise of fearing what the other side will/would or wants to do to them, if they don't strike first. Fear has ALWAYS been the REAL operative word in the Middle East.

The Israelis, who continually are placed as outsiders in a region they claim as a holy right, but do not exhibit anything other than combativeness and entitlement; the Palestinians, who are basically regarded as being almost leperous even by the Arabs and have no home at all, but who have always been more than terrorist in activity; and the Arab nations, who have so much to offer the world, but who know no other way to work than through intimidation -- all of them together have rarely exhibited two tenets that stand high in their respective religious teachings...

The tolerance of other points of view; and the courage to take that chance and say to each other three little words...

Love thy neighbor.

And then to actually act on it...THERE'S the real story of courage. ANYONE can fight. It's actually turning the other cheek, NOT fighting, and reaching out that will turn out in the end to be the act of courage needed to stop it.

Sorrow said...

I just want to give Ronjazz a HUGE hug, and say "ABSolutely!!! Well said.
It is the need to 'look 'fierce and fearless in the face of their enemies that makes the Israelites such dumbasses..

Lori ann said...

It feels so hopeless to me, the hatred and intolerance, it's as old as the beginning of time, this war between these people. I can only pray for peace.

Mel said...


Why can't people just get along....

Walker said...

Ronjazz: I respect what you say and you are right it takes more courage to make peace than war and it is harder but there is no peace for these people because they only want it at the expense of the other's extermination.
I don't blame the Jews or the Arabs and certainly not the Palestinians because they are the ones who have been displaced through all of this.
I blame them all.
Turning the other cheek is a Christian saying it's not a Muslim or Jewish one and if it was you only have two cheeks and then your kids have to forfiet theirs to be slapped.
I wish it was only cheek slapping but it's not, it's the taking of life these people want and in the end if they do find some way to reach a peac e they will probably have UN troops come in to police it as they have in the past and we will loose some of our sons and daughters in a conflict we have nothing to do with.
How far are you willing to let it go.
What are you willing to sacrifice for their peace.
Would you send one of youyr children there to be put in the line of fire between two bull headed groups of fanatics.
Are you willing to kiss you son and say I love you and sit home dieing every minute he or she is in harms way.

We, you, I and everyone else can't fathom what these people think or feel but I see the cries of the mothers as their children are led off forever in boxes to be planted in the ground where some day a bomb may land on and scatter what's left of them all over the dirt once again.

I want peace and not war but sometimes you have to step in to stop the madness once and for all.
These people are like serial killers.
They keep going and going and going with a break every now and again.
I ask you again.
How much are we willing to take if they don't find a solution and the spilling of innocent blood continues.

If you think my opinions are easy for me to make then you're wrong.
I'm an optomist at heart but even I have my limits when I am thinking of someone elses kids being in danger and not my own.
I'm just thankful I live in Canada and not the graveyard over there.

I have friends who are Lebanese and my SIL is half Lebanese and to here then say how beautiful Beruit was once and how scared it is today breaks your heart when you look in their eyes.

nitebyrd said...

My political savvy is near nil. Our "liberal media" seems to lean on the side of the Isralies as being the downtrodden peoples. Who is right or wrong, I can't say. My own feeling is that war/murder/suicide/homicide in the name of religion is wrong. Absolutely, wrong.

You've all made excellent points. I wish such logical minds would be in charge in these regions.

karen said...

FireByrd...I always feel so helpless in the face of what is going on in the middle east, not to mention other parts of the world...i can see the points of view of both walker and ronjazz. I keep on thinking of Mahatma Gandhi with talk of turning the other cheek..and i know deep down that although I always really want to put my head in the sand, Gandhi tells us to "be the change you want to see in the world". there seem to be so many people who are actually tolerant, and peaceloving. How to be that change, I'm not really sure & could probably go on for a few more paragraphs and end up nowhere again in my head, so will end off now, no wiser than when i began!

Fire Byrd said...

This is obviously a very passionate subject and I do not feel in a position to decide whose right or wrong whether here, or in Gazza.
But talking about it, I feel is a start, the more we know about others the less scared we of them, whomever they are.

Ronjazz said...

I hear you, Walker. But there really is a counterpart to nonviolence in both Islam and Hebrew. Mohammed was stoned in the city of Taif when he first accepted his prophetdom...the angel Gabriel offered to throw a mountain on them...He said no and began to pray for them instead.

And I think it's in Lamentations... not sure about that... where it says something like "He will give his cheek to those that smite him" or something like that.

My whole point is that in every religion you can offer, there is a component of nonviolence, of tolerance, of acceptance in God's eyes. I maintain that the courage needed to stop this bloodshed comes from scripture, and anyone who uses his religion to harm his fellow man is nothing but a fool... So I guess we're back where we started -- waiting on the courage to come to light.

Unknown said...

Amen, sister!
It's insanity and it's about as simple as that. I left a looong comment on Angela's blog today, so I won't repeat my sentiments here, but the madness has to stop. However, until both sides realise that neither of them is right, that we are all interconnected and get past the fear that drives them, then none of this will ever stop.
It's tragic beyond words