Friday, 27 January 2012

What to do with an hour to waste? I know write something here.

Bollington on the Macclesfield canal from my walk on Saturday with Trousers

Right now I have an hour to waste.... whah, hay!!!

I could of course clean the house, nah, can't do that son is on nights, so don't want to wake him vacuuming.... this excuse works like magic for two weeks, then he goes back on days and I'm scuppered!

I could spend a happy hour looking at houses for sale in Devon, but no, that is one task I keep for when it gets really bad and I need to escape into the what seems like a fantasy of moving. I have committed myself for at least another year here. And we're on the edge of another recession so that seems a dim idea at the moment anyway.

I could go out for another walk, but already done a brisk mile at the start of the day with the dog. And walked 13 miles on Wednesday and 9 last Saturday, so feel that's up to date on being fit.

I could go and eat some more food, no no no! Had a bowl of boring cereal with dried fruit already. Will be going out for lunch to catch up with a mate I hadn't seen for 10 years. There I was walking in the snow the weekend before Christmas through town when I noticed this woman staring at me. I looked back, I screamed her name out and there we were enveloped in a huge hug. She now works in my town running an antique place. Anyone who knows where I live knows it's awash with antiques places, we are famous for it. Anyway last time we saw each other I went to her second wedding in Surrey and was due to have my famous five week second marriage later in the year. So there is a lot to be said later!!!!

Then I think I'm going to treat myself to a nap,before weather permitting ( snow is supposed to be on the way.... uuurrgghh!!!) going to Ashbourne for supper with another friend.

And since Chinese New Year I've started to do what I couldn't even think about at our New Year and that is to lesson my food intake. I do really need to lose 14lbs, the rolls of fat are getting on my nerves. And I WILL NOT go up a clothes size. And so I make my clothes do up and suck my stomach in, but the muffin top keeps escaping. The plan is to make reasonable adjustments to what I eat, but if I want fries I'm having them just not many. And I want to have achieved this miraculous change by my birthday in April.

Thank goodness that my winter dresses are all Empire line and hide a multitude of sins!!!

What this does mean though is to stave off the hunger pangs during daylight hours I'll drink more coffee.So make that a skinny decaff with sweetener please! That is until I pop and visit my uncle, who knows I adore cream in my coffee and buys some in especially for me. Now how could I disappoint my 86yr old uncle making that effort for me. Just as well I only see him at his house once a week.

Ah well it's the weekend tomorrow and that means the best breakfasts of the week, fresh fruit, pineapple this weekend, warmed croissant, cold meat, and a whole pot of coffee to entertain myself with for several hours.
Then there is the excitement of choosing to read a book or pick up my knitting. Have a beautiful back done of a rather nice cardigan, just got to pick up the needles and cast on some stitches to do the rest.Or if those distractions don't prove tempting enough there is a chapter to write on minfulness, if only I could spend some time there rather than escaping into my head!!!!

I hope however your weekend is you enjoy it.


Pam said...

Funny to read about approaching snow Mandy when it is so hot here. I used to enjoy leisurely househunting until our last rental lease ran out and it was a frantic (and stressful) rush to find something to buy in the allocated time frame.Your way sounds much more manageable.
How exciting to catch up with old friends you haven't seen in a long time - enjoy!

Paula said...

I love empire line and do not have another to hide anymore. yet what I lost were the signs of indulging myself to often (no,no, I wont call it overindulgence, I wont call it sins, far too yummy and to much enjoyed;-) I am glad to read you have had a 1h to take a breath and relax. Big, big hug!

GaynorB said...

Whatever you end up doing, enjoy it!

Angela said...

I liked listening to your self-conversation, it felt like being next to you at your kitchen table, nodding and asking for another cup of skinny coffee, and putting in ideas of how to spend that hour. Lovely.
By now your day has come and gone, and you surely had a great time with your friends. Sometimes such a leisurely hour of only planning, and then doing nothing, is just the right thing. I`ll write you a real mail tonight!

trousers said...

Enjoy your weekend too - and thanks for a great walk last Saturday. Odd how the pics of yours look similar to mine :)

Dragonfly Dreams said...

Bless the person who invented Empire line clothing. Obviously NOT the same person who came up with high heels.
Have a wonderful weekend Mandy!

Anonymous said...

So glad to read another beautiful update! Bargging about all manner of things.
Naps indeed!
you could take one for me..
and muffin top? Pffft hardly, as always your radiant beauty need not worry about a few stones.. I am sure you will shed it soon.

Sorrow~ since blogger aka GOOGLe is being an asshat as always...

Carol said...

Its lovely when we find that we have an hour to ourselves in which to potter!

I'm finding that my 'drawing a day' website is taking up all my time! I've hardly seen my hubby this month as every spare minute has been spent in the study putting pen to paper. I'm starting to worry that I've bitten off more than I can chew! We'll just have to wait and see how it goes...

Diets, yup...start mine today. I reckon between that and my nordic walking I can finally shift the weight I put on whilst sitting at the comp writing my dissertation. I will shift it and I will have shifted most of it by May (that is my goal!).

C x

Niall & Antoinette said...

Hope you had a great catch-up with your friend, Mandy.
Snow flurries here today. First real winter we've seen.

Mel said...

What to do when Blogger eats your post....



I have about an hour before I slip into jammies. I could just keep rawrrrrr-ing.

<-- good at rawrrr-ing!

JUST sayin'... LOL

((((((((( the byrdie ))))))))))

Pam said...

...back to offer you some of my birthday mudcake Mandy - the thought is there without the calories!!! Also organized is a virtual skinny decaff with sweetner for you. As the birthday girl I get to choose not to suck my tummy in, so there! Hope your week has been successful and not too cold. xx