Sunday, 16 October 2011

My walk alone in the October sunshine

Enlarge this pic the detailed work in the cobweb is astonishing

        Little ruined house in the woods, like something in a fairy story now lived in by nature

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day with a nip in the air so jumper and scarf required. I didn't know what to do with myself. It was too lovely to stay indoors and I'm a little uncertain about walking alone. But the call of the day lured me out, so armed with my binoculars and camera I went to a place I've been meaning to go for ages. It's the only RSPB site locally to me and as a member of the RSPB I should go and check out the birds there! It's also I'd heard quite small so not really suitable for a Wednesday walk.

I've been very fed up the last few days for various reasons, the anniversary of my Dad's death last weekend. My youngest son being ill with a virus, which has meant that he has been beyond grumpy, and therefore taking it out on everyone around him, especially me. Not getting anywhere about my results, my thyroid level is 16 which the nurse said was withing normal limits ie 9-19, however my sister informed me that is the level if you're not on Thyroxine then the level is 15-25 so I am low which is what I've thought all along. So now I'll have to wait till I come back from my hols and go and have another talk to a doc. Not something I like doing, which is ironic when you consider I spend my life professionally telling the docs what for about their patients! Plus my workload at the surgeries at the moment is emotionally overloaded to a really tough level. The work I am trying to set up won't really happen till after Christmas now, so no extra money coming in. And on and on and on..... And for two pins I could cry my eyes out.

Instead yesterday I took myself on that walk. It is a small nature reserve only about three/four miles in total to walk round. I took my time and did a lot of stopping and staring and listening. The woods made so much noise, with babbling brooks, bird song, acorns falling to the ground and not a soul around. It was a most uplifting experience.

I came home knowing my sister was popping in for a cuppa, so I made some scones and rushed down to the shops to pick up some Cornish clotted cream, to go with the jam and scones.

So a lovely end to an unexpected day.

It helped for a while but the misery has returned now. But I'm holding on as off to Devon later in the week followed by Cornwall again so will get to be with three different lots of friends for just over a week.
That will help.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I hope you will be feeling better soon !!
The walk you had sounds lovely and the pictures are so beautiful.
The tea you had sounds yummy, with scones jam and clotted cream, delish....
Have a magical day.

GaynorB said...

The surroundings for your walk, and the photographs you've taken are wonderful.

Last week was also the anniversary of my fathers death and I can understand how sometimes this just gets to you, and can become difficult to cope with. something not even delicious scones and cream can fend off for any length of time.

Work seems to become overwhelming at times and we need to step back, even a fraction, to maintain our equilibrium.

We should arrange another coffee meet, although with both of our work commitments it would need to be at the weekend.

Enjoy your time away with friends and 'hang on in there'!

Dragonfly Dreams said...

I am so happy to hear you will be on holiday soon, although you did get a much needed taste on your walk.

It sounds like you need the three "re's"

Blessed thoughts to you and a huge hug from across the pond!

Merry ME said...

When I was in Oklahoma, I felt like I could walk all day in the fresh air surrounded by trees on the verge of color, and doves cooing. The pathways were rocky, thus a bit precarious, but I wondered through the trails like an Indian princess. Well, maybe more like a tired old woman. There are not places like this to walk in my hometown. I get it now when you say you take 11 mile hikes. There's not a better place to be than Mother Nature's backyard.

(My toes which I think might fall off, are in disagreement)

Paula said...

Girl, I hear you. There are times when no toolbox and no attempt has a lasting effect and one is just exhausted and overwhelmed. And it is ok. Mandy Mine, it shall pass. Please treat yourself kind and gentle. Much love, Paula
P.S. Wonderful walks in the woods!

Pam said...

You do a mighty effort of holding it together Mandy, and I can understand if a tear drops now and then. Maybe a good cry will lubricate those "holding it together" joints - out in the woods is a great place for that. The photos you shared are beautiful.
Good you have a sister to talk to- always wished I had one - especially sharing thoughts over tea and scones with clotted cream! Yum. Enjoy your catch-up time with friends.

Sorrow said...

That sounds like bliss.. walking along in the woods with nature.
Sorry it's all giving you stress. Seems to be something in the air.
If I could I would dash over and hug you close!

Lyn said...

Mandy - lovely captures from your walk. Sometimes you just have to get out in the air to free yourself from the mundane, and you did just that. I hope you feel like your happy, healthy self soon. It's been a while since I've dropped by and I have missed you.

Miss Robyn said...

awww Pix, you did the right thing by going for a walk.. although after the Cornish clotted cream, you may need another long one! the cream sounds delish... absolutely delish xoxo

karen said...

It is amazing how a beautiful walk like that can do absolute wonders! Then tea with you sister - the best!