Thursday, 1 September 2011

House in the Country????

 A des res in deepest Devon! It's actually a housing for a well

 A sky of wonder promising wonderful weather, and it poured down instead!

 Reflections on the River Bovey

 Beautiful flowers in my friend's garden

Beautiful fungus on a very wet walk in Yarner Woods at the base of Dartmoor

 Sometimes, although nature is wonderful and fills me with joy it doesn't always work in soothing my soul.
And today was one of those days. I needed to look at clothes,get a coffee, speak to people, get dressed up and put makeup on. And not just cause it was a work day.
So short T shirt dress, black leggings and wedge heel shoes, full make up, hair sorted, roof down in the car and I was ready to rock and roll.
Off I went to my favourite shop in the world, a very large M&S near Manchester. First stop coffee shop, and sat outside in the sunshine drinking a mocha and eating a scone and butter, whilst I worked out why I was there.
I realised that at the moment, a lot of my friends and family are leaning on me heavily. And although I am always more than happy to be there for people I care about, it does drain me. There is almost a finite number of troubles I can listen to without doing something for myself. But at the moment there is a lot of worry and pain about. I would never not be there for people around me, so to deal with that inside myself I have to reward me.
There is no-one around me who'll tell me what a good girl I'm being, or give me a strong hug and look after me. Now I am fine with that, my ratio is 80% - 20% of being happy alone. But I know for to to maintain this balance that I must look after me.
Of course the rewards come in many lovely ways, most of which don't cost more than a tank of petrol when I go and see friends, or go dancing or walking. But there other times when I know that I'm exhausting my reservoir and therefore need  a little extra.
So once I understood what I was doing at that wonderful shop I went with a clear mind and bought a winter coat in soft pink wool and cashmere. And boy do I feel happy now!
Of course for days here in England the weather has been foul, unseasonally cold and wet. But today the weather has been astounding, clear blue skies and warm sunshine and it is a completely mad to day to buy a coat.
I will not wish the sunshine away, I'll just hang this lovely coat up in the wardrobe and look forward to that chill happening that I can sashy down the street feeling good sometime soon!


nitebyrd said...

It's good to know that you've treated yourself, Mandy. For all you do, you definitely deserve it. I hope you'll post one of your fabulous pictures with you in it, wearing your beautiful coat!

Merry ME said...

What a perfect example of what I'm trying to teach myself. To connect with and care for the child inside. Cause it sounds like to me it was your little girl who wanted some attention and your adult that said, okay, let's go shopping. A pink cashmere coat sounds like the perfect way to make you both happy.

Pam said...

I would think Mandy, that just a hint of cashmere and it's got your name on it! Picture please, preferably with you wearing it.
Keep well and happy. Don't take on too much, and keep adventuring. I've always found that better your own company than being stuck with an intolerable bore, and it is such a gift to be able to enjoy one's own company and have the freedom that comes with that. I get a great deal of pleasure that you share those adventures here, especially as I found out recently that my Dads ancestors were a young couple from Devon and migrated here to South Australia in the 1800's. Liked your pics.

GaynorB said...

A pink cashmere coat sounds wonderful for the winter. I'll look out for it next time I'm in M&S!

Time and space to recharge your own batteries is really important if you are to carry on giving your friends and family the support they are seeking.

Don't forget to look after yourself, especially as you get into the extra work opportunities you told us about.

Enjoy wearing your coat and remember why toy bought it!

Marilyn said...

Time for yourself and retail therapy is just perfect when your energies have been drained by other's needs of your time and love.

Beautiful photos, wonderful post.

Angela said...

Some people are just too demanding, I think, or maybe we just let them. Think more of yourself, Mandy! YOU are the one who must thrive! Love from here, I`m thinking of you!

Paula said...

Love this! Slowly my mind wraps around the fact that I did keep Little Paula safe... will blog about it tomorrow. Yes, openly.

Paula said...

darling girl, I opened my blog again. I am safe, so the need has gone to keep it closed. much love. Paula

Anonymous said...

Your self love is a gentle and beautiful thing to behold my dear...
It is so wonderful to now that you are taking good care of you!

Mel said...

Pink, huh? LOL

You know me!

Whatever works for you, works for me!
...ummm.....even pink!

<-- means that!! ;-)

Ohhhhhhhh and I so enjoyed the photos of the little flowery guys.

Beatnheart said...

nothing like cashmere to sort out the blues. I want to give you a long distance hug, peck on the cheek and raise a glass of champagne to my sweet lady friend ...
cheers and salutations from across the pond...