Friday, 9 September 2011

Birds Birds everywhere!

 An English Robin

 A nuthatch in the rain through my conservatory window

 A dog referred to as Birdie and me in the garden

 A Chaffinch singing it's heart out

 Guillimots on South Stack, Anglesea

A few more Guillimots on South Stack

Went walking round Titttesworth on Wednesday and despite thinking there weren't many birds about, at the end of the walk saw a cloud of Gold Finches about 40/50 of them gathering, an amazing sight. Only to be beaten by my first ever sight of a Kingfisher as it flew up the river. Didn't get a close view just saw it's iridescent turquoise back flying past beneath me in the bird hide. Only to be further beaten by a Buzzard sitting on a post in the pouring rain flapping it's wings as if it was in a shower. It stayed there for a about three minutes. Could even see it's bright yellow feet and beak and watch it blinking through my binoculars. Great end to a walk.
So now off to Anglesea for a weekend of solitude, reading, knitting and walking. And no doubt a bit of bird watching.
Forgot to tell you that when I was in Yarner woods in Devon two weekends ago I saw two deer. A rare sight in England in the wild. I was so excited and felt really lucky.


Laura~Pretty Pix said...

A face to go with your name. Hello Mandy! Now I can visualize.
Thanks for sharing your birdie adventures..
and thanks for being you!

Miss Robyn said...

I loVE birds! at the moment here, the blackbird is singing her little heart out..being wooed by her mate.
enjoy your time of solitude.. and knitting xo

Mel said...

Yeah!! You saw deer!

They're thick around here--go figure they like the corn? LOL

I was surprised at how skinny your nuthatch was. Poor thing--more peanuts! :-)

Oh, but I love the robin and the chubby/fluffy guy atop the tree. HE took all the peanuts! Ah HA!! ;-)

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Calling by to catch up on your recent words and photos. Your pink cashmere coat sounds gorgeous I think you should have modelled it for the photo in this post. Have the deer become rarer recently in the Uk then, as we had many on Leith Hill when we lived there.

Marilyn said...

Lovely photos, live the one of yourself. Hope you had a wonderful time in Anglesea, it sounded perfect to me.

Paula said...

Oh Mandy what a dramatic sky. Love the birds. Wish I would have access to the camera. Miss it so much. So glad you have had a great weekend.