Monday, 6 December 2010

The start of BAR HUMBUG

I think dog walkers are probably the daftest people on the planet. Who in their right mind would go out for a walk when getting home from work. A walk that necessiates, wellingtons with thick socks, waterproof and warm coat, scarf wrapped around the nose and mouth, and a woolly hat and thermal gloves all for 20 minutes, cause that's as long as I can stand! In that time I've warded off other dogs whose stupid owners haven't got them on leads. I have walked over ice fields which used to be known as the road, to get to the grass or snow actually on the other side with not a chicken in sight. Sensible critters have given up wanting to cross the road in this weather. I have marvelled at the fact that it's as well that I've been walking in this place for years as I'm having to do it in the dark except for the eternal twinkling of the bloody snow.
Have I mentioned before anywhere I HATE SNOW AND ICE. You would tell me if I was in danger of repeating myself wouldn't you?
So now I'm back in the house and even though it's Monday I'm throwing a glass of champagne down my throat to alleviate the trauma..... that is definitely my excuse anyway!
To add insult to injury it's another early start in the morning which means another bonkers walk in the dark but at 6.30am. I must be seriously mad.
I may just have to keep drinking champagne till the snow has gone at this rate. Which is fine if it goes at the end of the week, but going to be a tad expensive if the rumour that it will be here till January is true.
Thank goodness for internet shopping is all I can say, great way to deal with Christmas.
At least I was saved from one task this winter, the purchasing of the Christmas tree. In previous years I've been and got it, and received a lot of weird looks as I've carried it home in my car with the roof down in December, well it's a little car and a 6' tree. Always made for interesting cornering in that I had to plan a route home that involved NO right turns, as couldn't see a thing cause there was a honking great Christmas tree in the way
Youngest went and did the deed himself, which is a bit early for me, but based on last years traumas completely understandable. So the tree is up and smelling gorgeous. Just hope the needles stay on till the big day!
So there you have it, a few hours in the life of a daft person, it's just as well I love that dog cause not sure I'd be this barmy for anyone else!


Marilyn & Jeff said...

Oh Mandy this speaks of true love of your dog, to go out in the exact weather you hate.You made me smile when I read of your small car with a 6' plus tree as your passenger, a good way to start my day. Stand your tree in water and give it an asprin - that's what we get told to do here so it won't drop it's needles too quickly... and champagne for yourself, that sounds good to me.

trousers said...

I don't want to tempt fate, but at least, unlike last year, you haven't injured or maimed yourself whilst walking the dog this winter (I only mention that because I was worried that you might have done when I started reading the post - and thank goodness you haven't!).

nitebyrd said...

And you know she loves you for being such a loving mum!

Nice of your son to be helpful. Good for him!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Dog owners - we all understand completely. I am without a dog for the first time in my life right now, lost ours in July and it will be strange without him at Christmas napping under the tree. Can't get over your weather but the "I'm throwing a glass of champagne down my throat to alleviate the trauma" line still has me laughing - hilarious!!

Beatnheart said...

Oh Byrd...what a pity that you hate winter...perhaps you should find a way to move to California...I know my husband loves it and doesn’t even go back to England to visit he hates the cold that much. I think I miss snow but can’t remember, its been that the idea of tossing a glass of Champs down your throat though...I’ll do that for any reason.. keep warm dear friend...Send you folks on over for the GIVEAWAY...

TALON said...

That's what I love about Riley and Charlie - they force me to deal with the ice and snow and infect me with their total delight in the white stuff. Hope it doesn't linger too long for you. The tree sounds lovely - the scent is fantastic, isn't it?

Angela said...

Here is another member of the "daft dog owner" guild. Haha, you are quite right. Paco and I are often the only ones around, and I don`t blame all the others! But then, it IS pretty isn`t it? Songs come to my mind when I crunch through the snow, like (translated) "Brooks and lakes sleep under the ice, the forest is dreaming a deep dream...", and as no one is around I start singing it out loud. Lala la lala.
I always get home in a good mood then!

Angela said...

I started reading Shantaram! That keeps me cosy inside in front of a candle!

Mel said...

*laughing* I could sooooooo envision the 6' tree in the car with the top down.

And I must say--you are a very good human.
Sounds like you're dealing quite well with the pup and others who don't bother with a lead. Just make sure you're away from curbs and disentangled! (Just sayin'!)

Hang in there--tree's up and I'm certain the rumour about snow until January isn't true.

k...not certain, but hopeful!


Angel said...

Aw, how sweet of your younger son to get the Christmas tree for you. Mmm, I can imagine the smell from here.