Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Love and gratitude

I've just written a post all about how privileged I feel and why. The reasons are all to do with being loved. Then I realised that it's a post I've written more than once in the last three and a half years, so I got rid of it.

I don't want to repeat myself or rehash old posts but I did want to make a point about how I feel.

I have never seen it as my automatic right to be loved. It is not something I ever want to take for granted. I spent so many years of my early life not having friends.
I learnt to not show how much it mattered being without them.

So now years later I am constantly amazed when people want not only be my friend, but then stay friends with me.

I have always nurtured my friendships. I contact people and ask them if they want to do something with me, whether that's put up with me visiting, or going out for a simple walk. When I was younger and did this, I always used to feel people were just putting up with me. Now I know differently. We all lead such busy lives, no more so than at this time of year. And keeping up with people is not always easy with our day to day commitments. But I know now that people are pleased that I make the effort to contact them and say,lets get together, however that will be done.

Someone asked me recently whether we would be friends for life. And I would like to think that anyone who is my friend is there for life. The world is a tough and lonely place, we need each other. Even if we don't get round to speaking to each other every week. That bit doesn't matter. What matters is that when we have time that we do contact each other and share our thoughts and care of each other.

Blogging feels a bit like that circular, which I'm sure you've all seen. You know the one, that talks about some people only being in our lives for a moment, others for a while longer and some for ever. Many people have passed by here in their blog journeys, a few have stayed the course and are real friends now and I think will always be so. Others have drifted off or I have drifted away from them, as our paths changed and are need for that person was not so intense. I regret the drift away, but at the same time I know I cannot be friends with everyone all of the time.

I suppose in writing this I just want to pay tribute to all of you wonderful bloggy friends, whether you are there for the duration or just passing through. I am grateful that you have stopped by because you make a difference in my life.

And at this wonderful and difficult time of year I just want you to know that I wish for you good things, peace and contentment.


trousers said...

I've made some fine - and hopefully long lasting - friendships from blogging. You being the first, and therefore, the primary example. I hope this friendship does last, but I see no reason why it shouldn't.


Dragonfly Dreams said...

You make a difference in my life and I feel fortunate that you share yours with me! Much peace, love and happiness to you as well!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I enjoyed this post. I have had people drift in and drift out and some I purposely drifted from and I think it's okay and at the time, we learned something from each other. I also have my closest friends that I have known my whole life - all are important to me. I like having friends that do what you do and call me to do something, I often think of them and just don't make the effort and I'm always glad they do. I'm sure your friends feel the same.

Lyn said...

This time of year does stir our emotions and reflections. I also have found comfort in the relationships I have forged through blogging. I count you as a friend and I hope you feel the hugs I send from across the frozen pond. Cheers Lady!

Paula said...

Love you!

TALON said...

Human connections always sort of remind me of cobwebs...ties that can be fragile and ties that can be strong and true no matter the weather.

It is a blessing to be loved, but even more so be loving.

Beautiful thoughts expressed here, Mandy.

Marilyn said...

Beautiful words here and much to think about. Friendship is so important. I still consider myself new to blogging, I still wonder why I blog and how long I will continue to do so but what I do know is that I have learnt so much from others in this blogworld; I have also learnt so much about myself.
I certainly appreciate having 'met' you.

Cait O'Connor said...

This is a difficult time of year for me and many; I was just passing by and am so pleased to do be here, I appreciate my blogging friends.

Angel said...

Your post certainly hit home for me as well. ((Fire Byrd))

(And yes, I'm back and it's been a long time. My blog will be going through a change to reflect the many changes I've grown through.)
-Angel, of Little Red Riding Hood

Mel said...

It's a tough time of year for lots of folks--but the glory is....none of us has to go through that alone.

My life is richer for the places I'm privileged to go to. Here is one of those places--and for that....I'm grateful.

Eliza Deacon said...

hello, visiting you via the comment you left on mine - thanks so much :)
your words about friendship are very similar to how i feel; the bit about some who do the distance and some you lose along the way. i've had a great mix of both, some disappointments...and so they fall away, but so it goes, that's life. and some who have always been true. meeting kindred spirits is now always a given, but wonderful when it is so...cheers, eliza

LindyLouMac said...

What a touching post of love and gratitude, Thankyou.