Thursday, 28 October 2010

Let's hear it for my blog world

I got an award,yeah!
The wonderful Nicky gave me this at Absolute Vanilla ( would do a link, but can't!)
This is given to people who write from the heart and of course I'm meant to hand it on. But with all these things I think that's too onerous to land on anyone. So if you want to do it, please feel free.
I have to write 10 honest things about myself. And since I feel in the last three and a half years I've put more information out about me than anyone really wants to know I thought I'd do it from a blogging perspective.

1. I was introduced to blogging by a man I was going out with who I loved deeply, who dumped me a week after setting my first blog Pradapixie up, and so I instead of the writing I thought I'd be doing, I ended up dealing with my broken heart. He has recently got married to the woman he left me for.

2. The first person who commented on my blog was Trousers. We met up a couple of years ago now and he and I go on huge walks several times a year where we put the world to rights. Can't wait till Saturday, don't forget the chocolate cause I've got some hill for us to climb!!!

3. I've had several blogging parties where I invited people I'd never met to visit. The first one ended up being four of us and we got through 6 bottles of champagne, 1 bottle of red and some beer in the evening.

4. I had a short affair with a blogger. We'd travel to opposite ends of the country to spend weekends together for a while. He is also now married!

5. On a visit to see my best friend in Philly in 2008 I hired a car and drove 7 hours to go and meet and stay with Sorrow (who no longer blogs) for three days.

6. In 2009 I went to Usedom in Germany to meet and stay with Angela for a few days.

7. I once had an encounter at Piccadilly Station in Manchester with a fellow blogger, who was passing through from Scotland to Bristol. Not a good experience.

8. I've met and stayed friends with and do lunch with bloggers who live up near Liverpool and in Somerset.

9. I talk every week, if not more, to Paula in Munich, we are really good friends, even though we have yet to meet. Which is going to be remedied next year, when I go over to the USA to meet her.

10. Nicky (who awarded me this) and her husband are going out to dinner with me in London in a few weeks time, when they are over from South Africa. It will be the second time we have met.

11. (I know I'm cheating, this is more than ten) I have a good friendship with Robyn in Australia and we listen to each others stuff when it gets tough going. And I really hope that one day she gets to go to Cornwall to trace her routes, as I'll be waiting to meet her.

12. Blogging has changed my life. For three and half years it has been my confidante. It has allowed me to make real and genuine friendships all over the world, without which I'd never have made the connections. It has kept me sane during the bad times. Held my hand when it was tough. Sent hugs and support across the waves when I've been lonely.It is for me a wonderful place, even though sometimes I've found it difficult when I've hooked into my childhood insecurities.

13. I don't blog as much as I used to, as nowadays I do have more of a life in the real world, something for a long time I didn't have. I do however, go on my photography blog everyday, Beautiful World and post there.

14. I am the person I am today because I have grown and have done so here. So my sense of peace has come about because of what I have written over the years. Best therapy I could ever have had!!!


Marilyn & Jeff said...

What a wonderful post - and congratulations on the award, you really deserve it. You have a beautiful writing style and it is also very honest. I feel the richer for having 'met' you; I like you perspective on life. Thank you.
Enjoy your award.

nitebyrd said...

I can't think of anyone more deserving of this award than you! You always write from the heart. Thanks for sharing with us.

TALON said...

Congratulations! Well deserved, Mandy!

karen said...

Very apt award for you!!

I'd love to just add another great blogging point about you, and that is that you have taken notice, and taken action, and raised money - sending much needed toys to the kids in a little day centre in Botswana, as well as cash to a struggling little school in Mozambique...

..and Beautiful World is beautiful! Blog on, Mandy :)

Miss Robyn said...

mwahhhhh xoxo - I am so touched, truly, that you mentioned me.. and I will get to Cornwall.. yes I will. the plan: 3mths in the UK.. not next year, but the one after that.[and you had better be there somewhere to meet me :)] next year we are going to Holland and Egypt..
don't you ever, ever give up blogging - PIX !!! [it will be so difficult not to call you Pix when we meet :) ]

Angela said...

It has been a pleasure meeting you in person, Mandy!
I can only recommend her as a house guest! She is happy with a cup of hot water and just a slice of rich chocolate cake, haha. And you`ll have good long talks and wonderful walks, and a lot of laughter and fun. So give yourself a treat and invite Mandy over to wherever you live! She`ll find her way, even to small outposts, with no phone number to turn to...chuckle. And even learn some Polish or whatever language you have to offer!
Yes, blogging sure makes our lives richer!

Sage said...

Congratulations on your award.. truly well deserved xx

Val said...

well done Mandy and well said Karen!! thanks for all you do for us al lMandy x

Merry ME said...

I love this post.
Unlike you I have not had the opportunity to meet in person my blogging friends, but I value them just the same. For all my rants about how technology is ruining the world, I do love the fact that blogging takes me to places I'll never go and introduces me to people I'd probably never meet otherwise.

I am really glad to have made your acquaintance.

janis said...

I love your honesty. I love that I have "met" you in Blogger world. I love your writings. I love that you seem to "get" me. I love to hear Blogworld is the same for you as me. I would love to hear more about those interesting meetings with Bloggers.

LindyLouMac said...

I have certainly enjoyed getting to know you virtually thanks to BW. This is a post written from your heart, I am impressed with how many bloggers you have gone on to meet in real life. good to know you Mandy :)

trousers said...

It's a pleasure and a privilege to be your friend.

And no, I won't forget the chocolate.

Sorrow said...

And I am so grateful that the blog world brought your bright and sunshine into my life!
I am so blessed to know you!
( and I still peek into your blog when life allows!)
Best blogger ever!

Mel said...

I love the list. And I love the experiences that crossing your path has brought me.

Yaknow, I've yet to be disappointed in any of my 'meets'. Perhaps I'm just an excellent judge of character, eh?

(((((((( the byrdie ))))))))

Paula said...

Mandy, so loving and appreciative written. I am so touched that I made it into your list of 10! I am so happy to have you in my life! Mio of hugs across the channel!

e said...

This is fabulous! Blogging has been a bit of a changing experience for me as well, so I can relate to several things you've shared. I hope you'll enjoy the award. It is well deserved.

Beatnheart said...

amen sister amen...What a cool post and one that gives me hope to one day meet you as you seem so open to the possibility of it. I just know we would connect on so many levels. I met many of my Followers via you...Paula being one that I feel close to.. All the best sweet Amiga...rock on bloggers.

Helen said...

.... and I say three cheers for you Mandy! Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!