Sunday, 24 October 2010

Waves and Gulls, nothing could be finer.

I've been a very busy little bee in the last couple of weeks. Lots of work things, which has been great, loads of dancing, which of course is fab, and two weekends away.

Last weekend was in Devon. I did all sorts of things,Glastonbury for Bohemian shopping which was very succesful. Lunch in the Barbican in Plymouth, just by the Mayflower steps. Vintage clothes shopping, I've bought the most amazing repro 1950s dress, fitted top with huge skirt and a wonderful net petticoat to wear with it. So that when I go to my dance classes' Christmas do, I'll really look the part doing rock'n'roll. Picking apples and having them turned into the most delicious apple juice I've ever had. Been walking, eating and talking,so usual wonderful mixture of stuff when I go visiting my friends.

Early morning light from my friends window.

River Bovey on our Sunday outing.

Then this weekend was Anglesea by myself again, in my sister's log cabin.I got there just as the rain started, so had food and a snooze, but thought I must try and get to the beach. It was horrendous, cold, wet and windy I got drenched in the ten minutes or so I was out, so I retreated back to the snug cabin for my book, champagne and curry, which seemend the right mixture to me!

Saturday morning I made my way to South Stack an RSPB sanctuary with an incredibly step set of steps down to a little bridge going across to the lighthouse.

It was a very steep climb both down and then back up!!!

I just got back to the car as the rain started again, so had my picnic lunch listening to the rain drumming on the roof.

Sun came back out as I discovered this wonderful beach, walked the length of it and then just sat in a sheltered spot and listened to the waves and the gulls. My idea of total bliss those combined noises.

The view from the field where the log cabin is this morning,with a wonderful clear light.

Another wonderous weekend being on my own. May have to wait till next spring till I go again, but I've got enough memories to keep me going I think.


Nicky S (Absolute Vanilla) said...

Love the pics and sounds like you've been having a fine old time!
Looking forward to seeing you next month! ;-)

miss*R said...

all of this sounds pretty darn good to me - especially the bohemian shopping!

Casdok said...

Sounds bliss!

Merry ME said...

The cabin sounds like the kind of place I could hide out in. Of course I've never been alone with myself for more than a day or two, so I might be surprised to find I don't care much for my own company. But then I'd walk myself right down to that beach and make friends with the ocean.

Sounds like you had two great weekends with a little work thrown in to keep you honest!

Paula said...

Pictures and words tell the tale of your contentment. Gorgeous views and a place to let the soul "dangle" ;-))))

Marilyn said...

Gorgeous post - your words and your photos are wonderful. I am so happy for you that all has gone well for you. The cabin seems to be in a very beautiful area.

Mel said...

I am not envious.
I am not envious.
I am NOT envious.

I sooooooo lie.


But I'm really, really, REALLY glad for you to have discovered the joy of alone-ness.

Angela said...

This sounds to me like a fantastic weekend! Two, in fact, but the last one even better. I would have loved to join you in that cabin, even with that rain pouring down. I think it can be quite nice to be in company with no one but myself, though, too. You sound happy and healthy, Mandy, I like the sound of that!

Lyn said...

Mandy - what an awesome weekend. You seem to be enjoying your own company more ... I remember when you first posted about the cabin with trepidation; you weren't sure if you were going to like being alone there. Your pictures and descriptions were a respite onto their own. Have a great week. XXOO

cheshire wife said...

Shopping and a weekend by the sea - what more could you ask for? I could spend all day and all night watching the sea and a log cabin on your own sounds idyllic.

Anonymous said...

sounds wonderful just what you need
if you need a toyboy next time just call lol

nitebyrd said...

Such great pictures! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. :D

I hope you'll post pictures of you in the dress, it sounds amazing!

karen said...

It all sounds absolutely beautiful. I love the River Bovey, and the cliff photos.. Glad you enjoyed your time away!