Thursday, 7 October 2010

The human right to be worth something

There are times in life when nothing much changes but you can get into a bad space. Times when worry can take over,about family or money. Stuff that you can't do much about, but whilst you're in the thick of feeling wretched, everything takes on a gloomy nature.

Then the sun comes out!

Or perhaps, as in my case, I actually ask myself why am I worrying and when I have that answer, I can get pro-active about doing something about the vague worry.

The family situation is no different, the money is no different, but I feel better.

Maybe it's that for me, I don't do thinking time with nothing much to do well.I thrive on being busy. I love nothing more than to see my calender bursting with things and places and stuff I have to do. Doesn't have to be paid stuff. Doesn't have to be entertaining stuff with friends. Doesn't have to be anything much at all. It just has to be lots of it!

And today it involves a lot of school stuff. I am in the privileged position of having to go round five local schools in the next few weeks and spending time with the Heads before meeting other staff and walking round classrooms filled with kids.

I am finding out about the schools ethos, related to pastoral care with a view to writing up a policy document next year. That bit is scary, but I can ignore that for the moment!

The pleasure I'm getting at going into these schools, which range from 3 -19 year olds is huge.The immense pride and drive of the Heads to want the very best for their students is a joy to be part of.

The thought that as a group of schools we are wanting to work together to supply a 'joined up thinking' for our students from the day they start to the day they leave is fantastic.

I love how we are working more at preventative work rather than interventative. That the value is being seen in communication at a greater depth than ever before, as students go from school to school, and even between schools in the same catchment area. Education can no longer be something a school does in isolation without reference to what has gone on before or what will go on in the future.

And the absolute thrilling thing for is that I can be part of it..... me who had an appalling education, who failed all my exams, who ended up with very little to show for 16 years of education, except a belief in my own stupidity. Who now knows that I am a valued member of the team, that my opinion counts, that no-one thinks I'm stupid. But more importantly than any other persons view, is that I don't see myself as that anymore.

It is totally okay to admit to myself that- I AM intelligent.

The circle is complete. That scared frightened child who couldn't read when she was six, can now hold her head up and know that she is as bright as a button, as ever she was, she just didn't know it back then. And wasn't helped by the education model she lived under, of criticising rather than praising. I am a product of my time. And I thank God, that for my children and all those lovely kids in the schools I am visiting, that nowadays encouragement is the name of the game.

So that hopefully they will believe in themselves at a far earlier age than I ever did. We all have value as human beings in whatever we are, or do. It's just a pity that it sometimes takes so long to discover our worth in ourselves.


miss*R said...

a lovely post Pix xoxo
It's just a pity that it sometimes takes so long to discover our worth in ourselves. this is the sentence that got me :)

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Yes, miss*R - it was the same sentence that I was taken with as well. Very nice post and congratulations - for being a part of something so important and for appreciating your own value. wonderful. very much so.

Angela said...

It`s the praise thing that gets me. Too often children have the experience that they make mistakes, aren`t as clever as the older kids, still haven`t understood what this grammar bit is all about... and then someone says, But you know what? I am amazed at the way you remembered those fish names ...or how you can draw a tree ...or how you can create peace! Everyone has a treasure inside which we must find. And TELL the child about!
I am so glad YOU are in this spot where you are, Mandy. Your input will help the others to see what exactly is important and why!

diney said...

My daughter's school is fantastic at helping each girl find their potential and encouraging them all the way, no matter how large or trivial their interest/knowledge may be, in order that all the girls will feel self worth. Your job sounds very satisfying and it's wonderful to hear that you also have that self worth, for without it the world must be a scary place.

Robyn said...

This is a lovely reminder for us all to be kind to ourselves.

Thank you

Merry ME said...

This is a very positive and uplifting post. What I don't get is how did we get to the place where your study is necessary. Why are there so many kids questioning their worth and value. Which only leads to adults trying to grasp the idea that this isn't true. Maybe its a chicken/egg thing. Maybe parents are too harried to devote the time needed. Maybe they think it's the teachers' job. Whatever, there are way too many kids in this world hurting. And here in the US of A schools seem to be breeding grounds for meanness, not understanding. A generalization I know. I'm glad I'm not in school any more. And I'm glad my children aren't facing the things that go on.

The work you are doing sounds like a giant leap forward.

Brian Miller said...

nice i hope so for the thm as have had quite the journey around the circle there yourself...thanks for being real.

G-Man said...

Thanks for stopping by...
Why don't you try giving the 55 a whirl?
It's creative, it's challenging, and it's FUN.

Lyn said...

Mandy - so happy you found something to engage you, inspire you and lift your spirits. You do important work and I think the involvement with other people will be very motivating and satisfying. Everyone wins!

Gorgeous shot by the way ...

Claudia said...

sounds like a great thing you are doing..and thanks for sharing part of your background as well - that's encouraging

LindyLouMac said...

I do not think you are alone, I think it takes most of us humans a long time to discover our own worth and have confidence in ourselves.

Pam said...

Very important work there Mandy.
The fact that you have been in the place where a lot of these students are is significant.
As you go into the schools I know you carry the spirit of this favourite quote of mine (you may know it)
"One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feeling. Curriculum is necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child" - Carl Jung.

Hamid said...

thanks for sharing your thoughts and words.

karen said...

I love the positivity shining through! Glad you are feeling great..

Paula said...

This thing with the attitude! Love to you xxx

Mel said...

The title said it for me.
What you shared just confirmed it.

What a lovely adventure to be a part of!
Enjoy every moment of it!