Sunday, 18 April 2010

What could be nicer....

....than going up to London, not to visit the Queen, but to see my eldest son!
Got there Friday afternoon, in the comfort of the train, couldn't have coped with driving, my back is still painful.

So first stop was the V&A museum. Kit had never been before and I love it, so a couple of hours passed swiftly by there. Back to his house in west London, before I went back into the city again to meet my cousin and his wife in Covent Garden for dinner. They had their house guest with them, who should have been half way across the Atlantic but the dust got in the way.

Had a Turkish feast and such a laugh as we plied the wonderful Canadian woman with stories of our dysfunctional family!

Saturday a completely blue sky and not a cloud to spoil the view. Kit's girlfriend arrived and we got the bus to Kew Gardens.

This is where the Camillias were in full bloom as were the amazing Magnolias, that any minute now will be on my side bar! Wandering around I saw a woodpecker, a heron, several peacocks and peahens and spotted this one up a tree. Very amusing sight.

The wonderful Camillias in their hot pink/ crimson finery

Into the temperate glasshouse with Kit looking gorgeous, well in my opinion.

A waterfall in the beginning of creation glasshouse.

A meadow of Fritallery flowers with their distinctive checkerboard flower petals.

Two very inquisitive geese just passing the time of day with people!

Today, we went to the River Thames for lunch on a converted ship, that is now a restuarant and bar.

Again more glorious sunshine. Kit is standing in front of the London Eye and County Hall, nowadays a luxury hotel.

Me, waiting for my plate of mezze to arrive and drinking cider.

The view of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament from our table.

And now I'm home with a severe case of gettinghomeitis that can only be cured with time and normal life.
Had such a fab weekend, absoultely lovely spending time with my family especially Kit. Now have to wait till July to see him again, when I go back down to use my birthday present from him, two tickets to see Jools Holland live in Kew Gardens on a summer evening. And Kit is the other person coming along!


Paula said...

Happy to hear that you have had such a wonderful weekend. I agree Kit does look gorgeous - just like his Mom. Hugs to you

Merry ME said...

Gettinghomeitis. Ah, I know it well. Missing the ones I left behind. But loving crawling into my own bed. Two sides of one coin! Looks like it was a great trip.

trousers said...

I've got a dose of gettinghomeitis too (nice phrase you've coined there) - glad you had a fab weekend, and so did I! It was just as warm up north as it was in the capital..

Lyn said...

Mandy, what a fabulous weekend. Doesn't it feel good to cam lost of fun socializing in on a weekend? It feels like it was well used and not squandered. Lovely pics of you and Kit. Good looking family! Hope you are on the mend and have a great week!

Von said...

Love the geese and peacock of course!Camellias looking great and you're seeing Jools, how lovely!

Sorrow said...

What a wonderful sounding trip. And yes yes
your boy is beautiful. Both inside and out.
( he gets that from his mum dontcha know!)

Vi said...

sounds like a fab weekend! I used to live just across the road from Kew gardens with cheeky Dani!

Miss Robyn said...

one of my blogging friends works at Kew Gardens.. and when I come over I hope to meet her there and get a peek at the gorgeous place..
sounds like you had a fantastic time!! that is good :)

those frittalarias are stunning - I have never seen them in real life!!

speck of dust said...

Thanks for the tour around Kew gardens! The magnolias and camelias are looking lovely just now. Hope your back pain is easing.

janis said...

Oh yes! How lovely indeed! Thank you for taking us along! So beautiful (and yes...Kit is some real "Eye Candy")! My Magnoli is iin full bloom as well, aren't they just such a sight? Peacocks??? Really? That is very cool!

Pam said...

You are a good-looking lot! Glad your back in now allowing you to get around, they can be touchy. What a wonderful time you had, and thanks for sharing it. Best wishes for continued healing.There's a saying "my back goes out more than I do", but great to see you've not let it interfere with a beaut time.Kew Gardens looks great.

Lia said...

It was indeed lovely here in London this passed weekend.
Glad your back was up to you being able to come to London.
Funny enough we spent the weekend in "Town" as we call it and were not that far from you at the time.
It's a small world.

Much love

Mel said...


Very pretty.
Very much appreciated.

I, of course, now want a peacock (until they get noisy, of course)....or a duckie....but for sure a waterfall and some magnolias!

*sigh* What a wonderful weekend with the kiddo. Lucky you. Lucky him!

Beatnheart said...

happy belated birthday dear friend!!! where have I been?? so sorry I missed the day...sounds like it was look great in that pink(fuschia?) top..suits you!! Anyhow, V& A oh yes my fave #1 place in London...your day out sounds like just the thing!! Have a drink on me until we can some day do the real deal...lots of love Mandy and thank you for the kind comment ie. get "my book"

Angela said...

How is your back?
My camelia seems to have frozen to death, under all that snow. But your pictures look so pretty!
And so does your son!

Lori ann said...

How wonderful for you and Kit! time spent with family is the best! i'm so glad for you Mandy, i hope your over the gettinghomeitis now and enjoying your days. Of course i agree with you, your son is gorgeous, takes after his mom!
i hope your back is better soon.